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We create the visuals that will be the first introduction to your brand and leave a lasting impression.

  • Logos & Branding
  • Website Design
  • Publication & Print Media
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Design

How Design elevates your brand

Hatfield Media's design team is well-versed in all creative assets. Our design process is thorough from the first step of researching the best design elements all the way through the execution of our design into a personalized brand identity. We create bold, eye-catching logos that leave long-lasting impressions while keeping the integrity of your brand in mind.

Design spans beyond brand identity; we believe it plays an extremely important role in web development. We collaborate with our web development team to design impactful, epic websites that make navigating your brand a pleasant experience for users while marrying beautiful, sleek designs to functionality. 

Design Programs

Our Language

Graphic Design Adobe Photoshop Logo Photoshop

Photo editing software used for retouching images, creating immersive mockups, and editing and composing raster graphics.

Graphic Design Illustrator Logo Illustrator

Vector graphics editor used for complex layered illustrations, logo design, and multi-faceted typography.

Graphic Design Adobe In Design Logo InDesign

Design and page layout software used for print media and stunning digital displays.

Graphic Design Adobe Xd Logo Adobe XD

UX design tool used for mocking up professional-grade, interactive prototypes for website development.

Graphic Design Branding Taxspeaker Graphic Design Branding United Electric Graphic Design Branding Raque Graphic Design Branding Park A Graphic Design Branding Firewater Graphic Design Branding Adapted Graphic Design Branding Cruise Customs Graphic Design Branding Best Mechanical

Logo & Branding

Logo and branding are essential building blocks to your brand. Your logo is the defining mark that differentiates you from competitors and helps consumers keep your brand at top-of-mind.

Branding not only includes your logo but all the necessary defining factors that help your visuals reflect your unique business culture. Color theory research is a large part of creating a bold, unique brand that illustrates the trustworthiness of your company.

  • Provide Solid First Impression
  • Timeless and Recognizable Branding
  • Reflect Business Culture & Values
  • Trustworthy - Persistent - Passionate

Website Design

Website design begins in the hands of our designers to create interactive web mockups to help bring our client's vision to life. Through collaboration with web developers, websites are constructed to allow your clients to dig deeper into your brand.

Publication and Print Media

Publication and Print Media is used to advertise and bring your brand to the physical world. Our team builds crisp, vivid designs to help catch the eyes of your consumers when produced on billboards, t-shirts, signs, wraps, and other print media.

Digital Ads

Digital Ads are used heavily for SEO purposes, as well as through email campaigns and monthly newsletters. By creating visually pleasing carriers to deliver promotional marketing materials to your consumers, we help your business rank.

Social Design

Social media posts and advertisements gives your brand the opportunity to interact with your consumers on a personal level. These are designed with brand identity in mind while continuing to make your business more personable and tell your company's story through the lens of social media.