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We specialize in high-performance digital marketing campaigns.

  • Social Media Management
  • Analytics-Driven Content Strategy
  • Monthly Content Calendar Creation
  • Targeted Advertising Campaigns
  • Content Development

How Digital Marketing Creates Brand Awareness:

Hatfield Media’s digital marketing team knows that every brand is different. Our team strives to create a unique digital marketing strategy for each of our clients, starting by defining your targeted audience and furthering your reach to potential clients in the future. We create targeted advertising campaigns by developing content driven by analytics and helping you find the right audience to reach with your products or services. 

Our digital marketing team also handles social media planning for your brand. By referencing social media analytics specifically cultivated for your brand we can create detailed content calendars to help you get the best reach and engagement through social media.

Our Tools

Google Ads Logo Google Ads

The online advertising tool developed by Google is where businesses can create and display ads to potential customers. With Google Ads, we are able to target specific audiences based on demographics, location, interests, search history, and other factors. 

Meta Logo Meta

A key social media platform where advertisers can reach demographics based on interests and behaviors.  We use advanced analytics and targeting options to optimize ad performance and achieve specific business objectives, such as lead generation, app installs, or website traffic. 

Digital Marketing Adobe Cc Icon Adobe CC

A full creative software used by our design team for all creative tasks that come through our agency. Adobe Creative Cloud provides numerous programs that allow our team to tackle all things photography, videography, graphic design, illustration, and more.

Digital Marketing Mailchimp Icon Mailchimp

A digital marketing platform that is used to template, create, and send unique email campaigns for our clients. MailChimp allows us to track data and improve our clients’ campaign reach through digital marketing.

Marketing Services

Our Capabilities

Social Media

Social media is your opportunity to interact with consumers on a more personal level during their everyday life. Our goal is to help you build a digital presence that is true to your brand while making informed decisions based on analytics reports specifically pulled for your brand. We partner with our design team to create posts that encompass your brand’s personality, inform consumers of pertinent information, and encourage your followers to engage with you.

Website Content

Employing a strategy driven by analytics and SEO, we develop distinguished website content that captures the core of your company. Following an extensive process which encompasses pruning, ideation, and organization, we seek to solidify your online presence through our sophisticated content creation, from the initial kick-off to the launch of your new website.

Blogs / Press Releases

Our blogs and press releases speak for themselves. Engaging your target audience through our clever storytelling, we seek to articulate your company’s core values  through our creative content.