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When Zoeller Company opened its doors as a family owned business in 1939, no one would have imagined then that 75 years later there would be a device called a computer that would contain a visual called a video that would be used to communicate with clients, sales staff and the public in general. Back then, print ads in newspapers and magazines and radio announcements were the most common form of advertising and promotional marketing.

Today, the Mad Men of advertising, the marketing analysts who capture data and forecast consumer indicators, and the social media strategists who promote globally at the push of a button all rely on one primary medium – video.

When clients, customers and consumers visit websites, they prefer – and in most cases, expect – video content that quickly and concisely communicates a message. When Zoeller looked for a production company to produce videos about their products for in-store ads, sales tools and their company website, they trusted Hatfield Media with the job. And for good reason.

Hatfield Media specializes in corporate marketing and product videos. Our success record with industrial videos is one of many reasons we are the preferred media production company among manufacturing firms. With all videos, content is king and we know how to capture the right image and convey the right message.

To learn how we can help your company reach the right audience with the right message and the right placement, contact us!

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Zoeller – Grinders and Package Systems

Zoeller – Sewage and Package Systems

Zoeller – Sump Pump and Battery Backup


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