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Prohibition Craft Spirits is committed to using the finest ingredients with hands-on, devoted attention to every step of the distilling process. Their award-winning hand-crafted spirits, while filtered multiple times, retain the essence of what has made Kentucky Bourbons so special for years: Kentucky alkaline limestone waters. The result is a collection of spirits so pure, you’ll want to leave the mixers on the shelf. The distillery hand-tends every one of their signature drinks with meticulous attention to detail in small batches of 53 gallons. This process allows their distillers to bring out the desired flavors, cut out a batch multiple times, and refine to near-perfection. 

Since opening its doors in 2016, Prohibition Craft Spirits has released four signature products, whose namesakes give a nod to iconic Louisville neighborhoods: Nulu™ 92 Añejo, Nulu™ Reposado, Highlands Gin, Phoenix Hill Vodka, and Baxter’s Rum. Guests of the distillery’s tour can experience these creations from “mash to glass”, as all of Prohibition Craft Spirits’ operations take place at their Baxter Avenue facility. 

Prohibition Craft Spirits also offers a one-of-a-kind tour experience, taking guests on a journey back in time through the United States’ Prohibition era. Attendants can see the “tools” bootleggers used to make moonshine in the early ’20s and hear wild but true accounts of the dangerous practices done to illegally produce, transport, and sell liquor. Guests of the tour also have the opportunity to sample Prohibition Craft Spirit’s products and compare how spirits were created then and now.

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When Hatfield Media was contracted by Prohibition Craft Spirits to redesign their website, our team envisioned a site that could match the unique atmosphere of the distiller’s brand. Carefully selected photography, custom designs, and hand-drawn detailing allow the website to fully showcase the craftsmanship and personality of Prohibition Craft Spirits. "PCS is a multi-faceted company,” said one graphic designer at Hatfield Media. “Their tour aims to educate and shine a light on the age of Prohibition and its long-lasting effects. As a distillery, the focus is on the long and patient efforts to make a respected, well-crafted drink. As a bar, the goal is to bring the surrounding neighborhoods together with a spirit of community. The design team’s effort was to marry the art and sophistication of a perfected Spirit with the approachable nature of the people on both sides of the bar."



The Hatfield Media creative team is thrilled to see the redesigned website in action. It’s been a pleasure working with Prohibition Craft Spirits on this project, and we look forward to serving any of their future digital marketing needs. 

"After a couple of trial-runs with other media agencies turned out to be duds, we were finally referred to Hatfield Media, and we have been blown away with their work!” said Carson Hazelbaker, IT Director at Prohibition Craft Spirits. “The rebuild on our website is gorgeous, and we've already seen major improvements in our online and market presence!"

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