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Gospel-Gifted Transformation: A Faith-Based Call to Lift Unseen Burdens Behind the Scenes

Audiences can feel their spirits getting ready to leap just at the sound of that first bugle call — the starting bell; the opening swing of the gates; the roar of the crowds; the lightning gallop of the horses flying down the track. It was the Race Track Chaplaincy of America that took a deeper look — bringing chaplains to connect with the indispensable pulse behind the scenes: the earnest race track workers and their dedicated families. 

First founded in 1972, the Race Track Chaplaincy of America soon grew to extend its Kentucky division; passionate in its purpose to open the light of true salvation. Guided to share the grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy strives to offer profound support to the horse racing industry. Called to provide emotional, soulful, and material assistance for the race track working community, the non-profit, interdenominational organization unites steadfast volunteers and raises instrumental donations — all to ease the human burdens of daily life.

The Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy understands the sacrifices of tenacious horsemen that fuel the “backside” of the industry; the diligent efforts behind the scenes made by workers and their families alike. This is the work that makes it possible for the public to rejoice in the joy of witnessing momentous races: showstopping exhilaration in motion. 

Recognizing the endeavors that barrel outside of the spotlight, the Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy offers invaluable services from weekly worship to emergency food pantries and clothes closets; meeting crucial needs for the collective race track community. Today, the organization offers everything from assisting with transportation to fellowship and individual counseling; bringing outreach and ministry activities to Churchill Downs and Kentucky Downs, Ellis Park and Turfway Park, as well as Belterra Park (Southern Ohio) race tracks. Moreover, the Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy offers a sense of extended family to thoroughbred training centers across the state of Kentucky. 

Reinvigorating Ease of Accessibility: Racing with a Clean, Digital Refresh

Hatfield Media is proud to have a longstanding relationship with the Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy. From unleashing a total design overhaul to producing the ministry’s 2020 Race for Grace Campaign video, our agency feels privileged to help rejuvenate the non-profit’s digital space — empowering the Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy’s impactful mission. 

Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy Website Design Development By Hatfield Media Imac Blog V2

Christina Pfeifer, Senior Account Representative at Hatfield Media, believes the newest website revamp makes for a platform “better suited to showcase their work and passion for the race track employees and their families.” Considering that “events are a big part of their website utilization,” Pfeifer notes, “we wanted to ensure they could live in a tab that clearly directed and explained the ways people could get involved.” 

Hatfield Media’s team carefully crafted a layout in our initial redesign for the Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy to infuse the rich nostalgic pop of green as a nod to Churchill Downs. With modern branding shining through, inviting accessibility to any user through powerful call-to-action buttons, clearer navigation allowed Hatfield to take the second phase of redesign to the next level: wide-open supportability. 


Kentucky Race Traic Chaplaincy Website Design Development By Hatfield Media All Screens Updated

Professional Made Personal: A Seamless User Journey Ready to Run for the Roses

Now, not only is the organization’s website primed to highlight key events and information — the redesign makes it effortless to implement thoughtful changes; a more user-friendly site, set to adapt with the pace of tomorrow. 

“The website's new design is attractive and approachable," believes Lead Chaplain Dr. Daniel Hatfield. "The product is professional and the process is personal." 

Through digital storytelling that reflects the ministry’s inspired calling, Hatfield rose to uplevel the Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy’s online presence with clear-cut precision. Leaping into the future, our agency looks forward to fostering the non-profit's potential — elevating the ‘Backside Ministry’s’ soulful brand and transcendent mission. 

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