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For any business, videos offer many advantages.  For non-profits, videos are especially useful because they can be utilized for so many functions.  They’re great tools for marketing, fundraising, community outreach and general promotional purposes.  They’re also useful to local television stations for both B-roll and Public Service Announcements.  And as most nonprofits face ongoing budget challenges, videos are even more essential because of their versatility and healthy shelf life, which makes them a cost effective product.

In an internet rich marketplace, videos are essential for any website – especially nonprofits looking to increase charitable donations and volunteer support.  Those who don’t post videos lose meaningful contact with current and prospective donors, miss the opportunity to tell their story and keep supporters engaged, and forfeit their presence on the web.

If web content is king (it is), then videos are supreme!  For starters, they increase your SEO (search engine optimization) and result ranking on Google.  Uploaded videos are 50 times more likely to rank high on Google search results than a text page for any given keyword, which means they increase your organization’s web presence and search ranking exponentially more than written content.


Most of all, if nonprofits don’t utilize online videos, they’ll miss out on an opportunity to use a relatively free, extremely cost-effective means of communication, which could translate to a serious loss of revenue if they opt out for traditional printing and postage instead.  While printed collateral is useful for some activities, it’s still restricted to a set number of pieces, and postage (even bulk rate) increases the cost.  Unlike print, videos are literally available to an infinite number of recipients, and there’s no cost incurred for returned mail or a service to update your database and mailing lists. 


Here are some practical reasons why videos are essential marketing and public relations tools for nonprofits:

  • They enhance your brand recognition and promote who you are and what you do in an easily understandable and visually enjoyable format.
  • They engage the viewer, tell your story and invoke an emotional response in ways that print cannot.
  • They show volunteers and donors how to share their time, talents and treasures with your organization.
  • Once produced, videos are free multipurpose media, reach multiple markets and can be shown for a variety of uses at a variety of venues.
  • When people land on your website, video is most likely the first thing they’ll view.
  • They increase your web presence and popularity with search engines.
  • They provide timely information, and for those you serve, they’re a great online library of instructional, tutorial and educational resources.
  • They demonstrate your relevance, online savvy and budget management, which translate to smart, efficient communication and responsible financial stewardship of donor funds.
  • They’re great for social media and useable on all social networking and sharing platforms.

A picture really is worth a thousand words.  There are just some things you can say with visual content that you can’t quite convey in print.

When the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation hired Hatfield Media to produce a video that they scripted for their website, our goal was to produce a compelling tour of their words that introduced their nonprofit to the general public, engaged current donors, generated new interest from prospective supporters, and reinforced the community need for their charity.  The result was a vibrant visual with powerful testimonials and a meaningful call to action.

The Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation serves the needs of the vision impaired throughout the state of Kentucky! From free eye screenings for children, to full-fledged cornea transplants, the Kentucky Lions help restore sight to those in need.  Hatfield Media was chosen to produce a video highlighting all programs in order to increase awareness of the organization.  In the world of non-profits, ministries and charities, often those most involved are least recognized.  We hope that our work helps to increase awareness of the Kentucky Lions, and to draw further support from the broader base across the state.