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Deliverables Diabetes Video

Hatfield Media was charged with producing a compelling mission, vision and heart video for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) of Louisville Kentucky.  For those of you not familiar with this organization, JDRF is currently seeking a cure for diabetes.  The common phrase used is..


JDRF is a true non-profit.  I have described this organization to others as a ministry.   By this I mean that the folks at JDRF would be involved in this organization, regardless of whether it was called a non-profit or not.  When a family member or close friend has diabetes, your heart is simply compelled to help.  This is a far different cause than “handbag” non-profits which exist in order to serve those involved in the leadership.  JDRF’s leaders are selfless and often have children/family members who are directly affected by diabetes.

Hatfield Media and Vimarc teamed up to produce the final video seen above. The timeline was a bit pressed compared to other projects but we are pleased with the final outcome. For those unfamiliar with JDRF, it provides a top-level view of the problem and the need for a solution. It is both personal and relevant without being invasive.  I would also note that the families who agreed to participate are simply wonderful people. It was a joy to spend time with each of them and we hope to continue our involvement with JDRF in the near future.

Please consider getting involved with JDRF. They hold events throughout the year and would love to have your support!