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International Diamond Center is a premier jewelry retailer with nine locations throughout Central Florida and one in Savannah, GA. Founded on family values and excellent customer service, they are more than a jeweler, they’re a family. Passionate about helping each of their customers celebrate their own unique story of love, IDC recently turned to Hatfield's video team to showcase some of these incredible stories.


An industry leader, International Diamond Center has been in the jewelry business for over thirty-five years. IDC strives to offer a jewelry-buying experience that is reliable, caring, and unique. From the Four C’s to their special financing plans, IDC proves that it’s always about caring for the client.

IDC carries a wide array of fine jewelry and diamond engagement rings, both online and in retail stores. Their collection includes trusted brands such as Forevermark, Tacori, Verragio, and more. Making it easy to find the ring that proclaims a couple's adoration and affection, their slogan is, “Before you ask her, ask us.”

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Traveling to Florida to showcase IDC’s business through the lens of love and passion, the Hatfield video team highlighted many different aspects of IDC’s identity. Their goal was to produce content that would effectively communicate to a broad audience the high standard to which IDC holds both the quality of the product, as well as their customer service. Gathering content that would be ‘evergreen,’ the video team wanted to ensure that the footage they took would have many uses as sales and holidays come and go. “Filming or photographing diamonds was unique because with the lenses we used, we were able to get so close that more detail could be seen than with the naked eye. Instead of saying, ‘just trust us,’ it says, ‘see for yourself,” observed Hatfield Videographer, Bryce Ury.

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Shooting a more documentary style of film, their goal was to give a clear picture of IDC. “Working with the IDC team was a great experience. The employees were kind and accommodating even though it was a change of pace for them to have a video crew in their store for several days. The videos show potential customers that even though IDC is a huge name in the diamond industry, they feel like family when you interact with them,” said Bryce.

Filming real customers and live staff members, they were able to produce genuine, authentic, reactions. “The best part was observing the interactions the IDC team members had with their customers, helping us to understand the lengths they were willing to go to ensure their customers are satisfied,” said Hatfield Videographer, Isaac Harrison. “If we can help break down the barrier between two groups of people, then we have done our job. We wanted to be sure that whatever we produced would help show viewers that the staff at IDC are there for them.”


Using a spectrum of vehicles, such as OTT streaming services, as well as a wide array of social media platforms, IDC anticipates the new collection of video footage to assist them in gaining more market share. Relaying that video is crucial to reaching their patrons, IDC’s expectation is that the authentic testimonials will convey what their current customers already know to be true - International Diamond Center goes above and beyond for their clients.

Offering the consumer the best product for the best deal, IDC Founder and CEO Keith Leclerc points out in one of the videos that, “Selling quality at the right price is the hard part.” International Diamond Center sees this value expressed in the new videos, which carry the best quality images of their products. Highlighting designers that only IDC carries, Tacori and Forevermark, these images showcase their one-of-a-kind inventory.


IDC views Valentine’s Day as an important holiday in which to celebrate love and passion. As a token of their own appreciation for their customers, IDC is offering two special promotions February 1st through the 14th. Customers can choose between a FREE $25 dinner gift card, a dozen roses, and box of chocolates with a $99 purchase, OR 36 months of interest-free financing.

Hatfield Media was pleased to continue their partnership with IDC in sharing the stories of love and dedication woven throughout their business, through video production. “The Hatfield team was a pleasure to work with,” says IDC Executive Ambassador, Helen Barrott. “From their punctuality to their flexibility in making edits to the script, the team adapted to whatever they were doing throughout the day, all while continuing to do their job with excellence.” 


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