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Unleashing Kinetic Entertainment: Calling the Adrenaline-Charged Masses

Electricity is surging adventurous exhilaration through you. Your heart is racing. You can feel your vision sharpening; your outlook of the world around you suddenly upleveled in a thrilling burst. Adrenaline has a remarkable power in our systems — intensifying every good feeling in a palpable shock that makes you feel that much more alive. Across six locations, Full Throttle Adrenaline Park entices guests of all ages; creating epic, unforgettable, blood-rushing, life-immersive experiences. 

Hatfield Media understood that with the complexities of a multi-site business, this online portal would call for nuanced, strategic organization — engaging adrenaline enthusiasts from Kentucky to Pennsylvania. After all, Full Throttle is a dynamic setting that revs in eclectic strides; from connected team building exercises for corporate events to summer camp experiences that kindle confidence at impressionable ages; where the opportunity to hone fresh skills and foster new friendships ripples with soul-shaping impact; dashing beyond the senses. 

The direction for the rebuild would open streamlined design; something capable of helping ease a user’s journey, guiding each Full Throttle visitor to find the specific information most relevant to their interests. 

Making the User Experience a Smash Hit: Designing Well-Run Navigation

Choose Your Park.The call-to-action leaps from the Full Throttle Park with the kind of thriving energy igniting momentum through the screen even in black and white. This is the power of intentional, deftly crafted design. It can feel as open as a bustling park rumbling with sparked up adrenaline year-round. 

Full Throttle Website Design Development By Hatfield Media Virtual Reality

“Full Throttle presented a unique challenge when approaching how to best finesse the redesign,” shares Hiles, explaining, “Because they are an activity-based business with multiple locations, we had to strategically plan how to best display the information in the menu without sacrificing the site’s functionality. Building a new site for the adrenaline seekers activity provider, our team worked within Full Throttle’s dynamic range of content formats, from videos to embedded features — pieces that each required careful placement, calling for intuitive navigation.”

Our team dove into crucial dialogues to capture Full Throttle’s get-up-and-go dynamism. Hiles notes, “We tailored the original mockups across focused discussions, implementing new rounds of design details that incorporated Full Throttle’s laser-sharp, immersive sense of adventure. Collaborating and engaging in thoughtful dialogues, we strove to capture the company’s brand identity — conveying Full Throttle’s voice through a website design that now aligns with the company’s vibrant personality and revved up aesthetics.” 

Developing a Tailor-Made Revamp: Flying Smooth Across All Devices

With users looking to explore information about Full Throttle’s various parks and activities along with event and party packages, bright pops anchored in simplicity would help deliver a digital pivot. Adam McMahan, Front-End Developer at Hatfield Media, expresses, “Our main goal when developing Full Throttle: upleveling user ease.” 

Full Throttle Website Design Development By Hatfield Media Activities

“We endeavored to create a site so easy to use, any potential customer could quickly get reliable information, exploring the different activities available for each location,” adds McMahan, who shares, “Not only that, but we wanted to give customers the instant opportunity to book these activities online.” This would go on to shape Hatfield’s development strategy: a pinnacle piece of framework for the redesign. 

“With that in mind, we knew it would be all the more imperative to ensure the new website not only looked sleek across a wide range of devices, but also functioned with cool precision. That’s why we placed priority on optimizing the user experience spanning mobile devices; because we know a majority of Full Throttle’s web traffic comes from mobile users,” highlights McMahan. 

Every feature would take up relevant, brand-elevated real estate space on the new site. Chase Crawford, Back-End Developer at Hatfield Media, illuminates, “For Full Throttle’s redesign, we dove into special customization — tailoring key features to build out the ‘Choose Your Park’ locations, along with each subpage. Additionally, we created a scalable layout and content management interface; enabling website administrators the ability to showcase as well as manage the unique features for each location.”

Full Throttle Website Design Development By Hatfield Media All Screens

Racing into the Future: Launching an SEO-Soaring, User-Inviting Platform

Vaulting a magnetic site, complete with new cohesion, central information not only loads quickly, but feels clearly laid out. Each new piece of Full Throttle’s rejuvenated online presence was made to give users the best possible digital experience. 

Christina Pfeifer, Senior Account Representative at Hatfield Media, notes, “The main goal was to deliver a site that would rank competitively on SEO. We wanted to keep the edge and fast-paced nature of the brand but add a menu and location functionality that created ease for the user. Using location tracking the user can land on the correct landing page that corresponds to their nearest Full Throttle location. The Full Throttle team delivered great assets that helped pull the site together.”

Navigating a booming business rapidly on the rise, Full Throttle knew a smooth-running, effective web presence would be transformative. “As our business expanded to six locations in three states, we were in a situation where we needed to greatly improve our website and its capabilities. We met with Hatfield Media to discuss our required and ‘like to have’ features, and they were able to take this vision and turn it into reality. The entire process was comfortable, patient and pain-free, even with our numerous edits and requests throughout,” says Rob Schoonover, Creative Marketing Director at Full Throttle Adrenaline Park. “Hatfield is truly a great partner and contributor to our company’s success.”

Full Throttle’s revitalized website now integrates razor-sharp design that feels compelling; enhancing a customer’s journey through pivotal visual cues — valuable, sought-after information easily within reach. This is a website that blazes with the pulse of Full Throttle’s unique brand. Hatfield Media ensured: any thrill-seeker can truly go full throttle; where axe throwers and paintballers alike can experience every jolt and joy of its spirit-charging atmosphere. 

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