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Farm Credit, an American loan agency, supports rural communities and agriculture with reliable, consistent credit and financial services. This past year, Hatfield Media had the opportunity to produce a promotional video for the agency’s Mid-America regional office, located in Lyndon, Kentucky.

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Farm Credit Mid-America is dedicated to securing the future of rural communities and agriculture. Whether delivering food to families in need, developing the future generation of young and beginning farmers, or investing in college leaders, the agency is committed to supporting local communities, farmers, and students. 

Student scholarships are one of the ways Farm Credit Mid-America invests in the future of agriculture. Over the last ten years, the agency has awarded more than $2 million in financial and educational support to deserving students pursuing careers that promote agriculture. In addition to financial support, the program provides week-long learning and travel experiences that focus on leadership development and financial education.

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Farm Credit Mid-America approached Hatfield Media with the desire to create a video that could communicate their dedication to student scholarship and emphasize the agency’s partnership with Ohio State University. As the 30-second video was intended to play during OSU’s spring football season, the video served to educate football game attendees of Farm Credit Mid-America’s commitment to serving rural communities in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and their investment in student education that helps secure the future of rural communities and agriculture. 

The Hatfield Media team traveled to Columbus, Ohio to film actual scholarship recipients and current agriculture students in the collegiate setting. Using scenic footage pre-recorded by Farm Credit Mid-America, our video team interlaced shots of farmland and of students in the classroom to underscore how the agency invests in the future of agriculture by “investing in the students who will become tomorrow’s leaders in the industry.” Our team also created a simple animation from the agency’s logo, which was used in the video’s title shot.

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Farm Credit Mid-America is making a positive impact on the agriculture industry by investing in its future. Hatfield Media was honored to have the chance to highlight the philanthropic efforts of Farm Credit Mid-America, and we commend their generosity and dedication to student education. Our team looks forward to fulfilling any of the agency’s future video production needs.

“The team at Hatfield Media was great to work with. They took our vision and help us turn it into reality.” - Katie Emily

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