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Developed in 2013 by Connected Nation, Digital Works is a program designed to help people who are looking for employment, rural or urban, who may need more training and equipping. 

Partnering with over seventy different companies, they provide services to a wide range of people from young adults to senior citizens, including those with disabilities. Digital Works trains these individuals on an array of tasks, from building a resume, to applying for a job. Recently, the company began focusing on providing these services to military spouses and veterans in order for them to be able to build careers as they move from place to place.



Digital Works’ demographic has varying skill with technology, so an easy-to-navigate website was crucial to increasing accessibility. It was particularly important for a service centered around the digital world, to be user-friendly, have clear components and be easily accessible. 

Hatfield Media helped Digital Works to streamline their website by making it look cleaner and more visually appealing. The new site is more inviting and easier to use, which is key to the demographic they serve. ‘Ultimately, as a company that uses tech, we need to be tech-savvy,’ said Jessica Denson, Director of Communications for Connected Nation. “Hatfield does a really great job of taking what I say I need and making adjustments without having to go back and forth twenty-five times. Your team follows through and makes those changes quickly, well surpassing what I asked for.” 

We used the most innovative technology to build a site that was high-speed and fully optimized.  “We can feature certain stories or display information to users in a way that is more eye-catching or produces more engagement. The website that we currently built follows modern UI principles that weren’t present on the previous website, so, in terms of navigation or presentation, it is more intuitive or logical for users to follow. It functions across a variety of browsers & devices, including mobile,” says Matt Swanberg, a front-end developer at Hatfield Media.



As a digitally-based company equally passionate about the value of services we offer our clients, Hatfield Media is proud to work with Digital Works, an initiative of Connected Nation. 

“It’s crazy how access to broadband can transform lives," says Denson. From “kids trying to do their homework” to elderly & disabled people connecting with virtual healthcare to simply enjoying community on social media, “accessibility transforms lives and helps people.” With the help of a newly modernized website, Digital Works can continue their efforts with added vitality to make a positive impact and facilitate connectedness for the populations they serve. 

We look forward to continuing work with them in the future in an effort to come alongside them in achieving their goal of providing easily accessible internet services to the urban and rural communities around them.

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