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Headquartered just outside of Louisville, KY,  Avant-Garde Inc. identified a need in the marketplace for specialized secured entry providers that offered clients access to the top brands in the world. Providing design, sales, installation services and parts throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, they service key accounts globally and have team members located around the country to assist customers with their secured entry needs. Avant-Garde Inc.’s vision is to have a name synonymous with secured entry. “We want to make buildings safer so that the community feels secure no matter where they are,” says Eric Mager, Chief Executive Officer at Avant-Garde Inc.

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Recognizing that there wasn’t a place for customers to learn about and compare secured entry products anywhere online, Avant-Garde Inc. became the solution with the design and development of their new website. “Our goal in building a new website was to assist our customers in better understanding the depth of our products and services,” says Eric. They wanted to make buyers more informed decision makers when it came to purchasing secured entry products. Now customers have the ability to see multiple brands side-by-side, sort and filter products, as well as compare products to one another. 


Bringing awareness to their unmatched global expertise, the new website showcases products from top brands around the world and highlights some of the most qualified and experienced technicians in the world. The new website employs a new product management system which assists in deploying turnstiles within each facility smoothly and efficiently. Conveniently offering e-commerce for customers shopping online, the new website also provides service and support for most secured entry products — notably turnstiles not even sold by us. “We want our customers to leave our website knowing we are leaders in the industry and we want people to associate our company  with excellence and integrity,” says Eric. 

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Our client was excited to bring never before seen features and tools to the website for their secured entry customers. The filtering and comparison tools are key when helping a customer shop for turnstiles. “We are excited about all of the work to come for new features and capabilities,” says Eric. “The goal is to have the best turnstile and secured entry website in the world.” After all, Avant-Garde Inc. helps companies around the world secure their facilities. They are ‘The Most Trusted Name. The Best Technologies. Reliability You Can Count On.’ 


The website’s flagship feature is the new product filter and comparison tool. In terms of functionality, it gives customers the ability to compare products based on their needs. “Avant-Garde Inc. wanted to provide the most informative, in-depth way to assist the user in determining which turnstile would best fit their needs,” says Jonathan Kuo, Director of Web Development at Hatfield Media. The product filters help narrow down the category, dimensions, cost, and other requirements the user would need to help select the right product, while the comparison tool help the user to compare similar products, highlighting the differences between selected products. The customer is then able to reference dozens of specifications to help select the product that works best for them. 

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“We loved being able to implement the functionality that the turnstile world was already primed for!” says Kayla Coursey, Account Representative at Hatfield Media. While the Avant-Garde Inc. website was a big undertaking for the Hatfield Media team, the turnstile product pages showcase a host of videos that the Hatfield video team worked on with the client. Hatfield looks forward to continuing in their efforts with plans for an e-commerce phase for Avant-Garde Inc.’s online parts store on the horizon. “I am impressed with how well my colleagues on the project adapted to the client’s needs,” says Jonathan. “They were invested in the success of the project from the beginning and determined to put in the work to see it through to the end.” 


Avant-Garde Inc.’s mission is to be the best secured entry provider in the world — and to do that with integrity, a commitment to excellence, and customer satisfaction. “Drake and his team share our commitment to innovation and excellence and it's a joy to work with the people at Hatfield who share our passion for customer satisfaction,” says Eric. Specializing in secured entry, Avant-Garde Inc. brings expertise to work that was previously non-existent without limiting the customer to a single brand.