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Investing in the tools of your trade doesn’t just drive business; it improves the human experience of those who harness those tools. This is a philosophy that JC Spalding has taken to heart. Long before founding his own full-service dealership, Spalding was fostering relationships with water and utility workers throughout the U.S. Even then, he was willing to drive hundreds of thousands of miles to meet them wherever they needed him.

For J.C. Spalding, providing equipment sales and service that uplift the industry comes down to helping diligent workers transform their work. Over half a decade ago, Spalding was a budding go-getter on the move, developing an up-and-coming vac truck rental company. Recognizing deep-seated potential and having the passion to help it rise, he propelled that five-truck company off the ground running. Under Spalding’s vision, the business grew from a single location into an established regional brand, offering clients multiple locations with over 70 trucks revving across the roads.

In February 2017, Spalding launched 502 Equipment with the same dedication that helped him shake up the vac truck rental business: leading with trustworthiness and character. After sincere conversations with the workers who uphold our water and utility infrastructure, Spalding realized that there was a stark gap in awareness. Too many workers lacked understanding of the kind of incredible technology and equipment available — resources that could make it safer, easier, and quicker to work in challenging environments.


Having traveled around the country, Spalding could see that a white glove level of service and education was missing in the market. He created 502 Equipment to drive meaningful change forward. For this reason, 502 Equipment only believes in doing business when it’s genuine, placing customers’ best interests at the center of every sale.

Having the right tools is fundamental, but it is just as valuable to know how to use those tools properly. Whether someone is seeking the Cadillac of trucks, sound pipeline inspection equipment, a suite of high-impact nozzles, waterproof sewer tools, or hands-free communication and safety devices, 502 Equipment has it all. Not only that, but JC Spalding ensures his business provides each customer the necessary service and support, so anyone can use those tools in the best way possible.

JC Spalding wants customers to feel empowered to use any sewer tool, truck, or nozzle. This is the kind of remarkable support that inspired him to set 502 in motion; bringing service and education the industry had yet to offer, until now. 502’s resources allow a customer to leverage the advantages of using effective equipment on the job — no matter how tough the work site.


502 Equipment cultivates lasting connections with every customer that walks in through the door. After all, when JC Spalding is the owner, founder, and president of the company, business starts and ends with feeling personal. He wants his customers to know they’re talking to a real person on the other end of the phone when they call; a person who will deliver quality products they can trust.

When 502 asked Hatfield Media to bring digital life to their unmatched service-led loyalty, our creative team was eager to get to work; ready to give 502 Equipment’s integrity a fresh, new voice. “Our goal was to communicate the quality of 502 Equipment's services through clear and simple icons, dynamic photos, and a strong branding,” says one Hatfield Media Graphic Designer.

Hatfield Media takes pride in crafting that just-right engaging web presence, especially when a business thoughtfully places clients first. Working on a creative process that feels fulfilling in every direction elevates the outcome of custom design and web development.

The triumph of this collaborative experience stands out for Hatfield Account Representative, Kayla Coursey, who shares of the projects she’s led, “This website has been one of my favorites.” Coursey highlights, “JC was such an easygoing client to work with who knew exactly what he wanted;” something that facilitated clear communication, where Hatfield could deliver a refreshed, tailor-made site for 502’s user base. “I very much enjoyed working with the team on this project because everyone was able to put a lot of fun work and creativity into it.”

When building an intuitive and compelling digital experience, landing on simplicity is an art form — and takes multidimensional strategy. Hatfield Front-End Developer, Matt Swanberg, worked conscientiously to help 502 Equipment’s online brand echo their personal voice. “502 was all about creating a simple and engaging website that attracts users to the specific products offered by the company,” explains Swanberg.

Ensuring a user’s journey would feel seamless throughout 502’s modern site, Swanberg notes that the value of a small, straightforward navigation menu is in its openness to exploration. Drawing “users to specific CTA items” delivers a one-two punch, reducing both “clutter and confusion,” Swanberg continues. This took a three-prong approach that sparked with departmental synergy: “Collaboration between design, development, and content was key to realizing this project.”

The innovation and imagination of our design department soared to meet 502’s ideas and expectations, leading to an exciting branding process. Ott illuminates, “The client gave us extremely creative and inspiring website examples for us to draw from in our redesign of his site. Using those as our springboard, we were able to confidently find the new and unique look and function for 502 Equipment's online presence.”


We love the momentum: personalizing a customer’s redesign and bringing that vision together, piece by piece. Now, some of America’s hardest workers will gain better access to 502’s top-grade tools, from cutting-edge sewer cleaning trucks to powerful hydro excavators — making it safer for them to navigate dangerous settings with new precision.

There is immense satisfaction in a job well done. For 502 Equipment’s president, owner, and founder, JC Spalding, the redesign process felt important to execute well. The fresh design promotes brand awareness and amplifies 502’s voice, all while sustaining an authentic relationship with clients. Spalding spotlights, “Hatfield did an excellent job on my new website,” as he found connecting with our team to be transparent, fast-paced, and expedient. “The entire team was very easy to work with and the process was very easy. They were very responsive and built a site that adds great value to my business.”

These tools have existed for decades, and this is part of 502 Equipment’s commitment to serving the industry, day in and day out. JC Spalding no longer wants those serving the water, sewer, gas, and power industries to work without reliable equipment, easy-to-use technology, and above-and-beyond customer support. This is the impact of strengthening a brand: a full-service equipment sales and service shop is primed to invigorate the way in which multiple industries do business. With a clear and welcome digital voice, 502 Equipment can continue to lead as they first began — with trustworthiness and character.

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