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Lens supercharges your sales by revealing which companies are visiting your website, no contact form required

  • B2B De-anonymization
  • Full User Journey Explorer
  • Integrates with your existing Conversions and Analytics
  • Daily Summary Reports
  • Powerful Magnify Portal

Hatfield Media has partnered with world-class data vendors in order to bring you Lens, our latest business product. Lens is an incredibly light-weight software that runs on your website, and collects information about visitors on your website, all the way from their first visit to when they convert. We are able to use our proprietary identification techniques to match business-class website visitors across sessions, and give you a full breakdown of every action they have performed on your site before they submit that contact form. Additionally, we supplement form fill information wherever we can. This means that your forms have fewer fields, and therefore are more likely to convert. 

Your Sales Team Will Love You

With more competition than ever, Sales departments around the globe are clamoring for all the insights they can get when it comes to closing a deal. Lens works to solve that problem by providing your sales team with powerful insights gleaned from your website, presented in a simple, digestible format. Information about frequency of website visits, duration, conversions, pages viewed, and more, is all made available.

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Identify Website Visitors

Lens reveals names, descriptions, technology stack, size, employees, revenue, and more information about companies visiting your website.

  • Transform anonymous web visitors into valuable clients
  • See exactly what companies are doing on your website
  • Integrate with tools you already use