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When you have a message to share, there’s no better way than with a captivating video. From live broadcasts to music videos to factory tours, Hatfield Media has been privileged to empower clients across the United States to communicate in fresh ways with their audiences. Every step of the way, our Video Production Team passionately pours creativity, technical precision, and sharp imagery into each video made. Our goal is to ensure that in every frame, the focus is you.


Hatfield Media’s work ranges from music videos to factory floor tours, commercials, and beyond. Our crew specializes in providing full range video services, including producing cinematic 4K content, precise post-production, motion graphics and 3D animation, live streaming, and strategic content distribution. Using industry-leading equipment, we have all the tools and skills to bring your vision to life!

Looking at each client’s brand or product, our team tailors their approach to best engage their unique audience.  We take on every production with a fresh perspective, both in their messaging and visual style. “Using our collection of video equipment, we’re able to deliver a cinematic, compelling, and effective message,” notes Chuck Rogers, Director of Video Production. Whether that is simply using a tripod and camera or using a complex camera dolly system, we make sure the tools that we use engage viewers as effectively as possible.

With round-the-clock access to our professional studio in Louisville, KY and traveling van, we are able to be wherever you are and capture the moments that matter. Our portfolio of work represents productions in industrial and corporate settings, rain or shine, both in the greater Louisville area and across state lines. When it comes to developing a crisp and gripping video, our team works joyfully to do whatever it takes to make it a reality.


In marketing, the value of video production is precisely in its power of expression. “When it’s done right, you can talk directly to your viewers and create that first human interaction brands look for when trying to reach their audience,” underscores Isaac Harrison, Producer. “You have the opportunity to meet your customers face to face.” 

Robbie Myers, Producer, adds that “if a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video has 24 pictures per second, that’s 24,000 words per second.” When we partner with a client, our ambition is to leverage every drop of that story-telling potential to convey your message with authenticity and the same passion your own team has. 

Through client interviews, research, and close communication, our team takes care to absorb a company’s identity, goals, and culture. We believe that your objectives are significant and the top priority of any project, which is why our purpose is to illuminate them as the core focus of the video. In every aspect, “we try to get not only the facts about a company but also the thought and heart behind it, so that we can best represent that,” notes Bryce Ury, Producer.


From initial consultation through final delivery, our Video Production Team is positioned to serve clients with friendliness and skill. Their collective decades of experience spans multiple specialties that contribute to powerful video production. We take joy in using those talents to come alongside businesses and produce compelling, ultra high-definition videos. 

Skill and equipment are invaluable to professional video quality, but we believe that our most valuable asset to share is our people. “While we use some of the most powerful equipment in the industry,” notes Harrison. “The unique talents each member of our team brings to the table is what keeps us growing and improving with each new project.”

“The most precious thing we have is our people,” reflects Douglas Grillo, Motion Graphics  Designer. “Anybody can have the same camera, but the person holding the camera at Hatfield Media cares so much about the projects and people they’re working with.”

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