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A dynamic marketing technique calls for multiple avenues of expression working together. Inseparable from this is stunning graphic design, which our team of creatives tailors to each client's identity and message. “Design and marketing are very intertwined,” notes another Graphic Designer; “their goals are the same: bring a client’s message to the widest audience possible. A well-designed piece will unite written content, distinct colors, photography, and iconography to tell your story in a meaningful way.” 

At Hatfield Media, every aspect of our marketing services are customized to give voice to each client’s business and passion, empowering them to be authentic and stand out in their markets. In industries ranging from manufacturing, to charitable organizations, and fine jewelry retail, we are devoted to strengthening businesses with tailor-made designs. Each step with your advertising, website, or print designs should leave you feeling fully understood, well-represented, and ultimately delighted with the result.

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In every aspect of marketing, both digital and print, an entity’s logo and branding steer the ship. Getting this foundational component right is critical to building a brand identity. While it may seem simple, it is truly a powerful means of effective branding and marketing. 

Part of what makes a logo so meaningful is that it captures the essence of a business and packages it in an attractive visual symbol. This works together with visual branding, including a custom color palette and typefaces, to reflect your company and deliver a lasting first impression. “Logo and branding are where a company’s identity begins. First impressions are important in every area of life, and, in marketing, you make that impact through your logo,” notes one Graphic Designer. 

When developing a visual brand, we begin with a creative deep-dive to understand your company, values, goals, and stylistic vision to ensure that every detail expresses them. Whether your primary need is a revitalization of a time-honored visual brand or a full overhaul, our team of innovative designers have the skill and experience to make it happen.

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An aesthetically pleasing and fully functional website hinges on good design. Alongside the talents of our Web Developers and Content Writers, the Graphic Design team plays an integral role in building powerful, custom websites. “Designing a website should consist of strong design, a clear narrative, personal touches, and consistent branding,” says Kaen Blevins, Graphic Designer; “These elements help to lay the foundation of a website that not only looks great but provides a user experience immersed in the client’s story.”

Combining beauty and brains, websites by Hatfield Media utilize principles of design to make the perfect online space to showcase your company’s story, services, and more. We do this, not just with appearance in mind, but also UX, SEO, and the practical marketing needs of your business. By prioritizing these principles, our designers are able to bring you a website you can be proud of and use to grow your company.

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Although we are primarily a digital agency, we understand the value of designs for print. Whether that is a flyer, mailer, business card, or merchandise design, we enjoy creating materials that leave a palpable impression on your audience. “Even in an increasingly digital world, people can still appreciate the tangible aspect of print. When well-designed artwork is printed with quality, it’s not easily forgotten,” notes Morgan Fletcher, Graphic Designer.

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