Website Repair & Emergency Rescue Services

  • Website Remediation

    Damaged websites can be a major pain. From compromised ecommerce sites to hacked Wordpress blogs, we understand that your website is your livelihood. If you need a website cleanup, we are here to help! We run a variety of leading tools to identify issues and exploits, patch and immediately stop the damage, and return the site to working order. Website Remediation

  • Wordpress Hack Removal and Cleanup

    Wordpress is one of the most popular platforms for website design and development. This also means Wordpress is a major target every day for hack attempts. If your site is the victim of a hack, we can help! From recovering a fully-compromised site to migrating content to a non-exploited theme framework (or custom Hatfield-designed theme), we can help! Website Remediation

  • Technical Issues

    From SSL issues to server migrations to broken functionality, our team are adept at resolving technical issues. From re-writing plugins to supporting a complete relaunch of complex coding elements, our technical prowess allows us to support business websites of all size and complexity. Website Remediation

  • Clean Hosting

    Once your site has been cleaned, often the biggest question is how to stay clean. We offer long-term and short-term managed hosting contracts to help during website remediation and transition. Whether you are looking for a new hosting provider or simply need assistance during a website migration or transition, we are here to help! Website Remediation

  • Site Performance

    Clean hosting resolves issues related to compromised housing but what about site speed and general performance? Our team knows how to optimize your site to load quickly and be delivered efficiently across all networks. We can also troubleshoot a variety of performance issues related to plugin conflicts, site structure, and poor database performance. Website Remediation

Wordpress Hack Repair

Our team has extensive experience in fixing pages, databases, and website code within the WordPress framework.  As a full-stack development team, we regularly build our own themes and plugins.  This allows us to troubleshoot complex plugin conflict issues, as well as hacked websites and exploited plugins and frameworks.  We also specialize in services such as search engine optimization, website design, and performance.

Hatfield Media is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and serves clients across the United States.  Our services are provided in-house by our internal development team.  We specialize in enterprise-level development support with an emphasis on site performance, search engine optimization, and in-depth actionable analytics.  Whether your site is a business website or an intense ecommerce site, we can help!

Website Repair Quote

Hatfield Media specializes in website repair and emergency rescue services. From hacked Wordpress installations to compromised servers under DDOS attacks, we are here to help!  If your site is experiencing a severe attack, please give us a call, otherwise feel free to fill out the form on this page and we will touch base quickly!

We are proudly based in Louisville Kentucky, and serve clients across the United States through proactive web development.

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