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V-Soft Consulting is a rarity in the information technology industry. As a nationally recognized, award-winning leader in advance technology solutions, the Louisville-based IT services management company prioritizes people. As the company strategizes toward global success, V-Soft leverages innovation and the “power of people” to build the solutions of the future, a vision Hatfield Media shares. Our creative team intentionally emphasized this passion for people in the new design for V-Soft’s website.

V-Soft Consulting Website


A trusted American corporation since 1997, V-Soft provides information technology consulting from multiple locations in the United States and India. Over the years, the company has brought value to American Enterprise through hybrid sourcing and industry-leading practices, transforming businesses with a unique mix of experience, including affordable licensing, consulting, turn-key solutions, mobile app development, and staffing.

V-Soft understands that there is a human being behind every situation and challenge. Their business solutions are a result of collaboration with invested, driven individuals. V-Soft’s vision to impact global enterprise extends beyond digital innovation to philanthropic efforts. Year-long fundraisers supporting charities locally, nationally and abroad are part of V-Soft’s mission to create a positive future for their clients, partners, employees and communities, all of whom are valued as family.

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When Hatfield Media started redesigning V-Soft’s website, the creative team was conscious of user interaction and developing a functional interface. The new site design is cleaner, brighter, with eye-catching content that is descriptive and easy to digest.

The design team condensed the number of pages on the site by eliminating duplicate information and simplifying content. The same information from the old design is presented visually through icons and strategic graphics that speak for themselves.


Hatfield Media was proud to have worked on this project with V-Soft Consulting, and we were even prouder of the strong relationship that resulted from our collaboration.

“After a thorough search we landed on Hatfield Media to launch our new website and peripheral brands,” said Michael Ross, Director of Marketing at V-Soft Consulting. “What we learned is that they become more of a partner than a vendor, and this resulted in a better brand update and strategy moving forward for the success of our company. I highly recommend Hatfield Media.”

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