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Thermex Thermatron has been a progressive leader in the manufacturing of RF Welding and Industrial Microwave systems for over 75 years, serving aerospace, automotive, medical, and other industries. Their reputation is built on the engineering of quality equipment that lasts for decades without a need for service.

Moving forward, Thermex Thermatron is committed to continue improving in the production of fast, efficient, and eco-friendly technology. Two of their recent developments are the Thermal Press Sealing System – ThermaPress – and ThermaLab, an in-house laboratory giving clients a chance to test equipment right on the manufacturing floor.


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Our goal with this project was to provide a comprehensive redesign which better served their client base. From presenting products and solutions in an easy-to-navigate format, to responsive web design and intuitive navigation, the final product is a website built for long-term results. Importantly, the website will continue to grow and evolve as more content is developed.

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Have a long list of products? Find a way to sort them visually with images and color. Colorful images play a huge part on any site, including manufacturing and industrial websites! We used their branding to add personality and organization to their website. The site also supports a Spanish translation powered by Google.

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