Scott Stratten – Social Media Expert – NAMP Webcast

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In 2011 National Americans for the Arts had a conference at the Louisville Marriott Downtown.  We produced the live broadcast during which Scott Stratten spoke.   Scott’s presentation was on social media, with a key phrase being ‘Share the Awesome!’  Throughout his presentation we frequently found ourselves saying amen to everything he was saying.  He addressed false motives for tweets/facebook comments, how to present ideas online, and most importantly… if you don’t have something to say, be quiet.  I find that frequently comments on twitter/facebook/google+ are just attention seeking random thoughts.

To hear an influential speaker (he works with Adobe and other major companies) address all of the problems currently being faced by so-called industry professionals, was beyond refreshing.  I would highly encourage you to watch his presentation in totality.

Scott’s website – link
Direct video – link