Prestige Audio Visual and Creative Services – Event Partnership

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When you have an event to present, you can count on Prestige AV and Creative Services. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Prestige has become the Midwest’s leading provider of audio visual event production services. Recently, Hatfield Media was asked to partner with Prestige in an effort to build an online platform to host large audience live events.

Prestige Audio Visual and Creative Services Event Partnership

Premier Presentation

Prestige AV is a complete audio visual and creative services company serving Cincinnati, southwest Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Providing a host of resources, they promote a well-packaged product while still allowing you to work with a single point of contact. With over three decades of experience, Prestige AV delivers a premier performance.

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Partnering with Prestige

Hatfield Media was pleased to partner with Prestige AV while assisting them in adapting to the current climate in 2020. Normally operating out of packed hotels and convention centers, Prestige AV found its new normal centered around live events being hosted online. “The goal was to provide an interactive live stream experience with both live video and live-chatting during the event,” said Hatfield Media Backend Developer, Nathan Klein.

In preparation for the shift from in-person conferences to live streaming, Prestige AV initially created their own platform. Realizing the needed capability to host thousands, they came to Hatfield in an effort to ensure the highest quality web platforms at massive scale. With only 30 days until their first event, Hatfield Media kicked into overtime to create a platform that could support such a wide range of viewers.

Working with Prestige AV has really been a lot of fun. We were thrilled that we could augment their largest live events with our web development expertise, says Ray Tri, Hatfield Media’s Research and Development Director. “In a year where innovation and quick thinking has been more important than ever, it was quite exciting to be able to build, virtually, some of the largest live event spaces in the country.”    

Prestige Audio Visual & Creative Services - Event Partnership

Prestigious Platform Design

Prestige Associate Producer and Video Services Manager, Joshua Smith, noted that the Audio Visual industry took a nosedive when Covid-19 hit. Pivoting to virtual, they spoke to dozens of web developers, all of whom were intimidated by the scale and turnaround time Prestige AV’s customers expected. Smith says that Hatfield, “rose to the challenge and handled the backbone of what became event websites for our customers.” Holding up to 900 breakout rooms and thousands of attendees, these websites were large conferences requiring a creative mindset and short turnaround time. “Our customers are happy, we’re happy, and Hatfield continues to be a terrific partner,” Smith says. “Hatfield has been and continues to be amazing in this uncertain business climate.”

“With 2020 bringing a new shift in production to the industry, learning to work in virtual spaces has brought new challenges, new opportunities, and interesting new landscapes,” says Prestige’s Director of Operations, Shane Fisher. “When a long-time customer approached us with a new virtual opportunity involving 850 separate, pre-recorded videos, six concurrent live streams, and speaker management – all over a three-day period, I knew exactly who to turn to. Hatfield Media delivered beyond our expectations, even when they were given less than desirable turnaround times. From that moment, we, and most importantly our customers, have been blown away at the creativity, technology, and integrity that Hatfield has brought to our virtual offerings. Our team unanimously sings Hatfield’s praises at every opportunity and cannot wait for the next event to partner with them. Hatfield Media eases the stress of producing our virtual events and makes our offerings stand out in the virtual production world we all now live in.”

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