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Zoeller® Pump Company is one of the most trusted names in the water movement and treatment business. Every two years Zoeller hosts their sales conference in Louisville Kentucky. Hatfield Media was tasked with producing a kickoff video which would set the correct tone for the conference. In this instance, we started with a historic overview of the company and transitioned to its dynamic growth and manufacturing prowess. From Pop Zoeller's garage to a global manufacturing presence, Zoeller embodies integrity in everything they do.

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The Hatfield Media team worked closely with Zoeller for their sales conference video.  We started with a simple idea: Zoeller products are Trusted, Tested, Tough. To bring these tentpoles of the company to video, the Hatfield Media video production team spent 2 days filming in the Zoeller factory, capturing the day to day production of Zoeller pumps in 4K resolution.

Drawing parallels from the mechanical to the human was essential to creating a dynamic video that takes you on a journey through the production of each Zoeller product.  Showcasing Zoeller's rich history was vital. We did this by showcasing past and current leaders of Zoeller, and the employees that make up the Zoeller Family. Hatfield Media is proud to have worked alongside Zoeller to create this promotional video. The love Zoeller puts into their products, was a guiding light in creating a video that showcased their passion and dedication to their work.


Zoeller Company was founded in 1939 as a family-owned operation making various products, one of which was a dependable column sump pump. For more than 70 years, Zoeller has put community first. Their quality products, outstanding service, true innovation and company culture focused on integrity is what makes them unique. They value a long rich history of successful customer service as well as the personal relationships established through the years.

Our goal is to demonstrate company values and processes in the best possible light.  Our team utilizes a variety of tools including gimbal-mounted stabilizers, camera cranes, shallow depth of field, slow motion cameras, macro photography, drone videography and extreme high definition cameras. We not only film all projects in 4K resolution, but often film in 6K cinematic format in order to future-proof projects.  Our team combines all these tools and skills to tell your brand’s unique story.

For Zoeller, we knew the voice over would be important in both guiding the viewer through the history of Zoeller as well as directing their gaze towards the future of the company.  We did not want to bombard the viewers with footage that was fast or flashy so we decided to film everything at either 120 frames per second or a standard cinema straight 24 frames per second. This would allow the narrator to guide our audience through the story we were telling at a slower pace, illuminating the journey of where the Zoeller Pump Company has been and where it is headed.  All in 4 minutes.

Helping to strengthen the backbone of a powerful and moving story for a client is what makes us tick. If you are considering 4K or 6K video production for your next project, feel free to reach out to our team for a free project consultation.

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