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Zach Longoria is a soul singer from Nelson County, Kentucky.  Often times people like Zach get thrown into a very broad singer-songwriter category which can just as easily put JJ Grey right next to Jack Johnson.  The two couldn’t be further apart and the same goes for Zach.  His style is his own with a talent reminiscent of many previous great soul singers.  Rather than make comparisons to individual artists, I would encourage you to watch the video.

One of the misconceptions in marketing is the concept of a brand name.  “If only I can get my name out to the masses, I will be successful.”  Allow me to ask (and answer) a very honest question…  When have you gone to a concert because the band had a cool name?  (unless you are being facetious, never)  When have you ever purchased music without ever hearing the band or artist in question?

This is faith and proof interlinked.  Do not tell me how great you are, show me!  In the case of Zach, we can talk about music all day but until you have attended a show (or seen this video) you will not have an effective understanding of his style.  This show was filmed at The New Vintage at a Halloween party.  We took a simple approach with a two camera setup and a matrix sound tap which ended up being very effective.  Zach is currently working with Glasstank Productions!

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