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Raque Reliability

Founded by Glen Raque and Ed Robinson, the heart of Raque has always been in the quality machinery that they build. Committed to developing custom-built food-packaging machinery in order to meet each of their clients’ unique needs, Raque operates with the same dedication they started with over 40 years ago. Raque boasts over 30 patents in 6 different countries, and clients in over 20 nations. Based out of Louisville, KY, all of Raque’s products are made in the U.S.A.

Refrigerated and frozen-food industries throughout the U.S. and beyond rely on Raque Food Systems for their wide array of food-packaging machinery options to meet their needs. Helping their clients by providing them with reliable food-packaging systems and outstanding customer service has resulted in many repeat customers and referrals throughout the world. Offering a variety of support services to ensure that your system is well-maintained, Raque provides their clients with replacement parts, as well as on-site repair service and technical support. Per your request, they will train your team on-site in an effort to ensure that your team is fully equipped to handle any situation that may arise.

In order for the site to function properly, the back-end needed a complete overhaul. “Design and development teams worked together to showcase the variety of machinery Raque builds in a clean and consistent format,” said Hatfield Media Back-End Developer, Chase Crawford.

Retaining Relevance

Motivated by the desire to inject a modern feel into the design, the logo represents a Raque piston filler and the empty and filled trays on a production line. It represents the machinery that Raque builds. Retaining some of the main features, the new logo moved the ‘triangle’ to the inside of the logo making it even more a part of ‘Raque’ than it was beside it.

Raque wanted the website to be updated and refreshed to look and feel like a company that is current and technologically sound. The first goal was to make it look and feel like a modern site that newer generations of engineers and customers would come to and want to keep digging into all that Raque has to offer. We wanted to be sure that our customers knew of the wide selection and applications that Raque equipment can be used in. “We wanted to stop hearing customers say, ‘I didn’t know you did all of that.’ says Raque’s Chief Operating Officer, Robert Raque.

One of the most important changes was to make the site less wordy. The initial video on the homepage does the most in highlighting what Raque is all about. “We wanted to show potential customers what they do, not just tell them,” said Robert. “It’s our hope that the video will inspire customers to contact us where we can properly help solve their problems.” Between the video and various equipment pages, Raque hopes the new website will enable customers to quickly and easily find what they are looking for in order to increase the efficiencies in their plants.

Building high quality custom machinery for the food packaging industry, Raque services a wide variety of industries from ready meals, to pie production, to pizza systems. Their goal is to solve their customers' food packaging problems with good engineering and the highest quality machinery possible. When you buy Raque, you get a solution designed specifically for your application that is of the highest quality.

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The Reason For Raque

Raque has been a global leader in designing custom food-packaging machinery and baking equipment for customers all over the world since 1975. While many businesses are adjusting their manufacturing processes to meet consumer needs, they are also adapting their online presence to do the same. Hatfield Media was delighted to assist Raque in furthering their online presence with a new logo, branding, and a facelift to their website. We look forward to working with them for many years to come!

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