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Regardless of how you define networking, your success will be directly tied to your ability to interact with people looking to achieve many of the same things you are. The Louisville Independent Business Alliance, an organization with over 900 members of local and independent businesses makes it easy. They are authentic. They are passionate, and they make the term #buylocal come to life with their love for our community and the people in it.


Where did this whole Buy Local concept come from? It’s roots are in supporting your community, keeping it unique, reducing environmental impact, and creating more local ownership. Good news is that it’s working! Louisville’s small business owners are leading the charge, and for good reason. When they band together, they make a greater impact. They become more familiar with the needs of their fellow business owners, in turn becoming the central voice of the mission.

This is where the Louisville Independent Business Alliance comes in to play.

LIBA created the Louisville Local Business Expo to shine light on our local independent businesses. Creating a shift in our local purchasing habits can have a big effect on our local economy, keeping more dollars circulating through our neighborhoods.

Held annually, this event features “TED” style talks, panel discussions, and community training in addition to the vast collection of Louisville’s quality, local vendors.

Expo attendees can sign up in advance for free 20-minute consultations with local experts in various fields representing everything from HR to Accounting to Social Media Management. The end goal is to find local vendors for your business purchases at this event.

Liba 2018 Recap Video Production By Hatfield Media
Liba 2018 Recap Yelp Interview Video Production By Hatfield Media


The Hatfield Media crew hit the 2018 Louisville Local Business Expo on January 25th arriving with a love for all things weird and wonderful and leaving with a major dose of inspiration from some of Louisville’s brightest business owners.

Anyone who’s attended a lot of conferences knows that energy drives success in the event world. A feeling of excitement and inspiration prompts people to attend in the first place and then come back each year. It’s also the reason people share their experiences afterwards.

A great way to foster this energy amongst conference-goers (and potential conference-goers) is to incorporate video into your conference promotion strategy.

Regardless of whether you have 10 people or 10,000 people attending your conference, every attendee should feel connected with each other, with your brand and with speakers on a more personal level.

As much as we love conferences for their content and networking opportunities, we also all love attending events like LIBA’s Louisville Local Business Expo. High energy, engaging, and fun - the perfect recipe for video production.

Offering video in real-time is a fun way for people to record memories and highlights. The content can then be turned around and shared on social media to generate even more buzz for your event. Video is virtually everywhere you look online for several reasons, but basically because it can be extremely engaging. In fact, you probably couldn’t surf the Internet for 3 minutes without seeing a video clip of some sort. Furthermore, YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web, which says a lot about what people are looking for. Therefore, while video marketing may be something you are thinking of doing eventually, you should consider making it part of the plan sooner rather than later.

Last but not least, utilizing video in your ticket marketing efforts will probably also improve your Search Engine Optimization. In fact, adding a video to your website can supposedly increase the chance of a front page position in Google search results by up to 53 times.

Video has found its permanent place on the Internet and now it’s up to you to incorporate it into your strategy. You now know some of the benefits and how effective video marketing can be, so what are you waiting for? Don’t let a less than ideal budget or lack of ‘professional’ production skills stop your business from experimenting with this proven method of online promotion, and perhaps selling out all the tickets to your next event! Hatfield Media is happy to discuss the various ways we can help make it work.

Ready to create more feelings of intimacy, energy and enthusiasm among your attendees and get people coming back for more year after year? Contact Hatfield Media to learn more about our team and ways we can help make your brand shine.