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Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency (KYMEA) has been providing cost-effective wholesale power resources and services to their member communities across the state of the Kentucky since 2015. Hatfield Media partnered with KYMEA to produce a series of company overview videos and to develop an all-new, innovative website.


In September of 2015, after 18 months of study and discussion, ten municipal electric utilities entered into an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement creating the Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency (KYMEA), a not-for-profit joint public agency. KYMEA was formed to enable its members to achieve objectives they have set for themselves more efficiently and at lower costs than they could achieve individually.

KYMEA serves to facilitate effective collaboration among its members in order to serve them the current and future electric power and energy requirements. The agency has seen rapid growth and development in its three years. In November of 2018, KYMEA established permanent offices in Louisville. As of May 2019, the agency’s member communities has expanded to include Barbourville, Bardwell, Benham, Berea, Corbin, Falmouth, Frankfort, Madisonville, Owensboro, Paris, and Providence.

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Our goal as an agency is to discover your company voice, tone and values.  When KYMEA approached our team with the need for a series of overview videos, the team more or less received an education in Public Power.

“Our initial meeting was an eye opening experience  in learning what brought the municipal power agencies together to create KYMEA,” said Isaac Harrison, Video Producer at Hatfield Media.

KYMEA needed two videos that could effectively communicate the agency’s purpose and mission. As many people are not knowledgeable on the subject of public power, these videos serve as a sort of “crash course” into what KYMEA means to the people of Kentucky and the municipalities the agency serves.

Over the course of 2 weeks, the Hatfield Media video team traveled across Kentucky to interview the key figures from each KYMEA member community.  From Benham to Bardwell, our video producers met with mayors, superintendents, and other community leaders. The team also focused on the people who were at the center of the day to day activities at KYMEA, giving viewers an overview of why KYMEA exists and the vital role each staff member plays within the agency.

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The Hatfield Media development team optimized KYMEA site to load faster and operate at peak performance level. Our design team refreshed the page layouts to best showcase the agency’s established branding and reorganized the navigation menu to make information accessible and easy-to-digest.


Hatfield Media is grateful for the partnership we’ve built with KYMEA. Our team loved having the opportunity to tell this agency’s story through video and web design. We’re incredibly proud of the finished project, and we look forward to working with KYMEA in the future.

“The Hatfield Media team has been incredible to work with,” said Michelle Hixon, Director of Administrative Services & Communications. “Every time we ask them to jump on board with a new project, they are all in. Several months ago, we asked if they would follow our management team for two weeks across the state of Kentucky to capture on video the amazing people we serve. The video that resulted has been a tremendous help in communicating to numerous people and businesses who we are and who we serve. We could not be happier!”