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For over a century, Dana Incorporated has shaped the future of transportation through a passionate pursuit of innovation and a progressive, people-oriented culture. As one of the world’s most influential automotive suppliers, the company is committed to advancing the science of mobility for the benefit of its customers across the globe.

Dana is a world leader in highly engineered solutions for improving the efficiency, performance, and sustainability of powered vehicles and machinery, with locations in 33 countries.


The company’s success has been built by leveraging some of the strongest brands in the industry, furthering its legacy in innovation performance, service, and quality. Believing that its facilities’ performance and customer satisfaction are the result of its talented people, the company views the safety of employees, visitors, and contractors at its 140 manufacturing plants around the world to be of the utmost importance.

Dana’s team wanted to create a video with clear, consistent, and correct instructions to communicate safety measures. This educational tool is presented to contractors and visitors of the plants, with a Safety First message and consistent processes, around the globe.


"Working on a global project requires strong team work and collaboration to come up with a final product that truly manifests the power of multicultural contributions and viewpoints. It allows for taking the message beyond where each individual would be able to reach alone. Hatfield has given us what we expected and needed: creative solutions, timely responses, flexibility, and prompt actions to make this project one we can be proud of.”


Hatfield Media had partnered with Dana’s Louisville plant to create training videos and a plant overview. The overall success and approval of these local training videos prompted the corporate team to recruit Hatfield Media for the safety video project. The video presents mandatory safety procedures for contractors and visitors.

“Dana found working with Hatfield to be an enjoyable and productive experience. High-quality production values led to high-quality output that hit the mark for our contractor safety and visitor safety video needs. We look forward to our next project together,” says Stacy Schmidt, senior manager of Safety Systems and Training.

The video is presented to contractors and visitors at all national and international sites and has been translated into multiple languages, as well as English subtitles and closed captions for the hearing impaired.

“The company has a zero accident policy and these videos are part of the communication plan,” said Isaac Harrison, Video Producer at Hatfield Media. “These videos simplify the process by making safety instruction time efficient and by preventing miscommunication by standardizing the message.”

Dana Plant Videography Hatfield Media 1600
Dana Videography Hatfield Media 1600
Dana Plant Videography Hatfield 1600
Dana Plant Videography 1600