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Boombozz - Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

A web experience as easy as, well, eating pizza.


A little over 20 years on from once humble beginnings, this award winning pizzeria now boasts some pretty impressive accolades including ‘Best Pizza in America’ not once, but twice. Unfortunately, their website experience and ordering integration with unique store locations weren’t quite at that same standard. Customers were finding it difficult to order online and, for a brand that boasts nationally recognized accolades, their site was difficult to navigate and didn’t reflect their vibrant and engaging brand that we’ve come to know.

The Result:

The Hatfield team developed a website that would streamline Boombozz’s operations, improve their customer experience, and provide seamless online ordering for everyone (even those pineapple-on-pizza folks). Through strategic design choices, a carefully selected technology stack, and seamless backend integration, we’ve got the Boombozz team ready to feed more mouths than ever before.

Serving Each Location

Multi-Location Site Integrations

Operationally, each Boombozz store did things a little differently. Each location had slight variations in pricing, menu items, and specials and therefore needed a website and system that could handle multiple location visibility and integrations to the POS systems on site. Our team was able to deliver a custom, streamlined experience to the teams on-site so they could focus on the important stuff: making pizza.

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A Site Design with Fewer Toppings.

Sleek Design Strategy

After an extensive market analysis phase, our design team got to work on designing a site that was baked with industry best-practices and innovative features to improve the Boombozz online experience. More specifically, the team opted for a clean, simple design to help with the overall user journey. As simple as the design was, we opted to include animation, striking graphics and site movement to give the site a Supreme feel and bring their fun, energetic brand to the forefront.

Another thing for our team to consider was the increased usability of a mobile-friendly website since we know the majority of Boombozz customers are ordering from a mobile device. Nowadays, we know that site visitors largely prefer mobile websites over desktop which placed a huge importance on making sure the site functioned well and looked great from mobile devices, as well as desktop.

Get Folks Eatin', Sooner.

User-Focused Site Experience

Ordering pizza shouldn’t feel like a Survivor challenge. With that in mind, our in-house design and development teams came together to produce a slick, easy-to-use user experience that had customers ready to order in just a few clicks. Our development team used a Google Maps API in our technology stack as the most efficient way to lead a customer to their closest restaurant with an interactive map tool. After some key research, we found that other tools would have required large shifts in Boombozz’s existing POS system which would have been expensive and time consuming.

We’ve also found it’s a good idea to be Google’s friend. Our team has optimized a custom PHP framework to run fast and be friendly to Google’s algorithm. That’s just a fancy way of saying we help people find pizza, faster.

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An Experience for All Tastes.

Building sites for a brand with multiple locations, stakeholders, systems and customers is a little like owning a pizza joint. There are many tastes and preferences to consider but, after working closely with the Boombozz team to tailor an online experience that serves both their teams and customers, they’re even more armed to serve their customers throughout the Midwest.



Since January 2024


Since January 2024