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Digital Transformation Unleashes the Power of Hillerich & Bradsby Co's Sporting Legacy

Bionic Gloves, a division of Hillerich & Bradsby Co, is a renowned name in the world of sporting goods manufacturing. Notably, Hillerich & Bradsby Co. oversees the operation of Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, along with the bourbon destination known as Barrels and Billets.

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The collaboration with Hatfield Media has brought forth a digital transformation for both Bionic Gloves and Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. Their expertise led to the creation of cutting-edge websites on a  multi-store version of BigCommerce, featuring a customized front-end and a user-friendly content management system. These websites were designed to deliver an engaging and immersive user experience.

This innovative approach has allowed Hillerich & Bradsby Co. to harness the power of streamlined content and marketing management, seamlessly integrated with e-commerce infrastructure across multiple sites. This integration also facilitates the transfer of essential data from BigCommerce to NetSuite, creating a trifecta of cutting-edge resources at their disposal. 

Elevating Bionic Gloves' Online Retail Experience with Hatfield Media

Hatfield Media played a pivotal role in transforming Bionic Gloves’ online retail establishment. Through attention to detail, Hatfield Media not only enhanced the overall aesthetic and functionality of the digital storefront but also streamlined the administration and organization. Nick Fuchs, Marketing Manager at Bionic Gloves,  explains that “a lot of admin features are much easier to use than our last platform - things like pulling reports on orders/product performance, keeping track of inventory, etc.” 

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This transformation has given greater control and efficiency in managing Bionic Gloves' online presence, ultimately providing a more seamless and user-friendly experience for their customers and business administration. Bionic Gloves had an online management system however, it did not meet their needs. Hatfield Media had to find the parts that didn't work well and create solutions to make them better. “One of the coolest things we did was creating a middleman, like a go-between, that lives in the cloud and leverages the power of AWS Lambda to provide customers both security and speed. This middleman helps us with many things, like storing information that doesn't change much and making requests for customers without showing them secret information or letting them access things they shouldn't. It's like a helpful friend who makes sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.” Mark Russ, Backend Developer

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Crafting Customized Solutions: Hatfield Media's Innovative Sizing Calculator for Bionic Gloves

Bionic Gloves sought a custom-built sizing calculator to uphold the exceptional performance of its products. This sizing calculator was developed to perfectly align with the precision and innovation that define Bionic Gloves' products. Recognizing that one size doesn't fit all, our developers leveraged their expertise to design a tool that allows customers to find the ideal glove size that suits their individual hand anatomy and preferences. By seamlessly integrating science and technology, we ensured that Bionic Gloves' commitment to delivering exceptional, customized experiences extended beyond the product itself, making the purchase journey smoother and more personalized for every customer.

Transforming Bionic Gloves' Digital Storefront: A Visual Journey

The design and video teams at Hatfield Media worked cohesively to update photography that transformed Bionic Gloves' digital storefront into a visual experience. Hatfield’s team created a design that spoke volumes about the exceptional quality of their products. By adopting a visual-centric approach, they ensured that customers could effortlessly grasp the scientific design of Bionic Gloves. The video team played a pivotal role in bringing this transformation to life by capturing all of the assets used on the site. Working hand in hand with our design team, they updated the photography and turned Bionic Gloves' online store into a visual journey.

Through engaging visuals, we successfully conveyed the essence of their innovative products to create a truly immersive shopping experience. Christina Pfeifer, Account Representative, stated that "Bionic Gloves' premium products needed a new showcase, and I believe we really delivered that on the design and updated lifestyle photography. Creating a more image-centric design helps the customer understand the use and quality of the products. We love that we can create a clean and easy-to-use experience that matches industry standards for the e-commerce experience." 

Hatfield Media's Dedication and Collaboration

Hatfield Media's collaboration with Bionic Gloves exemplifies the skill of a dedicated team in meeting evolving client needs. By consistently adapting to client needs, Hatfield Media's collaborative effort stands as a testament to innovation in e-commerce, where their team's dedication ensures that science meets innovation seamlessly. 

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