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A Loving Choice (ALC) Kentucky in a non-profit pregnancy resource center that serves women in both the Shelbyville and Shepherdsville areas. Hatfield Media has been honored to continually support this organization with our services, including branding, website design and development, and video production. Most recently, we produced a new video for ALC to share a message about their 2020 Baby Bottle Campaign to fund completion of their new Bullitt County location.


Since 2006, ALC has provided women and families with compassionate counseling, educational resources, and material assistance when they are facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. The organization, led by Executive Director, Diana Cahill, and a board of directors, has a singular mission to love and protect women, one heart at a time. With this focus, their team gives clients a full range of education and support around pregnancy and parenting. This includes practical tools like free ultrasounds, parenting classes, peer mentoring, and more — all confidential and free of charge.

In 2019, the organization expanded from their original service area in Shelbyville, KY to now include Shepherdsville in Bullitt County, KY. The new site, currently under construction, will serve even more women and families with a caring lifeline, helping them to face difficult decisions and empower them to move forward in a supportive atmosphere. This resource comes at a critical time as vulnerable women and families face increased economic and health challenges due to the COVID-19. For this reason, ALC is all the more eager to complete construction and begin serving the Bullitt County community while continuing to meet the needs of Shelby County.

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Every year, ALC holds a capital campaign called the Baby Bottle Campaign, which runs from Mother’s Day through Father’s Day. Traditionally, supporting churches, businesses, and organizations distribute a number of physical baby bottles that are returned to ALC filled with cash and checks. This year, due to limited public gatherings, the non-profit got creative with a virtual campaign instead.

“As we were adapting to the changes caused by COVID-19, we needed to modify one of our largest fundraisers. Since a physical Baby Bottle Campaign wasn’t possible this year, we reached out to Hatfield Media for help in making this a virtual campaign,” says Cahill.

This year’s Baby Bottle Campaign was unique, not only for its context of current events, but also for its format. With one virtual baby bottle to fill with donations, the fundraiser brought a sense of unity in mission and purpose. Raising $45,0000 in donations, supporters of ALC are able to join funds and efforts in a fresh way to give the Bullitt County building fund the boost it needs.

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Hatfield Media was honored to assist ALC using video production to share their special message and connect with donors. With this being the third video produced for the client, both parties enjoyed an established rapport. Regarding our pleasant history of work together, Isaac Harrison, Video Producer, emphasizes that “ALC is great to work with. It’s always a joy to work with Diana and her team. Their passion for the mission of ALC is contagious and helps us produce videos that clearly communicate their message.”

It was the history of work between Hatfield Media and ALC that allowed us to overcome certain limitations due to social distancing guidelines. Through the care and skill of the video production team, we were able to create a seamless, clear video with creativity and professionalism. Harrison recalls that “they needed to make a video that could overcome virtual social barriers to connect with the audience and help a virtual fundraising campaign feel personal. We also had to do all of this safely and follow social distancing guidelines.”

One method employed to develop a visual story with Ms. Cahill’s voice was to use both footage from new and past shoots. This strategy allowed Hatfield’s team to limit time spent shooting in-person and still use pre-pandemic footage of ALC’s mission in action to show supporters what the Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign is all about. 

As Cahill describes in the video, the capital from this year’s campaign is vital to ensuring timely completion of the Bullitt County facility’s construction. In much of the footage, she is seen standing in the incomplete building. “The setting for the interview was ideal,” notes Harrison. “We were able to illustrate the work that is still to be done.” 

The end result was a touching video that cohesively and smoothly shared the purpose of ALC’s services and called supporters to action with the 2020 Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign. “The video team was absolutely amazing!” says Ms. Cahill. “The response has been remarkable! I even had one supporter reach out to me saying, ‘That video has me pumped! It was so professional, and I think this will be the biggest year ever.”

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Partnering with ALC Kentucky continues to be a joy and privilege to everyone at Hatfield Media. Our company supports the mission and visions of their organization, and we are proud to assist their community-minded endeavors through digital marketing mediums. In 2020 and beyond, our team looks forward to continuing a relationship with ALC and working together to build up caring communities for women and families.

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