Lantech of Louisville – Corporate Video Production

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Lantech is the world leader in stretch wrapping technology.

We first worked with Lantech while filming for World’s Greatest (a television show developed by How2Media and aired on the Ion Network).  Since that initial shoot, we have provided event photography, product photography and event video production.  This is project is our first opportunity to work directly with Lantech to produce a promotional video.  The video was developed by Hatfield Media and Allison Myers (follow her on twitter @AllisonRMyers!)

The floor-loaded conveyor and pallet truck ramp system is a unique development for the L Series automatic stretch wrappers.  The new system is designed especially for single or dual pallet trucks. This ramp creates a hole free, lift free wrapping system where one can easily drop off the pallet load onto the ramp and watch their important containers get wrapped with ease. Additionally the system is modular so that companies can maximize their productivity.

This system is available only from Lantech so please contact them to find out more about this amazing product!

Lantech – Website
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