Kentucky Baptist Convention – 2016 KET Christmas Special

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The Kentucky Baptist Convention is proud to present the Kentucky Baptist Choirs and Chorales Christmas Program.  This Christmas special was produced by Hatfield Media’s video production department for airing on KET.  In previous years churches would submit footage filmed via a variety of sources.  In most instances these concerts would be filmed by each congregation, resulting in widely varying audio and video quality.  This year Hatfield Media was tasked with filming each performance on-location throughout the year, in order to produce the final television special.

Each concert was recorded on-site in a Kentucky Baptist church, in full multi-cam.  The result is a wonderful Christmas concert which we hope everyone across the state will enjoy!

KET Airing Schedule

12/22/16 – 10am
12/24/16 – 6:30am
12/24/16 – 2:30pm
12/25/16 – 6am

We hope you will tune in to view choirs from Lexington, Bowling Green, Richmond and Louisville. The spirited program features children, youth and adult choirs throughout Kentucky singing timeless Christmas hymns and carols, celebrating Christ’s birth.  

Kentucky Baptist All-State Children’s Choir

  ”O Come, All Ye Faithful”
  “Christmas Introit”
  “Behold the Savior”

Kentucky Baptist All-State Junior High Choir

   “Agnus Dei”
   “God’s Great Love”

Kentucky Baptist All-State Youth Choir & Orchestra

    “Gloria in Excelsis Deo”
    “Ding Dong Merrily on High”

Kentucky Baptist Women’s Chorale

    “Go Tell It On The Mountain”
    “Beautiful Baby”
    “There is Hope”

Kentucky Baptist Men’s Chorale

    “Let There Be Light”
    “On Christmas Night All Christians Sing”

Kentucky Baptist Combined Chorales

    “Child of Mercy
    “Angels from the Realms”
    “Still He Came”