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Conference Video Production

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4K Event Production

Hatfield Media provides full-service 4K video production to conventions, conferences, exhibitors and events of all sizes across the United States. Our production company is based centrally in Louisville, Kentucky, allowing for easy access to any event within the United States. From event highlight videos to live streaming concerts, conference and product launches, we work with you to produce outstanding video content.

Highlight Reel for International Conventions

Our video team produces event highlight videos which recap major events, announcements, and experiences with a modern convention. The majority of conferences and conventions are happening remotely. Our team also produces custom websites for event planners across the United States.

  • Marketing this year’s video for next year’s conference. What better way to promote next year’s conference than with footage of this year’s event and viewer comments. This increases your opportunities for registration, sponsorship, trade show participation, fundraising, media kits, and online publishing.
  • Increasing your search result ranking on Google. Uploaded internet videos are 50 times more likely to rank high on Google search results than a textual page for any given keyword! Translation – online videos exponentially increase traction for your organization’s web presence and your ranking in the top five Google search results – much more so than written content.
  • Generating post-event revenue. Selling your webcast video to those unable to attend or watch online, those who attended and want the video for their personal library, and to distribution services that re-sale your video (and share the profit with you) is another way to generate income.
  • Web syndication is a particularly profitable way to realize revenue because other websites, online marketers, and media outlets are always looking for good content and willing to pay for it.

Redistributing your webcast also increases your exposure, generates new traffic, and increases your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – which continues to be critically important as increased internet competition amps up with more users, website domains, bloggers, news distributors, and advertisers.

The more people view your video on other websites, the more it increases your web presence and the more likely they are to visit your website (and remember your name). Even if you don’t charge a fee for syndicating your webcast, it’s great advertising! And free advertising is like free media coverage – it still has a monetary value that if purchased would most likely be cost prohibitive.