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Established in 1888, clients have trusted Citizens Union Bank with their savings for well over a century. It was an honor for Hatfield Media to refresh CUB’s website design using clean and modern elements. 

Hatfield Media strives to surpass all expectations, which made this project a perfect fusion of values. The goal: delivering a website that embodies Citizens Union Bank's expertise, innovation, and customer-centered care.


CUB Web Design by Hatfield Media

A Tried-and-True Financial Partner for Your Lifetime

CUB has overcome tough moments in our nation’s history; outlasting more than one world war, the strain of the Great Depression, the financial chaos of the Great Recession in 2008, as well as the sharp economic impact of terrorist attacks. Perhaps it is CUB’s focus on not only withstanding the ups and downs of history, but on strengthening and supporting its customers that has empowered Citizens Union Bank to weather each storm. 

Placing community at the heart of its reliable banking, CUB highlights strength, longevity, and trustworthiness for how its team has kept family and business finances secure — no matter what challenges the course of a lifetime may bring. From the beginning, Citizens Union Bank has guided its team of banking specialists on the foundation of TIGERS principles: Trust, Interdependence, Genuineness, Empathy, Risk, and ultimately, Success.

Having previous experience adapting to a world in flux, CUB’s team of specialists choose to only take intelligent risks they understand. This is a bank that learns how to relate to your individual perspective by listening to what's important to you. Citizens Union Bank has built a steadfast reputation by working hard into the new century. 

Proving itself a resilient organization, CUB adopts new technologies in order to remain flexible to your banking needs. Kim Davis, CUB’s Sr. Vice President of Marketing knew it would be critical to establish “a more modern, clean, and simple site for our customers.”

CUB’s Executive Management team discovered Hatfield Media through a mutual connection on their team: Jessica Dobner, Assistant Vice President of Marketing. Jessica noted in her agency research that the company was quite "pleased" with our portfolio of work, particularly the website design for Leadership Shelby.

Dobner knew first and foremost, Citizens Union Bank’s mission for the new site would be to satisfy customers, cultivating “an overall positive experience” online, where clients are “able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.”

After meeting with CEO Drake Hatfield and other members of the Hatfield Media team, CUB “felt assured” this was “the right decision,” says Davis. We wanted to give Citizens Union Bank a website that would feel as safe to clients as its in-person banking services are. Our team set out to create an upgrade for CUB’s clients today that still conveyed 132 years of trustworthiness; a polished, structured design to encourage a user’s seamless interaction. 

CUB Web Design by Hatfield Media

Translating Passion for Community into Intuitive Design

While designing a fresh site for CUB, Hatfield worked to organize content in a professional framework without sacrificing personality. After all, contends Christina Pfeifer, Sr. Account Representative at Hatfield Media,“There is no reason for a bank’s website to be bland and boring.” Pfeifer relished the process of translating CUB’s “helpful and community-oriented services into a modern and clean design.”  

Citizens Union Bank gave us “a lot of content to work with,” Pfeifer explains. “We knew we would need to discover ways to template the site. It was key to use our framework so we could easily add and remove pages, as well as content.” In navigating this project, the team sought to “keep a lot of important links accessible, but uncluttered,” says Pfeifer.

Graphic Designer Jeff Dehut embraced Citizen Union Bank’s new website as a challenge, prioritizing cohesion and effortless use for CUB’s customers. “The most important thing was to bring all of the design elements together in a way that makes it easy for the customer to find what they are looking for, from a bank they can trust,” Dehut says. 

CUB Web Design by Hatfield Media

Dehut faced some challenges along the way, tackling a site "where everything about it needs to communicate a high level of professionalism and trust.” CUB not only has an immense website containing numerous pages; as a reputable bank, Hatfield Media’s team needed to follow legal requirements. Additionally, Dehut recalls the complexity of finding “the right imagery for each major section of the site.” Details in this redesign were crucial to look after, in a way that took a great deal of creative thinking. Ultimately, our team’s diligent attention to intricacies would lead to a large site made simple for CUB clients. 

A sophisticated challenge like Citizen Union Bank’s website redesign is one Chase Crawford, Back-End Developer at Hatfield Media, deems “fun, because there was a large amount of varying content that needed to be easily managed.” It’s a project that allows our team to work well together and suss out “scalable solutions that balance clean design and robust content management.”

A New Site Built for the Modern CUB Client

Citizens Union Bank has galvanized a lasting legacy through helping communities bank across generations. At the start of this project, CUB's team hoped for a new website that could bring that passion full-circle.

Davis valued that our team took on and transformed Citizens Union Bank’s ideas and suggestions. “In the end, the new CUB website is exactly what we had dreamed: beautiful, fast and easy to navigate.” 

Director of Research and Development at Hatfield Media, Ray Tri found it a “pleasure for all of us to be working with a regional staple business like Citizens Union Bank.” Tri reveled in brainstorming ideas across teams to fine-tune “harmony” between CUB’s values and our custom result. Citizens Union Bank’s “culture of going beyond expectations to deliver for their customers really gave us an opportunity to shine in this project,” says Tri.

The Best Part: Pushing CUB's Legacy Future-Forward

Davis believes the “best part” is that this triumphant step into the future will propel further momentum, as Hatfield Media “continues to change and improve the site over time,” based on tracked customer usage. We take pride when a newly designed website leaves a customer enthusiastic; and we look forward to joining forces with CUB on digital advertising moving ahead.  

Responsive Web Design by Hatfield Media
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