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After graduating from Asbury University in 2015, Christina was ready to start with anything in any place. Holding a bachelor’s degree in media communication and a minor in communication with a film and television emphasis, she began looking for employment opportunities through websites, hoping to land a career in marketing. She spent most of her college career in the video world, developing her aptitude for the creative arts and technical skills. With these strengths and background, she was a perfect fit for her initial position in website management at Hatfield Media.

Christina recalls having to adapt right off the bat — something that would become a theme over the years. Her willingness to jump into whatever role was needed at the time, and have fun doing it, proved to be a great asset. A joyful and servant-hearted attitude made her an excellent fit among the growing team, in which self-expression, fun, and creative problem-solving are valued.

Reflecting on one of the core values at Hatfield Media, Christina says she always felt well-respected when sharing ideas. Though relatively young and fresh in her career, she has always known she could expect open and honest feedback from the leadership at Hatfield, and have a valued seat at the table. During those early years, her attitude was always ‘How can I meet your needs?’ with her primary focus being on putting her best into helping Hatfield move forward. Christina says she was, “given the flexibility, willingness, and trust from leadership to keep moving forward, even when she slipped-up and made mistakes...always knowing she would learn from it.”

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Over the years, Christina has worn many different hats and taken on many different roles at Hatfield. Early on in her career, she wrote content for blog posts and social media, as well as managing the clients’ Google Business pages. Initially learning Cornerstone,  Christina would eventually learn CSS in an effort to improve the flexibility and functionality of the websites. As the graphic design team grew, she helped to manage, onboard, and assign tasks to the team as they developed sites under the old system. 

Already having a working knowledge of each client and their existing projects, Christina began working directly with the clients as Hatfield started to hire web developers. Collaborating with ideas as the projects got larger, she began to focus more on developing her leadership, communication, and problem solving skills. She recognizes that she has “Never worked anywhere that was so flexible in helping me shape my own career path.”

Expressing her gratitude for being able to discover what she enjoys doing, while realizing her natural gifts and talents, she believes, “The more trust you’re given, the more motivation you have to do excellent work.” While humility is rewarded and valued within the company, Christina maintains, “The end goal is always to succeed while exceeding the client’s expectation.”


One of the goals as Hatfield grew was to add team members who were willing to contribute ideas and follow the same work ethic — while being a good culture fit and adding complimentary diversity at the same time. When they needed someone to take charge of the Web Development team, Christina’s brother, Jonathan Kuo, fit that criteria to a T. Christina, formerly a Kuo herself, credits the success of their workplace relationship to a combination of good parenting, personalities that complement each other, and “...a common love of discovering new things and finding better ways to do them.” When asked to summarize the collaborative workspace he shares with his sister, Jonathan Kuo said, “I started at Hatfield Media because of my sister. I trust her, Drake trusts her, and she trusts me. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with a company built on that kind of trust.”

When asked about where her work ethic comes from, Christina holds up another ‘status quo.’ Referencing the Parable of the Talents in the Bible, Christina says she wants to be like the servants who created interest in the property that they were given, rather than the servant who buried his property. “If I’m in charge of something, I want to increase and improve it because that’s what God expects of me in order to build His kingdom,” she says.

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“Christina is Hatfield employee #1, in more ways than one,” says Chuck Rogers, Hatfield Media’s Director of Video Production. Helping to build a culture of integrity, diligence, and authenticity, ask any of her co-workers, and they will tell you what an invaluable asset Christina is to Hatfield Media. Morgan Fletcher, a graphic designer at Hatfield Media, says her workplace relationship with Christina started with her interview. “Christina has been a great mentor to me over the years,” Fletcher said. “She is able to look at projects from different perspectives and has great feedback, making her a great Account Representative and friend at Hatfield.”

When asked if there was any advice she would give to college graduates or young professionals Christina said, “Be confident in your own abilities. Being the best takes time and effort. Be confident enough to try, even when you’re not sure.” Out of all the things Christina has discovered about herself during her tenure at Hatfield Media, it’s that she loves working with people. Collaborating with teams internally, as well as working externally with clients, she loves the chance to help people succeed. The different people she gets to work with are what have kept the past six years interesting, saying, “You steer the ship, because you love the ship.”

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