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A church-plant located in St. Louis, MO, The Storyline Church serves the MO-IL metropolitan area. There are less than 10 evangelical churches in their focused neighborhoods, most of which are on the decline, with over 53,000 residents in these neighborhoods. Storyline’s vision is to connect God’s story to your story, and the story of their city. Hatfield Media was delighted to assist The Storyline Church in building a new website for their church plant.

The Storyline Church Website Design & Development

Storyline’s Story

The Storyline Church’s name stems from their belief that there is one story that leads to the good life, the story the church has gathered around for centuries ‒ the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This focus is what drives Storyline’s mission to reach people with the gospel, disciple them into a relationship with Jesus, and multiply them throughout the world. 

Josh and Cherish Wilson were focused on the gospel story long before sensing a call to plant The Storyline Church in St. Louis, MO. A graduate of Southern Seminary, Josh served as staff pastor at Sojourn Church in Louisville, KY for eight years. Through a series of events, he and Cherish found themselves prayer-walking at Francis Park in St. Louis Hills in July 2019 where they sensed the Lord leading them to start a new church in the area. They are more than excited to plant roots in St. Louis in order to share the gospel story with their city.

The Storyline Church Website Design & Development

Shaping Storyline

The team members at Hatfield Media felt a personal connection to the shaping of The Storyline Church’s website and the ministry it represented, knowing Josh and Cherish on a more personal level. Lead Front-End Developer, Steve Clark said, “ It was cool working on The Storyline Church project  because it felt like I was a little bit involved in some way. Since they are a new church-plant, we built a system that would be low maintenance.”

"We built a custom website, providing an online home for The Storyline Church. The multi-page site includes resources for church visitors, information about the church’s history and beliefs, bios on church leadership, and a module for adding sermons and sermon series. In addition, the site includes integration with RebelGive to streamline the giving process," explained Hatfield Front-End Web Developer, Mary Hawley.

"Already having a great logo and excellent branding, Storyline came to us with the need for a sleek, easy to navigate site,” said Hatfield Graphic Designer, Brian Ott. “It's always such a pleasure to build a site for a client who trusts your skills and to work with the foundation of a well thought-out aesthetic. I enjoy working with a cohesive brand like Storyline's, and then envisioning how that brand should translate on to the web."

The Storyline Church’s founder, Josh Wilson had similar feelings, saying “Rachel Smith and the team were inspiring to work with. Their experience and skill came out in both the design and useability of our website that has helped us connect with many new people in our community.”

The Storyline Church Website Design & Development

Sharing Storyline

Now living in South City, St. Louis with a mixture of 30 people from Louisville and St. Louis, Josh and Cherish and their family are united in their hope of God’s grace, committed to living in Community with one another, and devoted to reaching their city with the good news of Jesus Christ. The Hatfield team was thrilled at the chance to work with The Storyline Church in building a new website to aid them in their endeavors in St. Louis. 

The team at Hatfield Media helped us share both who we are and what we are about at Storyline Church through the design of our website and the content displayed on our pages,” said Josh. “Having a website we are proud of and excited to share with others is a big deal to us!” 

Responsive Web Design by Hatfield Media

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ALC Kentucky – Video Production

Hatfield Media Non-Profit Video Production, Video Production

A Loving Choice (ALC) Kentucky in a non-profit pregnancy resource center that serves women in both the Shelbyville and Shepherdsville areas. Hatfield Media has been honored to continually support this organization with our services, including branding, website design and development, and video production. Most recently, we produced a new video for ALC to share a message about their 2020 Baby Bottle Campaign to fund completion of their new Bullitt County location.


Client: ALC Kentucky

ALC Kentucky - Video Production

Building Up Women And Families

Since 2006, ALC has provided women and families with compassionate counseling, educational resources, and material assistance when they are facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. The organization, led by Executive Director, Diana Cahill, and a board of directors, has a singular mission to love and protect women, one heart at a time. With this focus, their team gives clients a full range of education and support around pregnancy and parenting. This includes practical tools like free ultrasounds, parenting classes, peer mentoring, and more — all confidential and free of charge.

In 2019, the organization expanded from their original service area in Shelbyville, KY to now include Shepherdsville in Bullitt County, KY. The new site, currently under construction, will serve even more women and families with a caring lifeline, helping them to face difficult decisions and empower them to move forward in a supportive atmosphere. This resource comes at a critical time as vulnerable women and families face increased economic and health challenges due to the COVID-19. For this reason, ALC is all the more eager to complete construction and begin serving the Bullitt County community while continuing to meet the needs of Shelby County.

ALC Kentucky - Video Production

One Community. One Mission. One Baby Bottle.

Every year, ALC holds a capital campaign called the Baby Bottle Campaign, which runs from Mother’s Day through Father’s Day. Traditionally, supporting churches, businesses, and organizations distribute a number of physical baby bottles that are returned to ALC filled with cash and checks. This year, due to limited public gatherings, the non-profit got creative with a virtual campaign instead.

“As we were adapting to the changes caused by COVID-19, we needed to modify one of our largest fundraisers. Since a physical Baby Bottle Campaign wasn’t possible this year, we reached out to Hatfield Media for help in making this a virtual campaign,” says Cahill.

This year’s Baby Bottle Campaign was unique, not only for its context of current events, but also for its format. With one virtual baby bottle to fill with donations, the fundraiser brought a sense of unity in mission and purpose. Raising $45,0000 in donations, supporters of ALC are able to join funds and efforts in a fresh way to give the Bullitt County building fund the boost it needs.

Inviting New Growth Through Video Production

Hatfield Media was honored to assist ALC using video production to share their special message and connect with donors. With this being the third video produced for the client, both parties enjoyed an established rapport. Regarding our pleasant history of work together, Isaac Harrison, Video Producer, emphasizes that “ALC is great to work with. It’s always a joy to work with Diana and her team. Their passion for the mission of ALC is contagious and helps us produce videos that clearly communicate their message.”

It was the history of work between Hatfield Media and ALC that allowed us to overcome certain limitations due to social distancing guidelines. Through the care and skill of the video production team, we were able to create a seamless, clear video with creativity and professionalism. Harrison recalls that “they needed to make a video that could overcome virtual social barriers to connect with the audience and help a virtual fundraising campaign feel personal. We also had to do all of this safely and follow social distancing guidelines.”

ALC Kentucky - Video Production

One method employed to develop a visual story with Ms. Cahill’s voice was to use both footage from new and past shoots. This strategy allowed Hatfield’s team to limit time spent shooting in-person and still use pre-pandemic footage of ALC’s mission in action to show supporters what the Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign is all about. 

As Cahill describes in the video, the capital from this year’s campaign is vital to ensuring timely completion of the Bullitt County facility’s construction. In much of the footage, she is seen standing in the incomplete building. “The setting for the interview was ideal,” notes Harrison. “We were able to illustrate the work that is still to be done.” 

The end result was a touching video that cohesively and smoothly shared the purpose of ALC’s services and called supporters to action with the 2020 Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign. “The video team was absolutely amazing!” says Ms. Cahill. “The response has been remarkable! I even had one supporter reach out to me saying, ‘That video has me pumped! It was so professional, and I think this will be the biggest year ever.”

Building a Brighter Future Together

Partnering with ALC Kentucky continues to be a joy and privilege to everyone at Hatfield Media. Our company supports the mission and visions of their organization, and we are proud to assist their community-minded endeavors through digital marketing mediums. In 2020 and beyond, our team looks forward to continuing a relationship with ALC and working together to build up caring communities for women and families.

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Cruise Customs Flags – Custom Website Design

Hatfield Media Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Product Photography, Video Production, Website Design & Development

A local, veteran owned and operated business, Cruise Customs Flags began with a passion for the American flag and all that it symbolizes. Using repurposed bourbon barrels to create custom flags, no two flags look alike and are thoughtfully made to capture each customer’s personal stories of patriotism. Skillfully incorporating personal touches to each flag, these flags are more than a decoration ‒ they are a representation of a personal, yet shared, love for freedom. Hatfield Media was honored to be given the opportunity to design and develop Cruise Customs Flags new website.


Cruise Customs Flags Custom Website Design

The Cruise Custom

Established in 2017, Chris Cruise understands the value of patriotism. Combining his wife’s Kentucky roots and his own veteran background, the company was created when Chris built a flag for their own home. Rapidly expanding over the past two years, Cruise Customs Flags now includes apparel and accessories as part of their product line, in addition to their popular bourbon barrel flags. While many of the products from Cruise Customs are repurposed, ALL of the products are hand-crafted by veterans from the military.

Cruise Customs Flags Custom Website Design

Custom Collaboration

Beginning with the design and development of their new website, Hatfield Media has had the privilege of working with Cruise Customs to achieve their ongoing digital marketing needs. When redesigning Cruise Customs’ logo, Hatfield Graphic Designer, Morgan Fletcher, noted that “The logo needed to capture a sense of pride and American culture. The new logo has a grunge texture to it with an icon of the American flags similar to the ones made by Cruise Customs for their customers.” Fletcher chose a color palette with patriotic colors to enhance the brand. From product photography, graphic design of their trade show booth displays, to the production of their ‘Our Story’ video, the Hatfield team has assisted Cruise with multiple projects as the company has continued to flourish.

Custom Web Design

The rapid expansion and increase in products called for a more polished and agile website. “It was fun to collaborate with Chris about specific features of the website that he wanted. I liked getting to expand my knowledge of shopify and help support a veteran-owned business. The project really proved just how well we could work together as a team, despite the COVID situation," says Hatfield Media Backend Developer, Nathan Klein “It was an exciting opportunity to work with such a noteworthy business and their one-of-a-kind products.”


The product personalization that Cruise wanted was very unique, so unique in fact that we had to get an add-on for it” noted backend developer, Mark Russ. “There was a lot of stuff we had to customize. The product personalizer works around Shopify's limitation of not being able to support in-depth personalization, by essentially creating a new product any time someone finalizes their customization. One of the challenges faced was figuring out what each newly created product shared in common, so that we could exclude them from appearing in the store.”


Cruise Customs Flags Custom Website Design

Cruise Character

Just as our military men and women served the U.S. with a flag on their sleeve, Cruise Customs Flags now wants to serve them. Veterans once served a greater purpose and bourbon barrels once served a great purpose. Cruise is helping them both find new purpose in their handcrafted American flags. Hatfield Media is thrilled to be able to continue aiding Cruise Customs in that purpose through their ongoing social media and email marketing campaigns.


"Hatfield Media has taken our branding, social media, and website to another level,” says Cruise Customs Flags owner, Chris Cruise. “Their responsiveness to quick change is also a great attribute of the company. We are pleased with their graphic design in particular. Our story and look now compliment each other thanks to the team at Hatfield Media!"


Cruise Customs Flags Custom Website Design

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Childplace Family Services – Website Design

Hatfield Media Branding, Non-Profit Website Design, Website Design & Development

It’s been 54 years since Childplace, Inc. first began to dream of mindful, caring treatment options for victims of childhood and adolescent trauma — to give young people hope and support for healing. Hatfield is proud to help Childplace's benevolent services shine: elevating its website design to showcase a beautiful mission.


Childplace Family Services by Hatfield Media


Since 1966, Childplace has had a passion for one predominant purpose: serving at-risk children. Childplace has dedicated years to meeting the needs of our community’s vulnerable generations. Now because of that fierce resolve, multiple treatment options are available for abandoned, abused, as well as neglected children and adolescents — scared kids and teens who simply needed more help than was being offered. 

The initiative has made a wonderful difference in the lives of more than 2,000 children and adolescents, who have now found residential care. Additionally, nearly 350 children have now been placed into adoptive homes. Childplace has generated countless new life-changing opportunities for connection, nurtured in a spirit of Christian love and counsel. Committed to making a difference, Childplace has imparted thousands of hours to individuals and families.

Childplace Family Services Web Design by Hatfield Media

This noble endeavor started as just a spark of hope, when the members of Northside Church of Christ in Jeffersonville, IN came together with a desire to see homeless boys and girls know the warmth of new homes. Their dream found a voice on March 7, 1966, when Indiana granted the legal papers necessary to get to work. Childplace’s original Board consisted of Northside elders with 13 area church leaders becoming the agency’s first strategic decision-makers. Guiding the Steering Committee forward, an additional group of 75 filled a Development Committee to fundraise for this non-profit organization. With the help of the Northside Church’s community, this dream could get off the ground running. 

Sparks of hope ignited a profound reality on May 18, 1967, when the organization placed its first child into foster care. From that fateful day forward, Childplace has been responsible for fostering more than 1,700 children at-risk and in need, as well as placing over 300 children up for adoption. As the decades pass, Chlidplace's mission has never wavered. The company's ability to nurture professional, best-in-class treatment services has pressed ahead with abundance.

The agency’s campus has grown as big as its leaders’ dream: 22 acres housing a central administration building, a counseling center, four therapeutic group homes, a resource and learning center, and a maternity/transitional living cottage; all of of which testify to just how far Childplace’s initial ambitions have culminated. Across two residential treatment campuses, Childplace employs more than 100 staff members: from a full-time psychiatrist, to various clinicians with master’s-level degrees, offering training with invaluable resources to clients, particularly sensitive to the ways abuse and trauma can impact developing roots. The agency has dedicated every church donation, loan, grant, charitable donation, and bequest to magnanimous use.


Motivated to adapt to the digital era, Childplace turned to Hatfield Media. We saw an agency that wanted to open its online presence to a broader modern-day audience, in an effort to make anyone visiting the site feel closer to discovering ways to help and seek help. 

Hatfield Media prioritizes customer satisfaction, which gave our team a well-grounded understanding of how to make this site design stronger. We knew it was central to capture Childplace as who they are: an agency created to hear an outcry of need. A welcoming website design would better give this agency the means to help young individuals restore a sense of home.

It felt like a moment of poignant synergy when Childplace sought out our team for a powerful website redesign, as Front-End Developer, Matt Swanberg notes, “At Hatfield Media, we take a human-centered approach to our work—whenever a project like this comes through the pipeline, every individual takes special care to ensure that we apply our individual areas of expertise.” Swanberg explains that we work to thoughtfully keep a single-minded focus as we push “to ensure that our client’s message has the furthest possible impact.”

Childplace Family Services Web Design by Hatfield Media

Swanberg underscores three service areas our team highlighted on Childplace’s website: Adoption, Foster Care, and Counseling. Both our Graphic Design as well as Web Development teams joined forces to build “a site structure that would have the appropriate organizing principles without confusing the end-user or creating an unnecessary silo for site navigation.” The end “result lands a beautiful, mobile-first design that highlights distinct service areas while still allowing the entire site to be fully navigable from the main menu,” Swanberg says. Moreover, it felt fulfilling to have had “the opportunity to perform work for an organization that has a tremendous impact on our region.” 

Hatfield Media’s Lead Front-End Developer, Steve Clark, knew it would take “a collaborative team effort to execute the clear vision” Childplace had “in mind for how the revamped website would need to work.” Pooling our brightest minds to carry out “focused and detailed work to fulfill the company’s vision,” Clark strived to “deliver an ultimately user-friendly site.” When aligning passionate ideas and missions, “we struck a solid balance,” Clark adds, finding “harmony between what Childplace needed and what we felt confidently would give both the client and users the best possible experience.”


Sometimes changing a logo can feel like an intimate endeavor; after all, this is the mark that represents an organization’s heart. Rachel Smith, Hatfield Media’s Content Manager appreciates that Childplace’s image of a panda mother cradling an innocent baby panda had been “such an intrinsic part of this organization.” The logo redesign was a carefully thought-out process, where Smith appreciated the way our team was able to take the old and make it new without losing what made it so unique.

Our Graphic Design team recognized the logo project would present a rewarding “challenge: not just to communicate Childplace’s identity through an understated, emotionally resonant mark, but also to carry forward an accomplished legacy.” After all, Childplace offers remarkable services, leading delicate conversations with respect, grace, and compassion. For an influential agency and brand like Childplace, Hatfield Media sought to reveal this multifaceted expertise through “a color palette that inspires feelings of safety to users and speaks to the company’s sense of responsibility.”

Childplace Family Services Web Design by Hatfield Media

User-intuitive web design is one important way to give Childplace’s clients, who have experienced much difficulty, access to care with the greatest of ease. A website should never be frustrating or confusing to use, and ensuring that it's easy to navigate is one of many ways to provide incredible care. Hatfield Media’s design team left no stone unturned, prioritizing a user’s ease to discover crucial information as swiftly as possible through streamlined navigation. Our designers were only satisfied when the color choices of the logo and website at last could “set a professional tone to convey genuine comfort;” creating a sentiment of open arms for those searching. We knew this logo filled its big shoes: expressing Childplace’s loving spirit.  


Brian Davis, COO at Childplace, Inc. felt the partnership was strong with Hatfield Media on “Childplace’s rebranding and web-development efforts.” Considering that this agency offers “a diversity of services,” Davis explains it’s pivotal to be able to “connect with a wide spectrum of individuals.” 

Molding this site to perfectly complement Childplace's vision proved to be a valuable asset. Davis greatly appreciates how our team effort achieved "an attractive, user-friendly site that is easy to navigate;” a website where “people can quickly locate the specific information they’re seeking.” The results reverberated instantly. “With Hatfield’s focus on building a site that generates views organically, Childplace noticed an almost immediate increase in site traffic,” Davis highlights. This, of course, translates on a much larger scale: more at-risk children and adolescents coming to find adoptive parents, accessing the care and treatment they so justly deserve.

We enjoy the impact of an engaging website’s new life. As the agency helps to heal the world, we know our work can give Childplace further means to fulfill its dream. This is what makes every challenge, every nuance, every balance achieved in building up a brand to its truest potential wholeheartedly worth it. 

“The Hatfield Team is down to earth and on trend, but extremely professional and attentive to clients’ needs, ideas, and vision; helping to enhance Childplace’s marketing efforts beyond what was expected or envisioned. We see a long-term relationship with Hatfield,” adds Davis.

We would never want to box a multifaceted organization like Childplace into one small corner. Commanding a bolstered new website design, Childplace is now equipped to outreach to communities in need, and bring children and adolescents something quite rare: the hope of a new start.

Childplace Family Services Web Design by Hatfield Media
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Black Diamond Pest Control — Website Design

Hatfield Media Website Design & Development

For the past 80 years, Black Diamond Pest Control has cared for its clients, from safely relocating honey bee colonies and wildlife, to combing through over 100,000 wood-destroying insect inspections. Hatfield Media leapt at the opportunity to elevate Black Diamond’s website design, aligning a pest mover-and-shaker and property protector’s online voice with its buzzing growth.


Black Diamond Pest Control Web Design by Hatfield Media


Kentuckiana’s only full-service pest-control company keeps specialist eyes peeled on any spider fleets running amok, thanks to 135 plus service vehicles and close to 200 hard-working employees. Consequently, Black Diamond has spread its wings into one of the leading pest control offices in the nation.

Black Diamond’s business roots stretch back to 1940, but the company really began to take flight in 1987, when a family member entrusted the reins to Keith Duncan, Sr. to forge a fresh foundation. Under Duncan, Sr.’s direction, Black Diamond became nationally acclaimed for its high-quality pest control as well as outstanding customer service. After all, in an industry that often requires entering a client’s home, real estate property, or business office, pest control eradication can feel quite personal — and Black Diamond cares about putting clients’ worries at ease.

Black Diamond Web Design by Hatfield Media

By the early 2000s, Keith Duncan, Sr. passed the torch to his son to carry operational leadership forward, lifting Black Diamond’s reputation to the reliable household name it is today. Duncan has been a part of Black Diamond’s story since he was only a teenager, working as a Termite Control Technician on solutions, rising in the ranks to a General Manager, and now a bold CEO. Under Duncan's perceptive direction, Black Diamond has opened the doors to modern ideas and innovation, as well as nation-wide franchise expansion, triple-boosting the company’s revenue in doing so.

Black Diamond’s vision began with the commitment to care for communities, administering choice quality pest control. Over eight decades, the company has fostered its ideas with a sense of achievement passed down like family honor, Duncan, Sr. to Duncan, Jr. — father to son. Built on a time-honored background in understanding treatment options, so that each customer can be paired with a unique solution to resolve any nest of pest complications, Black Diamond’s framework now extends beyond residential and commercial pest control, with branches and franchise locations throughout the midwest, and the southern United States. 

Self-proclaimed “Dedicated Pest Control Eradication Specialists,” they provide in-house termite and moisture damage repair services, along with complete turf maintenance; expanding offerings over the years to meet the needs spanning Kentuckiana.


Hatfield Media makes every effort to breathe professional creativity into updating professional websites. Between Black Diamond’s interest in embracing online evolution, and our passion for giving vision innovative legs to stand on, we both welcomed the synchronicity. Rachel Smith, Content Manager at Hatfield Media, thrived finding how to strike that iron balance between streamlining user-friendly business features and personalizing creative touches.

Especially for a task where the topic is not always the most appetizing over a dinner table, Smith took pride in how our team rose to the occasion. Smith feels upbeat about our team’s ability to take a site’s design past its prime, and reanimate it with a digital revival. Hatfield Media recognizes that especially a web presence representing expert pest control can jive with modernization, jump with strong identity.

Director of Research and Development at Hatfield Media, Ray Tri realized it was “apparent we were a perfect match,” as soon as “Black Diamond approached us and wanted to revamp their website.” Hatfield Media’s team exhibits gusto for helping an organization like Black Diamond take its “desire” to catapult its “company and web presence to the next level.” Tri credits “Black Diamond’s readiness to grow” as an openness to change, which made space for “a lot of creative freedom” behind-the-scenes. In fact, “through that creative freedom, we could amplify Black Diamond’s vision through our lens of passion and insight.”

Black Diamond Web Design by Hatfield Media


“This sort of accomplishment would not have been possible without collaboration and investment from all sides,” notes Tri. When it came to strategically envisioning a new website layout, Kaen Blevins, Graphic Designer at Hatfield Media, explains, “We wanted to make sure the core services were front and center to allow customers quick access to the information they need.” Great design involves intuitive attention to each piece of a website’s aesthetics, as Blevins adds, “With this in mind, we wanted to maintain a look and feel that was both light and content-driven in order to keep the design visually pleasing.”

An important feature of Black Diamond’s branding would be to showcase “the overall experience of the website.” Blevins says, “To do this, we incorporated diamond-shaped elements, diamond hover actions, witty puns, and even a few iconic critters to create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind website experience for Black Diamond and their customers.”

A challenging front-end design can require “a new and different approach,” highlights Front-End Developer Ted Moso, who references Mary Poppins in the beloved motto, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” In the case of developing Black Diamond’s new website design, this was a challenge that felt “unique and different from the other sites I’ve worked on” previously. As such, when Moso found a way for “Our Offices Google Maps displayed on the Contact Us page to have multiple locations exist at the same time,” he felt “proud to achieve that.” Not only did Moso “learn a great deal,” he likewise appreciated how amenable Black Diamond’s team was throughout the process. 

Autumn Pace, a fellow Front-End Developer, found it meaningful to tackle the implementation of this project’s redesign, working “side-by-side” with Hatfield Media’s Lead Front-End Developer, Steve Clark, on the navigation. “Thanks to this experience, we were able to resolve complex navigation. I am glad I had the opportunity to work on this project.”

Sometimes you have to break the mold to meet and exceed layered challenges, and that is exactly what our Web Development team did. For Hatfield Media’s Lead Back-End Developer, Nathan Klein, the predominant puzzle to solve would lie in site navigation; “to design a system for determining a Black Diamond location to service a particular customer based on that customer’s address.” Klein appreciated how “interesting” this task unraveled; a challenge that presented a chance “to play around with Google Maps capabilities within our systems.”

Black Diamond Web Design by Hatfield Media


When a family-led organization like Black Diamond consistently identifies pest problems for clients and improves lives with valuable solutions, it feels fulfilling to do whatever work is needed to rejuvenate the company’s website.

“We’re very pleased with the new website the Hatfield team created for us,” affirms Black Diamond CEO, Keith Duncan, Jr. “Providing an excellent customer experience is a top priority for our company, and our new site embraces this. It’s not only easy to navigate, it offers more detailed information about our services and locations so customers can better understand the pest control solutions available to them and easily contact our offices for scheduling.”

Tri underscores that by being able “to build Black Diamond’s website on our proprietary new framework,” we could meet this company where its reputation soars: on a foundation of “unparalleled quality.”

Black Diamond Web Design by Hatfield Media

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Citizens Union Bank (CUB) – Website Design

Hatfield Media Website Design & Development

Established in 1888, clients have trusted Citizens Union Bank with their savings for well over a century. It was an honor for Hatfield Media to refresh CUB’s website design using clean and modern elements. 

Hatfield Media strives to surpass all expectations, which made this project a perfect fusion of values. The goal: delivering a website that embodies Citizens Union Bank's expertise, innovation, and customer-centered care.


CUB Web Design by Hatfield Media

A Tried-and-True Financial Partner for Your Lifetime

CUB has overcome tough moments in our nation’s history; outlasting more than one world war, the strain of the Great Depression, the financial chaos of the Great Recession in 2008, as well as the sharp economic impact of terrorist attacks. Perhaps it is CUB’s focus on not only withstanding the ups and downs of history, but on strengthening and supporting its customers that has empowered Citizens Union Bank to weather each storm. 

Placing community at the heart of its reliable banking, CUB highlights strength, longevity, and trustworthiness for how its team has kept family and business finances secure — no matter what challenges the course of a lifetime may bring. From the beginning, Citizens Union Bank has guided its team of banking specialists on the foundation of TIGERS principles: Trust, Interdependence, Genuineness, Empathy, Risk, and ultimately, Success.

Having previous experience adapting to a world in flux, CUB’s team of specialists choose to only take intelligent risks they understand. This is a bank that learns how to relate to your individual perspective by listening to what's important to you. Citizens Union Bank has built a steadfast reputation by working hard into the new century. 

Proving itself a resilient organization, CUB adopts new technologies in order to remain flexible to your banking needs. Kim Davis, CUB’s Sr. Vice President of Marketing knew it would be critical to establish “a more modern, clean, and simple site for our customers.”

CUB’s Executive Management team discovered Hatfield Media through a mutual connection on their team: Jessica Dobner, Assistant Vice President of Marketing. Jessica noted in her agency research that the company was quite "pleased" with our portfolio of work, particularly the website design for Leadership Shelby.

Dobner knew first and foremost, Citizens Union Bank’s mission for the new site would be to satisfy customers, cultivating “an overall positive experience” online, where clients are “able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.”

After meeting with CEO Drake Hatfield and other members of the Hatfield Media team, CUB “felt assured” this was “the right decision,” says Davis. We wanted to give Citizens Union Bank a website that would feel as safe to clients as its in-person banking services are. Our team set out to create an upgrade for CUB’s clients today that still conveyed 132 years of trustworthiness; a polished, structured design to encourage a user’s seamless interaction. 

CUB Web Design by Hatfield Media

Translating Passion for Community into Intuitive Design

While designing a fresh site for CUB, Hatfield worked to organize content in a professional framework without sacrificing personality. After all, contends Christina Pfeifer, Sr. Account Representative at Hatfield Media,“There is no reason for a bank’s website to be bland and boring.” Pfeifer relished the process of translating CUB’s “helpful and community-oriented services into a modern and clean design.”  

Citizens Union Bank gave us “a lot of content to work with,” Pfeifer explains. “We knew we would need to discover ways to template the site. It was key to use our framework so we could easily add and remove pages, as well as content.” In navigating this project, the team sought to “keep a lot of important links accessible, but uncluttered,” says Pfeifer.

Graphic Designer Jeff Dehut embraced Citizen Union Bank’s new website as a challenge, prioritizing cohesion and effortless use for CUB’s customers. “The most important thing was to bring all of the design elements together in a way that makes it easy for the customer to find what they are looking for, from a bank they can trust,” Dehut says. 

CUB Web Design by Hatfield Media

Dehut faced some challenges along the way, tackling a site "where everything about it needs to communicate a high level of professionalism and trust.” CUB not only has an immense website containing numerous pages; as a reputable bank, Hatfield Media’s team needed to follow legal requirements. Additionally, Dehut recalls the complexity of finding “the right imagery for each major section of the site.” Details in this redesign were crucial to look after, in a way that took a great deal of creative thinking. Ultimately, our team’s diligent attention to intricacies would lead to a large site made simple for CUB clients. 

A sophisticated challenge like Citizen Union Bank’s website redesign is one Chase Crawford, Back-End Developer at Hatfield Media, deems “fun, because there was a large amount of varying content that needed to be easily managed.” It’s a project that allows our team to work well together and suss out “scalable solutions that balance clean design and robust content management.”

A New Site Built for the Modern CUB Client

Citizens Union Bank has galvanized a lasting legacy through helping communities bank across generations. At the start of this project, CUB's team hoped for a new website that could bring that passion full-circle.

Davis valued that our team took on and transformed Citizens Union Bank’s ideas and suggestions. “In the end, the new CUB website is exactly what we had dreamed: beautiful, fast and easy to navigate.” 

Director of Research and Development at Hatfield Media, Ray Tri found it a “pleasure for all of us to be working with a regional staple business like Citizens Union Bank.” Tri reveled in brainstorming ideas across teams to fine-tune “harmony” between CUB’s values and our custom result. Citizens Union Bank’s “culture of going beyond expectations to deliver for their customers really gave us an opportunity to shine in this project,” says Tri.

The Best Part: Pushing CUB’s Legacy Future-Forward

Davis believes the “best part” is that this triumphant step into the future will propel further momentum, as Hatfield Media “continues to change and improve the site over time,” based on tracked customer usage. We take pride when a newly designed website leaves a customer enthusiastic; and we look forward to joining forces with CUB on digital advertising moving ahead.  

Responsive Web Design by Hatfield Media
Powerful web design & development

Hatfield Media provides full service website design and development4K video production and search engine optimizationIf your business is currently seeking a new web development partner, we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you!

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Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy’s 2020 Race for Grace Campaign – Video Production

Hatfield Media Aerial Video Production, Audio Visual Production, Ministry Videos, Non-Profit Video Production, Video Production

The Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy is an interdenominational ministry serving workers at Kentucky's race tracks and horse training centers. Hatfield Media was privileged to work with this organization to promote their purpose and share their story. Along with building their website, our team recently released a video produced to raise awareness at their 2020 Race for Grace Campaign.


Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy 2020 Race for Grace Video Production by Hatfield Media


Founded in 1972, chaplains have been serving at Kentucky’s race tracks through the Race Track Chaplaincy of America, a non-profit interdenominational organization. Formally established in 1989, the Kentucky division of the chaplaincy serves most of the major race tracks in the state of Kentucky; as well as one located in southern Ohio. Often described as the ‘Backside Ministry,’ the faith-based work helps to meet the needs of all workers involved in horse racing, predominantly focused on what is known as the “backside” of the tracks. 

President of the Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy and retired Hall of Fame jockey Pat Day, says, “The mission is quite simply to share the gospel. I call it a ‘ministry of presence.’ Our chaplains walk through the barn area during training hours. They’re a very visible presence, not to interrupt the work but to cultivate relationships with the racetrack personnel. We provide for material needs but most importantly offer help and hope through the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our desire is to see lives changed by the Lord and those whose hearts are won to Christ take that back to the workplace and share it with others.”

Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy 2020 Race for Grace Video Production by Hatfield Media

There’s a sense of family among the race track workers on the backside of the tracks, similar to little communities. In an effort to be that extended family, the chaplaincy provides an emergency food pantry, clothes closet, and assists with transportation for necessities. Striving to also meet their spiritual and emotional needs, the ministry also offers daily interaction with workers in the barn area and around the track: weekly worship services and Bible studies; Christ-centered activities that promote fellowship; baptism, marriage, and funeral services; as well as individual counseling.


Every year on the Monday evening before the Kentucky Derby, the Chaplaincy holds a fundraising dinner. The annual ‘Race for Grace’ event is an important source of ongoing financial support for the chaplains’ outreach and ministry. This year, due to the pandemic, the Race for Grace event had to be cancelled. However, the ministry continues, thanks to the benevolence of supporters. 

“The Race for Grace is our main fundraiser. We get the bulk of our budget from it and continuing support throughout the year, but that is our single most impactful fundraiser," says Day. “Having to cancel it this year was a hit to our budget; but despite that, our chaplains are still out there, the race track personnel is still active, and the horses are still getting care. The chaplains continue to care for the physical and spiritual needs at Churchill Downs. We are incredibly grateful for the way our supporters have stepped up to the plate during these turbulent times.”

Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy 2020 Race for Grace Video Production by Hatfield Media


As an official sponsor of the Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy, Hatfield Media was more than enthusiastic about working with them to produce a video that would further awareness at the Race for Grace event. The video was to be shown at the event in an effort to raise funds, benefiting the chaplaincy ministering to the people on the ‘backside’ of the racetracks. “It was all very professional. The video team did great, and my time spent with them at Churchill Downs was most enjoyable. Great conversations and interactions with the crew,” said Day.

The video highlights the people that are otherwise unseen in an effort to show the people in the stands what life is like behind the scenes. “There’s a lot of need; and the people providing the entertainment we see on Derby day deal with a lot of issues that we don’t see,” Bryce Ury, Video Producer for Hatfield Media said. “It doesn’t meet the expectation. The video asks you to go, not where your eyes want to go, by following the horses; but to follow the people.”

Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy 2020 Race for Grace Video Production by Hatfield Media

“In the first shot, you see the horses leaving the stalls; and usually the camera would stay with the horses, but the decision was made to let the horses leave the frame and for the camera to stay on the people,” Isaac Harrison, Video Producer for Hatfield Media, said. “That shot represents what the video is about; looking past the spectacle of the races to see the people on the backside and hopefully get a glimpse into their lives."  At the end of the video, you follow the shot back to the horses; but end up on the people watching in the stands. “Hopefully the people watching can come to a point where they realize how much goes into each race, not just the entertainment it offers; but to see the people’s lives and the human needs that the Chaplaincy helps fill,"  says Harrison.

Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy 2020 Race for Grace Video Production by Hatfield Media

While telling a story that spanned many different lives and backgrounds, our team took care to respect each race track personnel member we interviewed, while they spoke of the very personal impact this ministry has had on their lives. It was often the off-hand comments that revealed those vulnerable details in an organic way, and we enjoyed creatively incorporating those into the interview footage. “Hatfield Media did an excellent job with the video, and it was a wonderful experience for me and all that were involved. On behalf of the Kentucky Racetrack Chaplaincy, we are extremely grateful for the job that they’ve done,” said Day. 


Working with the Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy was a privilege for Hatfield Media. Our company supports the vision and mission of their organization and are proud to aid their endeavors in 2020 and beyond. “My experience with Hatfield Media has been a wonderful experience. They’ve done an excellent job, and the video certainly showed the work that we’re doing and the difference that we’re making in the lives of the racetrack personnel,” said Day. 

The Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy has partnered with an online platform called Fanticipate. Every year they would auction off the halters worn by Derby participants. Because the banquet was cancelled, we are auctioning them off online. The auction is open until post time Derby day. To participate, visit: Bidding ends at 6:30 p.m. EDT Saturday, September 5th.

The Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy, Inc. is a 501c(3) organization whose outreach and ministry activities are made possible by donations from supporters like you. All gifts are eligible for tax deductible consideration. Your support allows the chaplaincy to assist with the spiritual, physical, and social needs of those working on the backside of thoroughbred race tracks and various training centers.

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Prohibition Craft Spirits NULU™ Straight Bourbon – Video Production

Hatfield Media Marketing, Photography, Product Photography, Video Production

Prohibition Craft Spirits, a micro-distillery in Louisville, KY, is celebrating Kentucky culture with the recent release of their highly anticipated NULU™ Straight Bourbon. The unfiltered, single-barrel bourbon is the fifth brand in the PCS family of spirits. Joining them in heralding this, Hatfield Media was privileged to produce a series of commercials as intriguing as this client.

PCS NULU Straight Bourbon - Video Production by Hatfield Media

An Unbridled Spirit

Now more than ever, Kentuckians are leaning into our roots, seeking unity, and tapping into our unbridled spirit. In tasteful compliment to this, Prohibition Craft Spirits' new NULU™ Straight Bourbon elevates local culture, craftsmanship, and a shared love of bourbon whiskey. Adding to the PCS Distilling Co. collection of Louisville-inspired spirits, this one invites bourbon enthusiasts everywhere to take a journey through history. 

“We want to give everyone the knowledge and history of how liquor has shaped the world and our country,” says Harrison Hyden, Master Distiller. “Each one of our spirits are part of this history. Our labels are all named after local neighborhoods, and we want to show our pride in our city’s historic role in the prohibition period.”

PCS NULU Straight Bourbon - Video Production by Hatfield Media

Keith Hazelbaker, Founder and President of PCS, has shared this vision with the entire PCS team since the conception of the distillery’s brand. Because of the time and care bourbon distillation requires, the process of creating NULU Straight Bourbon began early and carried on behind the scenes while the company’s other four craft spirits became available in liquor stores and the Prohibition Bar in Louisville’s Phoenix Hill neighborhood. The timeliness of the bourbon’s maturity and release marks approximately 100-years since the prohibition period of the 1920s and offers the perfect completion of PCS’s core liquor brands: NULU™ Reposado, Phoenix Hill Vodka, Highlands Gin, Baxter’s Rum, and NULU™ Straight Bourbon. The NULU™ products are considered Prohibition Craft Spirit’s signature brand, which is why Hazelbaker says, “It was only natural to use NULU™ in the name.”

Though the company’s new bourbon was released during unprecedented times of a pandemic, forcing them to at times have a closed bar, nothing will hold them back. In an effort to pivot with current events, PCS also recently launched their new online ordering site through GoParrot. “Partnering with GoParrot to offer online ordering and in-store pick-up has enabled us to keep our crew and customers safe with social distancing. It’s also allowed us to offer up a great new way to buy our products, which our customers can access from any device with internet connection,” says Carson Hazelbaker, Director of IT.

So Good… You’ll Want to Hide It

In bourbon country, a new take on the Kentucky classic garners intrigue from any bourbon-enthusiast. Coupled with the launch of PCS’s new online ordering site, Hatfield Media came alongside the company to help promote this product with creative video production for a commercial campaign. In keeping with the fresh and unique qualities of NULU™ Straight Bourbon, our Video Production Team sought to create videos that would pay homage to the history of the prohibition and draw in viewers’ attention with interesting imagery and story-telling qualities. Thus, the theme, “NULU™ Straight Bourbon — So good… you’ll want to hide it,” was born.

“We wanted to create something that would make viewers think twice while watching the ad,” says Isaac Harrison, Video Producer. “This video needed to go deeper than merely ‘showing’ the product, as the goal of this campaign was to help viewers remember the product, which we worked to maximize by using the same messaging and imagery in the photography for this marketing campaign.

The unifying concept of creative photography and video production was that the NULU™ Straight Bourbon is extremely enjoyable and a hoard-worthy treasure to bourbon-lovers. “We asked ourselves if there was a way we could tie in an aspect of the prohibition’s history to this Prohibition Craft Spirits product,” notes Harrison. “Our solution was to evoke a sense of that historical period with the decisions we made on set.” 

An actor and art director for this project, Brian Ott, Graphic Designer, adds, “Our goal was to create a 1920s vibe without actually doing a period piece. That meant everything, from the score to colors and wardrobe, needed to give an almost subliminal message of a century-old mark in history.” In every detail of each commercial, the viewer can appreciate a sense of the gritty, pure, and old-fashioned American spirit that Kentucky bourbon embodies. 

“We absolutely love the ‘It’s so good… you’ll want to hide it’ commercial series,” hails Hazelbaker. “My personal favorite is the one set in the woods. The way the actor frantically rushes to hide and uncover the NULU™ Straight Bourbon adds a comical element that both entertained me and stuck with me after watching it.”

PCS NULU Straight Bourbon - Video Production by Hatfield Media

The Prohibition Craft Spirits Family

This commercial series is part of Hatfield Media and Prohibition Craft Spirit’s long-held relationship. Beginning with developing a visual brand to web design and development, along with product photography and other creative digital marketing services, our teams are continually delighted to collaborate together. “As always, working with the Hatfield Team on this campaign was a top drawer experience,” says Hazelbaker. “They know our stylistic preferences. This, combined with their expertise in marketing and media, makes the process fun and exciting rather than trying and tedious. We are very proud of the brand we have built with them, and we can’t wait to see our business continue to evolve!”

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Build a Strong Brand Identity With Graphic Design

Hatfield Media Branding, Ecommerce Website Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Marketing, Non-Profit Website Design, Website Design & Development

It’s no secret that alluring visuals are key to stopping your audience in their tracks. At Hatfield Media, our Graphic Design team has the talent, passion, and precision to leverage imagery to your advantage. From compelling logos and branding to sleek website designs, we are here to make your vision a reality and help you build a strong brand identity.

Hatfield Media Graphic Design - Logo & Branding

The Cornerstone of Marketing

“Graphic design is not just important for Marketing — it is critical,” says Shayne Hiles, Director of Graphic Design; “No matter how strong a message is, it can fall short without a powerful visual element. Instant brand recognition and ‘wow’ factor are the reason graphic design is indispensable to a marketing strategy.”

A dynamic marketing technique calls for multiple avenues of expression working together. Inseparable from this is stunning graphic design, which our team of creatives tailors to each client's identity and message. “Design and marketing are very intertwined,” notes Jeff Dehut, Graphic Designer; “their goals are the same: bring a client’s message to the widest audience possible. A well-designed piece will unite written content, distinct colors, photography, and iconography to tell your story in a meaningful way.” 

At Hatfield Media, every aspect of our marketing services are customized to give voice to each client’s business and passion, empowering them to be authentic and stand out in their markets. In industries ranging from manufacturing, to charitable organizations, and fine jewelry retail, we are devoted to strengthening businesses with tailor-made designs. Each step with your advertising, website, or print designs should leave you feeling fully understood, well-represented, and ultimately delighted with the result.

Hatfield Media Graphic Design - Web Design - Spacia Group

Foundational Logo Design & Branding

In every aspect of marketing, both digital and print, an entity’s logo and branding steer the ship. Getting this foundational component right is critical to building a brand identity. While it may seem simple, it is truly a powerful means of effective branding and marketing. 

Part of what makes a logo so meaningful is that it captures the essence of a business and packages it in an attractive visual symbol. This works together with visual branding, including a custom color palette and typefaces, to reflect your company and deliver a lasting first impression. “Logo and branding are where a company’s identity begins. First impressions are important in every area of life, and, in marketing, you make that impact through your logo,” notes Brain Ott, Graphic Designer. 

When developing a visual brand, we begin with a creative deep-dive to understand your company, values, goals, and stylistic vision to ensure that every detail expresses them. Whether your primary need is a revitalization of a time-honored visual brand or a full overhaul, our team of innovative designers have the skill and experience to make it happen.

Hatfield Media Graphic Design - Logo & Branding - Whiskey Odyssey

Sleek & Functional Website Design

An aesthetically pleasing and fully functional website hinges on good design. Alongside the talents of our Web Developers and Content Writers, the Graphic Design team plays an integral role in building powerful, custom websites. “Designing a website should consist of strong design, a clear narrative, personal touches, and consistent branding,” says Kaen Blevins, Graphic Designer; “These elements help to lay the foundation of a website that not only looks great but provides a user experience immersed in the client’s story.”

Combining beauty and brains, websites by Hatfield Media utilize principles of design to make the perfect online space to showcase your company’s story, services, and more. We do this, not just with appearance in mind, but also UX, SEO, and the practical marketing needs of your business. By prioritizing these principles, our designers are able to bring you a website you can be proud of and use to grow your company.

Browse our portfolio of custom website designs:

HatfieldMedia Graphic Design - Web Design - Digital Works

Tangible Brand Awareness & Marketing

Although we are primarily a digital agency, we understand the value of designs for print. Whether that is a flyer, mailer, business card, or merchandise design, we enjoy creating materials that leave a palpable impression on your audience. “Even in an increasingly digital world, people can still appreciate the tangible aspect of print. When well-designed artwork is printed with quality, it’s not easily forgotten,” notes Morgan Fletcher, Graphic Designer.

Hatfield Media Graphic Design - Print Design

Meet the Graphic Design Team

Throughout your digital marketing, our Graphic Design Team delivers originality, technical skill, and experience. More than mere creative performers, we take joy in bringing personal expertise, guidance, and care to your project. Each designer at Hatfield Media values each client with a servant heart and is always ready to take your message and brand to new heights!

Hatfield Media Graphic Design TeamHatfield Media Graphic Design Team

Hatfield Media’s Graphic Design Team: (Left to Right) Morgan Fletcher, Graphic Designer; Brian Ott, Graphic Designer; Shayne Hiles, Director of Graphic Design; Jeff Dehut, Graphic Designer; Kaen Blevins, Graphic Designer 

Build Your Brand. Grow Your Business.

Hatfield Media is ready to take on your next design challenge! We love building brands through powerful graphic design as part of our dynamic digital marketing services. Our team would be glad to meet you, explore your business identity and goals, and give you a free, no-obligation consultation. Connect with us today to learn more!

Powerful Graphic Design

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Sullivan University – Website Design

Hatfield Media Branding, Website Design & Development

Sullivan University is a private higher education institution based in Louisville, KY. Dedicated to lifelong learning, Sullivan is a place where students are empowered to build meaningful careers with high quality education. Over the course of the last eighteen months, Hatfield Media has had the unique privilege to partner with them in digital marketing, branding, and website design. In April 2020, we celebrated the much anticipated launch of their new website.


Where Will Your Passion Take You?

Students across Kentucky have the opportunity to follow their passion into a rewarding career with an education at Sullivan. With campuses and learning centers in Louisville, Lexington, Fort Knox, Louisa, and Mayfield, as well as online learning, access to a positive classroom setting is widely available and celebrates diversity. Variety is key not just in the communities they serve but also their degree programs. With eight colleges and schools, and numerous degree programs within each of them, students can pursue specialized degrees and certifications to position themselves for success.

In their passion and ambition to continually care well for current, prospective, and future students, Sullivan teamed up with Hatfield Media to design and develop a new website. In an increasingly digital age, powerful, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing websites are imperative to optimum student service. Eric Short, Director of Marketing and Enrollment Management Analytics at Sullivan University describes their motivation as a “desire for a new and refreshed look, better load time, and increased engagement with prospective students.” With these key goals set, we began earnest work on a new website.

Sullivan University Website Design

Igniting a Brand Aesthetic

To begin this project, Hatfield’s Director of Graphic Design, Shayne Hiles, worked closely with Short to develop an aesthetic for the new website. Their vision was to capture the time-honored brand and logo of Sullivan University and develop a fresh concept for the individual schools. “We broke the schools into their own colors and icons, which offers recognition amongst the students, potential students, and faculty for the programs they’re involved in, as well as giving a lot of options for marketing campaigns that are unique to each school” notes Hiles. In addition to designing a new mini-brand for each Sullivan school, the iconic “Sullivan Green,” the key brand color for the university as a whole, was expanded to a palette including purple and yellow.

The fresh brand color palette opened up more creative opportunities with the website design. Sullivan University’s multiple schools, degree programs within those schools, locations, and other student services called for a highly organized website. “With universities, and Sullivan in particular, we knew that we needed to create a clear way to provide information in a directory structure,” recalls Jonathan Kuo, Senior Web Developer. As part of the collective effort to build that structure, Hiles’s individual school branding supported a structure that is both organized and vibrant. The end result is a website that offers “menu functionality, a ‘look’ that everyone likes, is seamless, and steps up the game,” says Hiles.


Sullivan University - Website Design

Breaking the Mold

Just as this project was to allow Sullivan University to optimize their digital reach and student services, it was also an opportunity for Hatfield Media to serve them to the best of our abilities. A website of this magnitude required a large collective effort from both us and the client, and it was truly done with joy. “Everyone had an eagerness to do the site really well,” says Christina Pfeifer, Project Manager at Hatfield Media. “The teamwork was great, and we met regularly to brainstorm and discuss new ideas. Everyone had a great attitude throughout.” 

In addition to the key target objectives of faster load times and structured site organization, the web development team seized this opportunity to exceed expectations and make a site with powerful capabilities. Ray Tri, Lead Back End Developer, recalls, “One of the more exciting things was how we were able to diagnose opportunities for growth.” Spearheading the use of our new custom website platform, the website was able to outperform all previous standards and “give Sullivan an enterprise-class website with more features,” adds Tri.

Sullivan University - Website Design

Implementing Twill was ultimately a collaborative effort of breaking the mold on custom web development. Building a completely custom site from the ground up removed all issues faced by the previous site. From security to speed to plugin dependencies, our new platform produces enterprise-level sites which can scale over time. Hatfield’s entire team expresses excitement about building a new platform, its robust capabilities, and the endeavor of using it to create an exceptional website for Sullivan University. “Having the opportunity to take certain risks allowed us to be as innovative as possible, and I am definitely excited to see not just how it’s meeting Sullivan’s needs but also the process of launching this project altogether,” says Kuo. 

Innovating Together

“Working with Eric has been a really great experience because he understands the process and advocates well for what Sullivan needs,” says Pfeifer. She continues, “A project of this magnitude involved a lot of collaboration between departments, both at the University and within Hatfield's team. The final product was a great site that loads quickly, provides all the information prospective students need, and offers a pleasant, intuitive navigation experience.”

In reference to the new website, Short notes that it “definitely loads more quickly,” and his colleagues particularly appreciate “the vibrant colors and icons.” Of his experience working with us on this, he emphasizes, “The team is very responsive and is always looking for innovative ways to improve our engagement with prospective students.”

The challenge of pushing for fresh, creative work with Sullivan University has been a pleasure for the entire team at Hatfield. The intrinsic motivation behind this project shines through, and the thrust for continual improvement is just beginning. “We have additional features that we’ll be rolling out to keep the good news coming,” hints Tri. Doing our utmost to help our clients grow is always our top priority, and we are very enthusiastic to continue that with Sullivan University.

Responsive Web Design by Hatfield Media

Powerful web design & development

Hatfield Media provides full service website design and development4K video production and search engine optimizationIf your business is currently seeking a new web development partner, we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you!

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