Quadrant Magnetics – Website Design & Development

Hatfield Media Motion Graphics, Website Design & Development

Founded in 1992, Quadrant Magnetics has evolved to become a world leader in magnetic solutions. Headquartered in Louisville, KY, Quadrant Magnetics manufactures and produces quick-turn assemblies. A central location for shipping, they operate locally as well as internationally, with plans to expand operations over the next few years. Recognizing the need to continue supporting and serving their patrons through exponential growth, Quadrant Magnetics recently called on Hatfield Media to design and develop their new website, in addition to producing new, cutting-edge animation graphics.


Focusing on quality, teamwork, and partnerships with their customers, Quadrant Magnetics specializes in producing permanent magnetic materials and assemblies. Valuing the quality and understanding they have with their clients, Quadrant Magnetics strives to be the best material science company in the industry by not only collaborating with their customers, but exceeding their expectations. “We don’t just view them as patrons, we build partnerships. We want to make sure that what we say we can do, we do well,” said Rebecca Newcomer, Quadrant Magnetics Business Development and Technical Sales Engineer. 

Quadrant Magnetics wanted a website that was faster and multi-device friendly, with enhanced content that focused on customer expectations. Made for a new generation of engineers and clients, the new website is high-tech, modern, and straight to the point. “The new website promotes us, just by exploring the internet. We wanted to have retention time and get away from the boring, confusing, old-generation websites,” said Rebecca.

Quadrant Magnetics - Website Design & Development


Equipped for a hands-on experience, one of the main features of the website is the interactive magnetics calculator. Other prominent aspects of the design are the multiple videos of their sophisticated automation lines, animations under each of the industries on the homepage, and the capabilities web. “Seeing our facility and how much we grew is very important to our customers, but we also realize how much the capabilities web drew viewers in. People are always asking us about what we can do in comparison to primary magnets,” said Rebecca.

“I can’t say enough about the product animations,” said Hatfield Media Front-End Web Developer, Jeremy Bratcher. “The industry pages really engage the user with just the right amount of information and intensity, while the ‘About’ page illustrates the company’s history slide-by-slide.” Displaying Quadrant Magnetics’ values and showcasing their identity by highlighting their products, the cutting-edge animations from the video team, slick design, and user interface from the web development team, place them up front and center. “The navigation and scrolling features on the site are what really set it apart. There's a fine line between giving the visitor a new and exciting journey to explore, and just confusing them until they give up. We believe the Quadrant Magnetics site is both intriguing without abandoning intuition," said Hatfield Media Graphic Designer, Brian Ott.

Believing in the variety of their industries and green initiatives, the personalized videos of the facility encapsulate the driving force behind Quadrant Magnetics. “We’re really pleased that we got to carry out our brand and are very proud of the new slogan at the end of our videos,” said Rebecca. “We wanted the website to reach a broad range of audiences that kept the viewers intrigued and informed about all of our capabilities, and we feel like this website does that.”

Quadrant Magnetics - Website Design & Development


The new website engages customers with its product animations and endorses Quadrant Magnetics with its eye-catching design. Incorporating the high-tech animations with different web automations, the project demonstrates the technological achievements that Hatfield Media is capable of, especially when the different departments combine their efforts. "Our goal was to match the cutting-edge technology that Quadrant Magnetics offers, with a site that felt just as forward thinking," said Brian. "The Quadrant team really set us loose to design a modern site that broke tradition and excited the user. We wanted anyone who visited the site to know right away that they were going to experience something different.”

“The Quadrant Magnetics project was an opportunity to do something distinctive,” said Hatfield Videographer, Douglas Grillo. "We wanted something people would immediately recognize, but that felt very technological at the same time. We came up with the idea of a blueprint or wireframe that would reveal the object, while still emphasizing the magnets. Based on the designs, I used a blue palette on each of the 3D models, surrounded by two orbing lights, in order to give the effect of an encompassing force.” The biggest challenge for the team was making the animations visually powerful while still working on a website that used a faster response throughout the interface and loading times. “The gurus in the web development department made it happen by compressing the image and other technicalities.”

“Hatfield was very responsive and flexible with all of the last-minute changes and demands. They helped capture our vision right from the start, exceeding our expectations with the creativity they used to animate our customer industries. Focusing on every little detail, they used our color scheme throughout the site to showcase the theme of Quadrant Magnetics. We’re excited about the heat-mapping. It looks great!” said Rebecca.

Quadrant Magnetics Web Design & Development

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Class Act – Web Design & Video Production

Hatfield Media Video Production, Website Design & Development

Proudly serving the education community in the Louisville metro area, Class Act exists to provide financial assistance to teachers and other school employees. Member-owned, financially insured, and not-for-profit, they offer banking at better rates. Hatfield Media was happy to be sought out by Class Act  to produce a new video highlighting their Heroes of Education program as well as to design and develop the program’s new website.

Heroes of Education Web Design & Video Production

Back to the Basics

Founded in 1954 by JCPS educators to serve the financial needs of the local education community, Class Act initially started out in an administration building under the alias ‘Classroom Teachers.’ Prior to moving to Poplar, they operated out of what became known as a ‘broom closet’ in Seneca High School. Growing with educators in the area, Class Act came to include parents and students before eventually expanding to serve the surrounding counties. In 1994, they expanded to include the University of Louisville by way of the Student and Alumni Credit Union, simultaneously becoming ‘Class Act FCU.’ A not-for-profit entity existing first and foremost to serve the education community, Class Act is able to provide on-average better interest and savings rates to their members, the owners of the credit union. With a vision to be their member’s first choice for a lifetime of financial services, members benefit from higher returns on their savings, lower rates on loans, and fewer account fees. 

Building relationships through integrity, compassion, and respect, Class Act’s credit union membership takes an active role in education initiatives throughout the community. Offering financial literacy resources both in and outside of the classroom through its sponsors and volunteers, Class Act grows its membership and services while assisting schools with their needs. A platform for schools to fundraise, the Heroes of Education website shares their story while engaging with their credit union. When Class Act succeeds, the education community benefits through thousands of dollars in donations, resources, and savings in financial products.

Heroes of Education Web Design & Video Production

A Class All Their Own

Displaying how much Class Act values education and teachers through the images and text, the Heroes of Education website promotes the program by providing exposure to their brand through the schools. “Not only does it fit the overall aesthetic, the images that were chosen for the new design really convey the idea that you can be part of the team,” says Hatfield BackEnd Developer, Mark Russ. “When you join Class Act, you can be a hero for education, too.” Following best web design practices, along with having developers experienced in accessibility, and talented people who specialize in SEO and marketing, Class Act’s site provides the same great experience across multiple devices while reaching the largest audiences. “Analyzing everything from the readability of fonts and page load times, to the screen-reader interactions for people who are visually impaired, we pay attention to so many details to ensure that the site is as user-friendly and accessible as we can make it,” says Mark.

Working to ensure the site was optimized for all devices and screen sizes, one of the primary goals of Hatfield Media was to build a user-friendly interface in order for visitors to be able to vote for the school of their choice. “In my opinion, the most important feature is the ‘Vote for School’ feature which includes a pop-up when someone visits the school page, including simple directions on how to vote,” says Hatfield Media Backend Developer, Nathan Klein. “The different voting options allow Class Act a clean way of acquiring leads with whom they can market their product.” The SMS text-voting system associates each mobile number with the specific school the user voted for. “Class Act is member-owned, not-for-profit, and actively works to give back to the community. Their interests align well with the members that they work with. I believe that they have a profoundly positive impact on the future of young adults who need credit, and the youth who go to the schools that Class Act supports,” says Mark. “David and Ryan were always great to work with. They knew exactly how they wanted the website to function and were always very efficient with getting us everything we needed on time. I love how this website turned out!” says Hatfield Media Account Representative, Kayla Coursey. 

Showcasing the Heroes of Education program through video production, the Hatfield Video team used footage and photos provided by Class Act to highlight their history and involvement in the community, particularly in support of education. “My goal was to take these separate images and turn them into a cohesive whole that conveyed their love for their community,” says Hatfield Media Videographer, Robbie Myers. One of his favorite moments in the video is when the music hits a crescendo just as old classroom footage of the teachers comes onto the screen, emphasizing the importance of educators. “Class Act helps to raise funds for educators, which is one of the most direct ways an organization can impact the future. Investment in the future generation is investment in the future.” The video promotes Class Act by hearkening back to their earlier days, establishing them as an integral part of the community. “David and Ryan were very collaborative throughout the whole process,” said Hatfield Media videographer, Robbie Myers.They were eager to try new things, and could get behind our ideas. It's always a pleasure to work with someone like that!”  

Making the Grade

Meant to help schools raise money, the concept behind the Heroes of Education website is nothing new, although the vehicle used to make it happen looks drastically different. Gone are the good ‘ol days of driving around in a Winnebago collecting teachers’ signatures on an annual basis. Class Act’s new website meets members where they are, connecting with them and giving them the ability to constantly fundraise and engage with the credit union in an effort to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for schools.

Originating in the form of a blog in 2017, the Heroes of Education program was named after its members. Everything Class Act does serves the education community. Different because their community is different, the Heroes of Education program gives people more value. Class Act is different from other banks because they talk about something bigger than themselves. They answer the question ‘Why should I bank with you?’ in an impactful way: Class Act doesn’t grow if the surrounding schools aren’t growing.


The primary objective of the website was to engage with Class Act’s members to help schools fundraise through the Heroes of Education program. The program asks you to join a community that helps support schools, in turn helping its members save money on their car loans or mortgages, which feed right back into the schools they work at, or where their kids attend. Engaging its audience through instant automation, the website is individualized, as well as easy to understand and follow. “If the points go in, I can see immediately where we are at, at any given moment,” says Class Act’s Marketing Director, David Padron. “When the design came back and we asked about the thought process behind the design, Hatfield Graphic Designer, Kaen Blevins, started listing things off. You could tell that he had put a lot of thought into the design,” said Ryan Olexa, Class Act’s Marketing & Sales Analyst. “When you get to a page, everything pops up right in front of you and the user can interact with it. I like the way the individual schools are structured and can be personalized.” 

Focusing on the employees of Class Act, the commercial highlights the heroes of the credit union, matching the theme and capturing the target audience’s attention. “We love that when we gave Hatfield’s video crew the main concept, they became part of our team, jumping in and giving us ideas and suggestions,” said David.

Heroes of Education

When you become a member at Class Act Federal Credit Union, you are joining in the mission of the Heroes of Education program. Established by Class Act in 2017 to highlight the passion, drive, and knowledge of educators, the program was named after the people who dedicate their lives to the education of children and Class Act’s members. Every financial product and digital engagement through the website contributes thousands of dollars in Heroes Grants awarded to schools, which are used for anything ranging from recess equipment to enhancements of technology in the classroom. 

Heroes of Education Web Design & Video Production

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Memorial Day: A Firsthand Account of Service & Remembrance with Sergeant Dick Wilson

Memorial Day: A Firsthand Account of Service & Remembrance with Sergeant Dick Wilson

Hatfield Media Education

Sergeant Dick Wilson, Louisvillian and Vietnam veteran, has developed his life around a passion for storytelling. Through the lens of photojournalism and his military typist career, Wilson has always been near the climactic, peaceful, complex, and beautiful moments and people of history. This Memorial Day, Hatfield Media has the honor of sharing his firsthand account of these impactful memories and perspective on the meaning of sacrifice.

Memorial Day: A Firsthand Account of Service & Remembrance with Sergeant Dick Wilson
Memorial Day: A Firsthand Account of Service & Remembrance with Sergeant Dick Wilson
Memorial Day: A Firsthand Account of Service & Remembrance with Sergeant Dick Wilson

The Power of the Still Image

Military service was intrinsically part of Sgt. Wilson’s life from childhood. His father, Harry B. Wilson, spent his life as an Army medic, modeling a life with purpose and patriotic duty. Following a career that included time as a POW, he retired as Chief Warrant Officer II with two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts. This made a formative impression, evident in Wilson's eagerness to enlist upon high school graduation. Continuing this legacy, Wilson began basic training two days after receiving his diploma from Seneca High School in Louisville, KY. 

“I was probably one of the worst recruits they ever had,” Wilson recalls. But after a couple of months of basic and advanced training in Fort Knox, his path to serve the military as a typist emerged brightly and full of hope. “It was the first time I was good at anything. This opportunity to develop it with the Army gave me the greatest sense of self-worth that I’d ever had in my 17 years of life.”

With access to specialized training, field experience, and world travel, Sgt. Wilson deployed to Heidelberg, Germany in August of 1965. Inspired by the landscape, people, and culture around him, he acquired a camera. Perhaps not knowing it at the time, this modest device became the catalyst of a meaningful photojournalism career that shaped his deployment and entire life going forward. Beginning here, then-Corporal Wilson captured the stories of fellow service persons to send to their families and hometowns in the States. Giving people’s loved ones a chance to hold a connection and present a vividly humanized portrait of authentic military life was the privilege of a lifetime. 

“In this fast-paced world… a still photograph stops time. It gives the viewer a moment to think, to react, to feel. ...the power of the enduring, still image [is] to inform and bring understanding…” - Renée Brown

Viet Nam Notebook by Dick Wilson
Viet Nam Notebook by Dick Wilson

Vietnam & a Brother Remembered

A year later, in September 1966, Wilson volunteered to join the troops in Saigon and Nha Trang, Vietnam. While there, he was promoted to Sergeant and worked alongside the 223rd Aviation Battalion. Though conflict surrounded the area, typists, photographers, and other administrative military personnel remained settled in a relatively comfortable oceanside camp. This vantage point, both on the ground and in the air, revealed the resplendent beauty of the Vietnamese mountainsides, fields and valleys, and waterscapes. Through his craft, Wilson gently harnessed snapshots of the war, the land, and the people in Nha Trang that humbly offer a story often untold.

Memorial Day: A Firsthand Account of Service & Remembrance with Sergeant Dick Wilson
Memorial Day: A Firsthand Account of Service & Remembrance with Sergeant Dick Wilson
Memorial Day: A Firsthand Account of Service & Remembrance with Sergeant Dick Wilson

Wilson’s Vietnam was and is an invaluable depiction of the human experience. Meanwhile, his dearest hometown friend and brother in arms, Tom, faced a different facet of this world: the rigors of war. 

Tom was just one year his junior and eager to also join the military effort in Vietnam. His love of country and desire to give everything he could led him to choosing one of the riskiest positions. Tom became an infantryman after also receiving basic training at Fort Knox, from which he journeyed alongside thousands of other brave souls to the jungles and marshes of Vietnam. 

His deployment was, like countless others, cut short after a traumatic attack on his troop. A friend and comrade inadvertently triggered a land mine, which was quickly followed by a barrage of gunshots. During the attack and while carrying an injured soldier to an evacuation helicopter, Tom suffered the loss of one eye, part of his jaw, and hearing in one ear, as well as a gunshot wound to the chest.

KYMEA 2019 Annual Report Design by Hatfield Media

The physical recovery lasted several years, but the psychological injuries haunted him for the rest of his life. “The mental anguish of war is just as deadly as the physical,” says Wilson. “Their job was to kill or be killed, and I was one of the lucky ones.”

Tom and Dick remained faithful friends throughout his fifty years of life following the war. All of that time, the battle raged on between Tom and his crippling PTSD. Though he survived the war itself, it truly was the slow and grievous mental decline precipitated by that fateful day in the jungle that ended Tom’s life in October 2018. He is remembered with love and honor alongside the tens of thousands of American casualties lost in the Vietnam War.

KYMEA 2019 Annual Report Design by Hatfield Media

The Meaning of Memorial Day

Speaking soberly of heroes’ lives lost, Sgt. Wilson points us to the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. as a poignant, tangible memory of the cost of freedom. “You can touch those names and remember them… the people you knew and were friends with. The strength of that feeling and of Memorial Day is to honor, remember, and thank all of those people in perpetuity.” 

In a somber moment, and as a peaceful man himself, he adds that “the purpose of it is to memorialize their sacrifice and reflect in order to avoid a wartime scenario like that again.”

58,209 souls were lost during the war in Vietnam alone. Today, we join Sgt. Dick Wilson, their families, and the nation to pause in memory. With deep gratitude, may we commemorate their sacrifice with a life lived well, never forgetting the immense privilege of freedom and the price thereof.

Zoeller Live Event Video Production by Hatfield Media — Featured Image

Zoeller Pump Company — Live Event Video Production

Hatfield Media Event Production, Video Production

Zoeller Pump Company’s waters have run deep since its founding in a family basement, nearly a century ago in 1939. One of North America’s oldest family-owned water pump manufacturers, Zoeller Pump seeks powerful ways to offer durable water solutions all over the world. When Zoeller approached Hatfield Media for live event video production of its 2020 All IN conference, we were determined to create a compelling, immersive experience.


Zoeller Live Event Video Production by Hatfield Media

A Family’s Commitment to ‘Doing a Thousand Little Things Right’

Over four generations later, manufacturing wastewater pump solutions has meant plenty of research, development, and ingenuity for Zoeller. This is a company constantly pushing to find how to improve next, from products to processes. Part of Zoeller's resilient success hearkens back to its roots: never losing sight of the old-fashioned, authentic values that inspired its humble beginnings.

The old adages that “a job worth doing is worth doing well” along with “doing a thousand little things right” are gifts from the company’s original founders; principled sayings that Zoeller has earnestly turned into guiding actions, replicating across generations past and generations to come. It takes a lot of conscientious precision to make moving wastewater and effluent this easy for customers.

Zoeller takes into account the specific needs of every industry. Whereas the HVAC industry’s water removal conditions may look like line build-up in tankless water heating units, no two industry’s essential must-haves are alike. While Zoeller uses its Scale Removal System in the HVAC industry, since the early 90s, the company has also offered submersible grinder pumps for tough sewage applications. Today, Zoeller has perfected its ability to adapt designs, from thermally-protected condensate pumps to commercial and residential sump pits; all complete with 100% factory testing for absolute dependability. 

Building a Sump Pump That Outlives Industry Expectations

C.S. Lewis said, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” When it comes to the wastewater arena, look no further than customer satisfaction. After all, customers know when a product and service feel like they’ve been done right. Zoeller has come to look forward to surprising customers — with how long Zoeller sump pumps actually last them. 

“How long?” That’s one of the most asked questions Zoeller hears from customers. There’s a difference between ‘should last’ and Zoeller: a difference of integrity. Zoeller pumps exceed industry standards for life expectancy, with one customer finding that a residential septic system from Zoeller installed in 1987 ran for 31 years of service. This system pumped all of the customer’s wastewater and sewage — needing only routine maintenance and the occasional part upgrade.

Zoeller has invested years of family-led integrity to take such pride in delivering consistent, incomparable quality. When you hear sayings like, “They don’t make them like they used to anymore;” well, Zoeller still does. 

Take a CPC Gas Station in Taipei, Taiwan, where ordinarily, gasoline around the filling stations might drip. One slosh of rainfall takes that hazardous gas leaked onto the ground right into the pump pits, seeping into the foundation of the building. Yet, with three key installations of Zoeller’s hazardous duty, submersible effluent pumps — the only hazardous duty pumps of this kind available on today’s market — a gas station owner can feel at ease, knowing stray murky rainwater will now be collected and pumped to Taipei’s sewer system. 

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Zoeller has not only taken care to expand on its innovative research; this company likewise has devoted time to build out its facilities. Zoeller understands that by opening up its manufacturing area, office space, and creating a cutting-edge training center called the Center for Excellence, this wastewater industry leader can continue to rise to the occasion, providing a lifetime of value for customers.

Live Event Video Productions Are Important Now More Than Ever Before

A drive for state-of-the-art development has inspired Zoeller Pump to turn to Hatfield Media for creative video production services. According to Chuck Rogers, Director of Video Production at Hatfield Media, “Hatfield Media has worked Zoeller Pump Company's three-day biannual sales conference for at least the last 8 years.” For the company’s 2020 All IN conference, Zoeller and Hatfield would need to tackle brand new challenges in face of COVID-19. 

Hatfield Media’s Director of R&D Ray Tri didn’t shy away from thinking outside-the-box, noting, “Working on the Zoeller conference was really fun. We were able to build them a custom, state of the art live conferencing site even amid all of this turmoil.” The turnaround required ultimate speed and efficiency to pull off this complex endeavor, one Tri highlights Hatfield’s team navigated “in less than 30 days while maintaining an extremely professional quality of work — and without sacrificing our enterprise level hosting infrastructure.” 

Rogers acknowledges that “this year needed to be different due to the virus;” and so Hatfield’s team worked intently “with the Zoeller team to create some pre-recorded content and to produce a multi-camera live stream conference.” This meant that every day, Hatfield’s team navigated “around 400 of Zoeller’s sales partners viewing the program across the nation,” including a live-chat feature to enable “questions from the audience to be addressed in real-time,” adds Rogers. 

Consider this Zoeller’s “typical hotel ballroom type event with a live audience” factor thrown into the mix, explains Rogers. Hatfield’s team was able to roll with the punches; so much so that Tri is convinced, “We could have supported over 40,000 more viewers without breaking a sweat!”

Delivering Production to Make a Virtual Event Feel Personal

Producing a virtual event for 2020 set forth higher stakes: the format for live chat and the quality of videos would need to fill the gap. After all, this conference had become a staple of Zoeller tradition. Filming when done with empathy and immaculate precision can invite viewers into a singular experience. Robbie Myers, a video producer at Hatfield understood the importance of ensuring that all content "produced would clearly showcase Zoeller’s presentations.”

“My goal was to highlight in such detail that any viewer could learn meaningful information — as effectively as if they were watching an event in-person,” explains Myers, who felt satisfied with how each video he produced beforehand elevated the sales conference. “It felt really rewarding that I was able to help Zoeller overcome new obstacles in a challenging COVID-19 era.”

While Rogers ran the live streaming of Zoeller’s conference, where for three days a total of 9 hours of streaming were vibrantly recorded, Myers took on the role of producing several enlightening videos. “These videos empowered the company to disperse valuable information without placing any salespeople at risk.”

It was a true team effort to place all the parts and pieces in motion, seamlessly pulling together a conference just as successful for Zoeller as in years past. Nathan Klein, Hatfield Media’s Lead Back-End Developer, collaborated with Tri on creating a web page for streaming. “It was a fascinating opportunity to produce and stage a site for an event,” says Klein, who experimented with registration and implemented live chat software. 

The development model Hatfield utilized was clear and simple, as another round of experimentation conjured impeccable results: “almost no revisions with just a couple of key blocks to use and reuse throughout.” Klein takes pride in continuing to “offer clients advice on the best live chat services,” especially to support “a great team and great brand at Zoeller.”

Advancing a Technological Vision (Even When Tradition Is Held at Bay)

BJ Hentrup, Marketing Manager at Zoeller Pump Company, knew that “this past year” would be different, when “Zoeller Company was not able to have our traditional, in-person National Sales Meeting.” That’s when Zoeller called in Hatfield Media’s video team to adapt the conference. 

We turned to Hatfield Media to step in and help us provide the best virtual National Sales Meeting our Manufacturer’s Representatives have ever seen. And they did that!” asserts Hentrup. “With Hatfield Media leading the way, we were able to provide our Reps with a just as good, if not better, experience which included LIVE video and also pre-recorded videos. As usual, Hatfield Media delivered and we appreciate all they have done for us!”

Whether facing a global pandemic or new curveballs on the horizon, Hatfield Media feels proud to help Zoeller navigate any twists and turns. Because even when tradition needs some modifications, a virtual experience can still showcase the core of what Zoeller has to offer: exceptional integrity.

Zoeller Live Event Video Production

Powerful Live Event Video Production

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KYMEA 2019 Annual Report Design by Hatfield Media

KYMEA — Graphic Design

Hatfield Media Graphic Design

Joint public agency Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency (KYMEA) acts to provide power supply and energy services: making sources available, affordable, reliable, and sustainable for municipal utilities. When KYMEA called in Hatfield Media, we made every effort to enhance its 2019 annual report, invoking graphic design elements to empower the brand’s kilowatt story. This project went on to win the Award of Excellence in Public Power Communications — KYMEA’s achievement for going above and beyond to share its story with the community.


KYMEA 2019 Annual Report Design by Hatfield Media

Activating an Electric Alliance

Six years ago, municipal electric utilities joined forces under an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement that created KYMEA: the Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency. KYMEA’s founding members believed in a collaborative vision; so much so, they spent 18 months studying and discussing it before aligning together. 

There is power in a group built on ‘all for one, one for all;’ especially when the goals under that inspired alliance fuse with focus. Individually, every KYMEA member felt committed to improving public power resources. Yet, they knew as a collective force, this surge of leadership unlocked new potential to provide for communities; from finding more efficient ways to lower energy costs to securing dependable power sources. 

KYMEA exploded open possibilities for energy options for its member communities: Barbourville, Bardwell, Benham, Berea, Corbin, Falmouth, Frankfort, Madisonville, Owensboro, Paris, and Providence. Today, 11 trusted municipal utilities lead KYMEA, ensuring wholesale electric power generation and transmission. These leaders strive to do whatever is needed or attainable to serve Kentucky communities. 

After all, energy needs are constantly changing in the new millennium. Walter Gretzky understood that tackling shifts in momentum applied even on the rink, realizing it’s better to “skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” That’s exactly how KYMEA founders approached public power in September of 2015 when first forming this municipality — and how the agency continues to care for electric power and energy requirements into the future.

Creating a Story to Light Up Community-Wide Attention

Hatfield Media has built a long-standing relationship with KYMEA, charging the agency’s branded visions into motion. It felt meaningful to help the Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency amp up its annual report in 2019 — work that received recognition for raising awareness of public power.

The American Public Power Association evaluated KYMEA's annual report under the print and digital materials category. The Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency hoped to offer a report packed with action-oriented information with visuals attuned to readers. Hatfield mapped out fresh design details, all within the brand’s story: from compelling text to engaging graphics. Our team was thrilled to see KYMEA granted the Award of Excellence in Public Power Communications.

Morgan Fletcher, Graphic Designer at Hatfield Media, notes, “Working with KYMEA always presents an interesting opportunity to get creative with design. Sometimes the KYMEA team will lean towards a theme for the annual report. It’s fun experimenting with those themes, crafting witty headline titles, and visualizing artwork throughout the report’s pages.” 

The Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency selected “Out of the Gate” as a thematic idea for its report that year. Hatfield bounced off this theme, introducing readers with a historic horse racing quip: “And We’re Off.” When exploring colors to visually entice KYMEA’s audience, Fletcher explains, “This is a brand that uses a wide range of colors, which makes designing a piece like this report eye-catching and exciting.”

The American Public Power Association’s awards of excellence are considered among the most sought-after achievements in public power. We knew KYMEA deserved to be among the top-honored leaders in electric utility operations. Hatfield set out to re-imagine the brand’s relevant data with this in mind, allowing KYMEA’s public power story to glow strong. 

The energy agency works to keep the lights turned on for communities across Kentucky. Fletcher empathized with this commitment, designing the report so that the Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency could share impactful information about public power. She structured new updates in a refreshing format, engaging readers communities-wide. “I take pride in representing KYMEA’s key data and goals for the upcoming year," expresses Fletcher; seeing to it that she helps "transform essential facts into a report clients will want to pick up and read!”

KYMEA 2019 Annual Report Design by Hatfield Media

Teaming Up for A Zap-Crackling Future

Hatfield has had various opportunities to work with KYMEA’s team and is honored to assist the agency in amplifying its voice. Michelle Hixon, Director, Administrative Services & Communications at KYMEA, says, “The Hatfield team has completed several projects for KYMEA, and they never fail at capturing our vision. The Hatfield design and project management team were wonderful to work with. Our unique theme, ‘Out of the Gate,’ was creatively displayed throughout the report.”

The annual report is not only a chance for KYMEA to convey its diverse power portfolio journey. KYMEA likewise takes moments to bring community heroes to light; including Bardwell’s story of solidarity and community. Bardwell has an inspired history overcoming a bevy of natural disasters, thanks to generous support from local churches, restaurants, volunteers, and farmers. It’s a true testament to KYMEA’s belief: when neighbors link up, there's no obstacle communities can't overpower together.

Hixon adds, “The team did a fantastic job in capturing the Member Spotlight page, where we highlighted the resiliency of the community of Bardwell. We always enjoy working with Hatfield's team and know that they will deliver a professional product!” 

Since 2015, the Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency has paved the way for expanding energy options for the communities it represents. Moving forward into new eras and a changing electric industry, Kentucky’s leaders of public power and energy continue to champion one another’s experiences, perspectives, and talents. This is the power of Kentuckians working together. KYMEA is keeping the lights on for communities come what may: taking the future’s roadmap into the hands of the people. Hatfield Media looks forward to doing all we can to boost the Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency’s vision ahead.

KYMEA 2019 Annual Report Design by Hatfield Media

Powerful Graphic Design

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International Diamond Center – Video Production

Hatfield Media Business Videos, SEO, Video Production

International Diamond Center is a premier jewelry retailer with nine locations throughout Central Florida and one in Savannah, GA. Founded on family values and excellent customer service, they are more than a jeweler, they’re a family. Passionate about helping each of their customers celebrate their own unique story of love, IDC recently turned to Hatfield's video team to showcase some of these incredible stories.

International Diamond Center Hatfield Media Video Production

Caring for the Client

An industry leader, International Diamond Center has been in the jewelry business for over thirty-five years. IDC strives to offer a jewelry-buying experience that is reliable, caring, and unique. From the Four C’s to their special financing plans, IDC proves that it’s always about caring for the client.

IDC carries a wide array of fine jewelry and diamond engagement rings, both online and in retail stores. Their collection includes trusted brands such as Forevermark, Tacori, Verragio, and more. Making it easy to find the ring that proclaims a couple's adoration and affection, their slogan is, “Before you ask her, ask us.”

International Diamond Center Video Production by Hatfield Media

Seeing with Clarity

Traveling to Florida to showcase IDC’s business through the lens of love and passion, the Hatfield video team highlighted many different aspects of IDC’s identity. Their goal was to produce content that would effectively communicate to a broad audience the high standard to which IDC holds both the quality of the product, as well as their customer service. Gathering content that would be ‘evergreen,’ the video team wanted to ensure that the footage they took would have many uses as sales and holidays come and go. “Filming or photographing diamonds was unique because with the lenses we used, we were able to get so close that more detail could be seen than with the naked eye. Instead of saying, ‘just trust us,’ it says, ‘see for yourself,” observed Hatfield Videographer, Bryce Ury.

Shooting a more documentary style of film, their goal was to give a clear picture of IDC. “Working with the IDC team was a great experience. The employees were kind and accommodating even though it was a change of pace for them to have a video crew in their store for several days. The videos show potential customers that even though IDC is a huge name in the diamond industry, they feel like family when you interact with them,” said Bryce.

Filming real customers and live staff members, they were able to produce genuine, authentic, reactions. “The best part was observing the interactions the IDC team members had with their customers, helping us to understand the lengths they were willing to go to ensure their customers are satisfied,” said Hatfield Videographer, Isaac Harrison. “If we can help break down the barrier between two groups of people, then we have done our job. We wanted to be sure that whatever we produced would help show viewers that the staff at IDC are there for them.”

Making the Cut

Using a spectrum of vehicles, such as OTT streaming services, as well as a wide array of social media platforms, IDC anticipates the new collection of video footage to assist them in gaining more market share. Relaying that video is crucial to reaching their patrons, IDC’s expectation is that the authentic testimonials will convey what their current customers already know to be true - International Diamond Center goes above and beyond for their clients.

Offering the consumer the best product for the best deal, IDC Founder and CEO Keith Leclerc points out in one of the videos that, “Selling quality at the right price is the hard part.” International Diamond Center sees this value expressed in the new videos, which carry the best quality images of their products. Highlighting designers that only IDC carries, Tacori and Forevermark, these images showcase their one-of-a-kind inventory.

International Diamond Center Video Production by Hatfield Media

Choosing to Celebrate

IDC views Valentine’s Day as an important holiday in which to celebrate love and passion. As a token of their own appreciation for their customers, IDC is offering two special promotions February 1st through the 14th. Customers can choose between a FREE $25 dinner gift card, a dozen roses, and box of chocolates with a $99 purchase, OR 36 months of interest-free financing.

International Diamond Center Video Production by Hatfield Media

Hatfield Media was pleased to continue their partnership with IDC in sharing the stories of love and dedication woven throughout their business, through video production. “The Hatfield team was a pleasure to work with,” says IDC Executive Ambassador, Helen Barrott. “From their punctuality to their flexibility in making edits to the script, the team adapted to whatever they were doing throughout the day, all while continuing to do their job with excellence.” 

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All American Chimney Service – Website Design

Hatfield Media Website Design & Development

Sweeping thousands of chimneys since 2006, All American Chimney Service knows that their customers’ number one concern is the safety of their fireplace. A fully-trained and certified chimney service company, All American Chimney offers services throughout Kentucky and Indiana. Enthusiastic about giving All American Chimney a clean sweep, Hatfield Media recently assisted in the redesign and development of their new website. 


All American Chimney Website Redesign

Lighting the Fire

Based out of Louisville, KY, Doug Hetsch founded All American Chimney Service after realizing that there were no chimney service companies in the area certified in the services they provided. The chimney sweeps at All American Chimney are certified for venting systems and dryer vent safety and cleaning by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Extending their field of operations during the off-season, All American Chimney Service offers services throughout Kentucky and Indiana, including: Fisherville, Glenview, Goshen, LaGrange, Masonic Home, Mount Washington, Shelbyville, Hillview, and Jeffersonville, Indiana.

All American Chimney Service specializes in fireplace and chimney services, restoration, and repairs such as: chimney sweeping, creosote removal, chimney inspection, smoke chamber parging, chimney caps and chase covers, energy saving dampers, chimney repair and rebuild, as well as chimney relining. Recognizing that many of their clients do not have the tools, expertise, or physical ability to inspect, clean, or repair certain appliances around their home, All American Chimney Service offers additional home services such as dryer vent or gutter cleaning, or inspection and repair of a water heater or furnace. Their staff recommend that these services be done annually in order to maintain a safe environment.

All American Chimney Website Redesign

A Clean Sweep

Anticipating the opportunity to work with All American Chimney, the Hatfield team swept in to design and develop their new website. The new website design drew from the simplified and refreshed logo, featuring an easy to operate mobile menu, clear and concise call to actions, and bold and dynamic color blocks which include custom icons. Constructing a custom search feature, they made the large amount of helpful content on the website more accessible to visitors. Easy access to information was just one facet of the ultimate goal to increase the amount of inbound leads and conversions. Through performance optimizations, a custom-developed platform, and a content overhaul, the Hatfield team was able to build something that truly accomplished their client’s goals.  

“Building the new All American Chimney website was an absolute blast. At Hatfield, we work with clients from all industries and across all walks of life. When we get to work with a client who is as passionate about what they do as we are about what we do, incredible things happen. Doug and his team were a pleasure to work with, and through our combined efforts we were able to transform their old website into something truly reflective of their business,” Hatfield Media’s Director of Research and Development, Ray Tri, said.

All American Chimney Website Redesign

Burning Bright

After sweeping, inspecting, renovating, and repairing thousands of chimney systems over the past 12 years, the staff at All American Chimney Service is well-trained and highly experienced. All American Chimney Service guarantees the best service and will work until you are satisfied with a job well done. The team at Hatfield Media was eager to assist them in these aspirations, and look forward to partnering with them again in the future.

“The initial impression of Hatfield Media was one of professionalism and confidence. Backed up with statistical data, our decision to hire them was logical and straightforward. Allowing them to create a website formatted for optimal performance and geared for conversion over an abundance of content has proven effective. The entire staff at Hatfield has been professional and cordial, but most importantly, effective, and competent. The digital world is shifting rapidly, and Hatfield Media has demonstrated their understanding of these changes and proven their ability to apply them to our marketing efforts,” said Doug Hetsch, Founder of All American Chimney.

All American Chimney Website Redesign

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Storyline – Web Design & Development

Hatfield Media Website Design & Development

A church-plant located in St. Louis, MO, The Storyline Church serves the MO-IL metropolitan area. There are less than 10 evangelical churches in their focused neighborhoods, most of which are on the decline, with over 53,000 residents in these neighborhoods. Storyline’s vision is to connect God’s story to your story, and the story of their city. Hatfield Media was delighted to assist The Storyline Church in building a new website for their church plant.

The Storyline Church Website Design & Development

Storyline's Story

The Storyline Church’s name stems from their belief that there is one story that leads to the good life, the story the church has gathered around for centuries ‒ the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This focus is what drives Storyline’s mission to reach people with the gospel, disciple them into a relationship with Jesus, and multiply them throughout the world. 

Josh and Cherish Wilson were focused on the gospel story long before sensing a call to plant The Storyline Church in St. Louis, MO. A graduate of Southern Seminary, Josh served as staff pastor at Sojourn Church in Louisville, KY for eight years. Through a series of events, he and Cherish found themselves prayer-walking at Francis Park in St. Louis Hills in July 2019 where they sensed the Lord leading them to start a new church in the area. They are more than excited to plant roots in St. Louis in order to share the gospel story with their city.

The Storyline Church Website Design & Development

Shaping Storyline

The team members at Hatfield Media felt a personal connection to the shaping of The Storyline Church’s website and the ministry it represented, knowing Josh and Cherish on a more personal level. Lead Front-End Developer, Steve Clark said, “ It was cool working on The Storyline Church project  because it felt like I was a little bit involved in some way. Since they are a new church-plant, we built a system that would be low maintenance.”

"We built a custom website, providing an online home for The Storyline Church. The multi-page site includes resources for church visitors, information about the church’s history and beliefs, bios on church leadership, and a module for adding sermons and sermon series. In addition, the site includes integration with RebelGive to streamline the giving process," explained Hatfield Front-End Web Developer, Mary Hawley.

"Already having a great logo and excellent branding, Storyline came to us with the need for a sleek, easy to navigate site,” said Hatfield Graphic Designer, Brian Ott. “It's always such a pleasure to build a site for a client who trusts your skills and to work with the foundation of a well thought-out aesthetic. I enjoy working with a cohesive brand like Storyline's, and then envisioning how that brand should translate on to the web."

The Storyline Church’s founder, Josh Wilson had similar feelings, saying “Rachel Smith and the team were inspiring to work with. Their experience and skill came out in both the design and useability of our website that has helped us connect with many new people in our community.”

The Storyline Church Website Design & Development

Sharing Storyline

Now living in South City, St. Louis with a mixture of 30 people from Louisville and St. Louis, Josh and Cherish and their family are united in their hope of God’s grace, committed to living in Community with one another, and devoted to reaching their city with the good news of Jesus Christ. The Hatfield team was thrilled at the chance to work with The Storyline Church in building a new website to aid them in their endeavors in St. Louis. 

The team at Hatfield Media helped us share both who we are and what we are about at Storyline Church through the design of our website and the content displayed on our pages,” said Josh. “Having a website we are proud of and excited to share with others is a big deal to us!” 

Responsive Web Design by Hatfield Media

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ALC Kentucky – Video Production

Hatfield Media Non-Profit Video Production, Video Production

A Loving Choice (ALC) Kentucky in a non-profit pregnancy resource center that serves women in both the Shelbyville and Shepherdsville areas. Hatfield Media has been honored to continually support this organization with our services, including branding, website design and development, and video production. Most recently, we produced a new video for ALC to share a message about their 2020 Baby Bottle Campaign to fund completion of their new Bullitt County location.


Client: ALC Kentucky

ALC Kentucky - Video Production

Building Up Women And Families

Since 2006, ALC has provided women and families with compassionate counseling, educational resources, and material assistance when they are facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. The organization, led by Executive Director, Diana Cahill, and a board of directors, has a singular mission to love and protect women, one heart at a time. With this focus, their team gives clients a full range of education and support around pregnancy and parenting. This includes practical tools like free ultrasounds, parenting classes, peer mentoring, and more — all confidential and free of charge.

In 2019, the organization expanded from their original service area in Shelbyville, KY to now include Shepherdsville in Bullitt County, KY. The new site, currently under construction, will serve even more women and families with a caring lifeline, helping them to face difficult decisions and empower them to move forward in a supportive atmosphere. This resource comes at a critical time as vulnerable women and families face increased economic and health challenges due to the COVID-19. For this reason, ALC is all the more eager to complete construction and begin serving the Bullitt County community while continuing to meet the needs of Shelby County.

ALC Kentucky - Video Production

One Community. One Mission. One Baby Bottle.

Every year, ALC holds a capital campaign called the Baby Bottle Campaign, which runs from Mother’s Day through Father’s Day. Traditionally, supporting churches, businesses, and organizations distribute a number of physical baby bottles that are returned to ALC filled with cash and checks. This year, due to limited public gatherings, the non-profit got creative with a virtual campaign instead.

“As we were adapting to the changes caused by COVID-19, we needed to modify one of our largest fundraisers. Since a physical Baby Bottle Campaign wasn’t possible this year, we reached out to Hatfield Media for help in making this a virtual campaign,” says Cahill.

This year’s Baby Bottle Campaign was unique, not only for its context of current events, but also for its format. With one virtual baby bottle to fill with donations, the fundraiser brought a sense of unity in mission and purpose. Raising $45,0000 in donations, supporters of ALC are able to join funds and efforts in a fresh way to give the Bullitt County building fund the boost it needs.

Inviting New Growth Through Video Production

Hatfield Media was honored to assist ALC using video production to share their special message and connect with donors. With this being the third video produced for the client, both parties enjoyed an established rapport. Regarding our pleasant history of work together, Isaac Harrison, Video Producer, emphasizes that “ALC is great to work with. It’s always a joy to work with Diana and her team. Their passion for the mission of ALC is contagious and helps us produce videos that clearly communicate their message.”

It was the history of work between Hatfield Media and ALC that allowed us to overcome certain limitations due to social distancing guidelines. Through the care and skill of the video production team, we were able to create a seamless, clear video with creativity and professionalism. Harrison recalls that “they needed to make a video that could overcome virtual social barriers to connect with the audience and help a virtual fundraising campaign feel personal. We also had to do all of this safely and follow social distancing guidelines.”

ALC Kentucky - Video Production

One method employed to develop a visual story with Ms. Cahill’s voice was to use both footage from new and past shoots. This strategy allowed Hatfield’s team to limit time spent shooting in-person and still use pre-pandemic footage of ALC’s mission in action to show supporters what the Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign is all about. 

As Cahill describes in the video, the capital from this year’s campaign is vital to ensuring timely completion of the Bullitt County facility’s construction. In much of the footage, she is seen standing in the incomplete building. “The setting for the interview was ideal,” notes Harrison. “We were able to illustrate the work that is still to be done.” 

The end result was a touching video that cohesively and smoothly shared the purpose of ALC’s services and called supporters to action with the 2020 Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign. “The video team was absolutely amazing!” says Ms. Cahill. “The response has been remarkable! I even had one supporter reach out to me saying, ‘That video has me pumped! It was so professional, and I think this will be the biggest year ever.”

Building a Brighter Future Together

Partnering with ALC Kentucky continues to be a joy and privilege to everyone at Hatfield Media. Our company supports the mission and visions of their organization, and we are proud to assist their community-minded endeavors through digital marketing mediums. In 2020 and beyond, our team looks forward to continuing a relationship with ALC and working together to build up caring communities for women and families.

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Cruise Customs Flags – Custom Website Design

Hatfield Media Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Product Photography, Video Production, Website Design & Development

A local, veteran owned and operated business, Cruise Customs Flags began with a passion for the American flag and all that it symbolizes. Using repurposed bourbon barrels to create custom flags, no two flags look alike and are thoughtfully made to capture each customer’s personal stories of patriotism. Skillfully incorporating personal touches to each flag, these flags are more than a decoration ‒ they are a representation of a personal, yet shared, love for freedom. Hatfield Media was honored to be given the opportunity to design and develop Cruise Customs Flags new website.


Cruise Customs Flags Custom Website Design

The Cruise Custom

Established in 2017, Chris Cruise understands the value of patriotism. Combining his wife’s Kentucky roots and his own veteran background, the company was created when Chris built a flag for their own home. Rapidly expanding over the past two years, Cruise Customs Flags now includes apparel and accessories as part of their product line, in addition to their popular bourbon barrel flags. While many of the products from Cruise Customs are repurposed, ALL of the products are hand-crafted by veterans from the military.

Cruise Customs Flags Custom Website Design

Custom Collaboration

Beginning with the design and development of their new website, Hatfield Media has had the privilege of working with Cruise Customs to achieve their ongoing digital marketing needs. When redesigning Cruise Customs’ logo, Hatfield Graphic Designer, Morgan Fletcher, noted that “The logo needed to capture a sense of pride and American culture. The new logo has a grunge texture to it with an icon of the American flags similar to the ones made by Cruise Customs for their customers.” Fletcher chose a color palette with patriotic colors to enhance the brand. From product photography, graphic design of their trade show booth displays, to the production of their ‘Our Story’ video, the Hatfield team has assisted Cruise with multiple projects as the company has continued to flourish.

Custom Web Design

The rapid expansion and increase in products called for a more polished and agile website. “It was fun to collaborate with Chris about specific features of the website that he wanted. I liked getting to expand my knowledge of shopify and help support a veteran-owned business. The project really proved just how well we could work together as a team, despite the COVID situation," says Hatfield Media Backend Developer, Nathan Klein “It was an exciting opportunity to work with such a noteworthy business and their one-of-a-kind products.”


The product personalization that Cruise wanted was very unique, so unique in fact that we had to get an add-on for it” noted backend developer, Mark Russ. “There was a lot of stuff we had to customize. The product personalizer works around Shopify's limitation of not being able to support in-depth personalization, by essentially creating a new product any time someone finalizes their customization. One of the challenges faced was figuring out what each newly created product shared in common, so that we could exclude them from appearing in the store.”


Cruise Customs Flags Custom Website Design

Cruise Character

Just as our military men and women served the U.S. with a flag on their sleeve, Cruise Customs Flags now wants to serve them. Veterans once served a greater purpose and bourbon barrels once served a great purpose. Cruise is helping them both find new purpose in their handcrafted American flags. Hatfield Media is thrilled to be able to continue aiding Cruise Customs in that purpose through their ongoing social media and email marketing campaigns.


"Hatfield Media has taken our branding, social media, and website to another level,” says Cruise Customs Flags owner, Chris Cruise. “Their responsiveness to quick change is also a great attribute of the company. We are pleased with their graphic design in particular. Our story and look now compliment each other thanks to the team at Hatfield Media!"


Cruise Customs Flags Custom Website Design

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