Ford Kentucky Truck Plant – Tour Video

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The Ford Kentucky Truck Plant is one of the most impressive manufacturing facilities in the country.  American-made from top to bottom, Ford KTP creates the worlds’ supply of Ford trucks and is based right here in Louisville Kentucky!

Ford Kentucky Truck Plant - Video Production by Hatfield Media

Ford Kentucky Truck Plant - Manufacturing Tour Video - 02

Hatfield Media was tasked with producing a comprehensive tour video which covers all aspects of production and contains interviews with various folks involved in the manufacturing process.  Due to the technical elements at work 24×7, it is impossible for groups, specifically children, to participate in full-plant tours.  If a visitor steps on special metal plates throughout the plant, the entire production line can come to an immediate halt!  This video allows visitors to the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant to visually travel through the entire plant in 14 minutes!  Note that it took us roughly 8 hours just to ‘tour’ the whole plant on the initial visit!

Ford Kentucky Truck Plant - Manufacturing Tour Video - 03

Ford Kentucky Truck Plant - Manufacturing Tour Video - 04

It was a joy to produce this video and we look forward to future projects with Ford Motor Company!

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Ford Kentucky Truck Plant - Manufacturing Tour Video - 05

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