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Digital Marketing & Web Development Agency
Our Process

Web development is a detailed process that starts with dynamic mockups from the design team and ends with a fully developed, interactive website for your company. Our full-stack development team takes the time to customize your website and create a high performance digital presence while also providing support throughout the process and even after your launch.


Make your digital presence stand out. From contact forms to custom design, our in-house team of designers and developers can deliver scalable, custom-branded websites. Whether it's your first website or the next major update, we provide enterprise-grade services and support, giving you the technological edge to succeed and grow your business. Responsive, mobile-friendly, high-performing, SEO-focused capabilities are standard features with every website we build, so get to know our team and let us work on your next website!

Custom Development
In-house Team
First-Class Hosting and Support

Let us build your features and solutions the right way at scale. Our websites are designed to be built for your business’s current and future needs.

Our local, full-stack team of developers and engineers work together to provide streamlined efficiency and communication. You can always expect trained and dedicated resources that are invested in building your website.

We use the latest cloud technologies to host your website so you never have to worry about upgrades or performance issues. Our Client Support team is ready to help maintain and assist with any issue, technical or otherwise.

Our Process

Graphic design is often utilized in every department of our agency, which means our team is well-versed in all types of design. The design team helps you launch or rebrand through the birth of your logo, to building a custom brand guide for all future designs to follow. Website designs make sure that your website stands out among the rest and is carefully constructed by a detail-oriented designer. Graphic design creates bold graphics for publication, print media, digital advertising, and social media that allows for your company to tell a visual story, through consistency and distinctive branding.


Hatfield Media's design team is well-versed in all creative assets. Our design process is thorough from the first step of researching the best design elements all the way through the execution of our design into a personalized brand identity. We create bold, eye-catching logo's that leave long-lasting impressions while keeping the integrity of your brand in mind.

Website Design
Print Media

A logo introduces a brand to potential consumers and helps keep the brand recognizable for the future. Branding consistency helps make a positive impression, and Hatfield Media is confident we can capture the personality of your business in visual assets, like logos.

Websites are a great place to make connections with your consumers, having a visually-pleasing website that’s not only easy to navigate, but inspires curiosity is our vision for your business. Our designers bring your brand to life through detailed, unique web designs that are brought to life by our full-stack development team.

Traditional advertising, like print publication, leaves a long-lasting impression in the minds of your consumers, more so than any type of digital ad because the tangible piece is easier to recall. Our design team creates vivid designs to showcase your brand, paired with the expertise of our printers to build an unforgettable physical advertisement that will help your business stand out among the rest.

Our Process

At Hatfield Media, we specialize in optimizing websites and digital content for a multitude of search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Importantly, we only take on one-client, per-industry, per-region in regards to SEO. This allows us to serve each client to the best of our ability, rather than serving multiple masters. We spend the majority of our time working for our clients, not putting out disposable content.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) puts your website in front of potential clients. Our websites are built for conversions, and as a Google-focused agency, we follow innovative and proven methods for pursuing a top-ranking for your business website. We only take on one client, per industry, per region, so we won’t help your competition.

Organic Traffic
Search Optimization
Content Development

As a Google partner, our SEO strategies combine your strategic business goals, keywords, compelling content, links, and page architecture with a little bit of our secret sauce to rank your company higher. Your company's top-notch products and services deserve to be seen, and we're here to lead you there. 

Pay-Per-Click ads are the chance to feature your offerings right in front of potential customers. Our campaigns are a targeted approach with your ads going live immediately. Our SEO team measures, tracks, and looks for ways to pivot and improve your offerings so you can reach a wider online audience.

We drive high-quality traffic through industry-leading research. Reach the correct target audience with strategic content.

Engage Your Audience

Connecting with prospects must include hitting all of the digital touchpoints. Emails, website copy, newsletters, press releases, and blogs are prime examples of touchpoints to attract and engage your business with those prospects. Strategy and channels are meticulously developed and pursued here at Hatfield Media. 


Channeling your brand effectively is vital for ensuring the clicks for your company are rolling in. From social media management, to emails, blogs, and analytics, Hatfield Media has a team of brand ambassadors ready to strategically highlight your brand and offerings in order to put your company in front of customers and meet your business goals.

Social Media Management
Email Marketing
Content Development

Your clients are ready to hear from you on their preferred platforms. From Twitter and Facebook to LinkedIn and YouTube, we help you keep in touch with your clients and continue to retain high engagement.

How many times per day do you check your email? An effective digital marketing strategy must include emailing prospects and customers with gripping copy to nail that conversion. Our tools, techniques, and phenomenal team are combined to find those leads and grow your business.

Hatfield Media gets your content buzzing. Our in-house content marketing team works alongside our SEO gurus to establish keywords to inject your business into Google's algorithms. Whether it's website copy, blogs, press releases, or newsletters, our team diligently creates extraordinary content that is both dazzling and SEO friendly. 



  • 4K High Definition Production
  • Industrial Video Production
  • Live Streaming
  • Animation
  • Video Production
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Hatfield Media is a video production company based in Louisville, Kentucky. We serve clients by providing full-service production services including, 4K video production, post-production, motion graphics, animation and live streaming. From talent acquisition to content distribution, we have everything needed to take your project from concept to reality! Our studio is conveniently located and fully equipped with the tools needed to tackle any project.

  • Full-Service Studio
  • Commercial, Industrial, and Manufacturing
  • Comprehensive Post-Production Photography
Our Core

Strengthen Your Business

A full-service marketing agency, we serve clients throughout a variety of industries. Always aiming for high-quality, we believe in measurable results. We employ the latest technology to best understand how to impact your customers. Only taking on one client per industry per region, we won’t help your competition. Our goal is to help you build your business.

Get to know us a bit better


  • We are created to be creative.
  • We value humanity over virtualization.
  • We believe innovation is critical to future success.
  • We value personal growth and business development.
  • Who we are matters just as much as what we do.


Serving clients in a variety of industries throughout the United States, we specialize in custom website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), and 4k cinematic video production. Creating powerful marketing campaigns, we offer a wide range of services from event production, graphic design, social media and photography, to compelling content and targeted advertising. Our primary objective is to be your trusted marketing resource for years to come.