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Zeochem is one of the world’s oldest chemical manufacturing companies.

This past Fall we had the pleasure of working with Erika Eichenberger of Viewfinder Films.  She is a film producer from Zürich Switzerland, and the lead visual storyteller and director for the Zeochem film.  Hatfield Media was tasked with filming footage of the Louisville-based plant including shots of the entire manufacturing process and micro-photography. Zeochem is based in Switzerland with manufacturing operations in Louisville Kentucky.

With more than 190 years of manufacturing experience in the production of high-performance products, Zeochem offers a wide range of molecular sieves (zeolites) and chromatography gels. Such gels are used to purify oxygen in medical devices for people that need breathing assistance, rid odor from plastics, and help purify natural gas products.

In recent years Zeochem’s research and development has been at the leading edge of molecular sieve technology by developing an ultra-stable molecular sieve able to withstand thousands of thermal regenerations with delayed decay and exceptional capacity retention. Such efforts have been rewarded in recent years with numerous patents on zeolite manufacture and applications.  Zeochem employs technical service engineers and scientists who have years of experience in adsorber design, operation and maintenance. From the beginning of each project, Zeochem’s technical service engineers can provide conceptual advice and design support.

For more information 0n Zeochem, Viewfinder Films and Erika Eichenberger, please visit the links below.  It was a pleasure to work with Erika as well as the professional staff at Zeochem.

Viewfinder Films – Direct Link
Erika Eichenberger – LinkedIn
Zeochem – Direct Link

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