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Website design that impacts business!

Vac2Go provides vacuum truck rentals and repairs for the continental United States.  Based in LaGrange Kentucky, they are a local company with a wide reach.  Vac2Go approached us to redesign their website, providing a much needed boost to their SEO (search engine optimization), and an overhaul of the online ecommerce store.  The final result is a high performing site that is fully responsive and generates leads.  Our marketing services function as an extension of their existing lead generation efforts.  As the site continues to progress the weight and value will continue to build with their brand.

Vac2Go - Website Design & SEO for Kentucky Business

Google Street View for Business

We believe strongly in the value of an active relationship with Google.  As the holder of the #1 and #2 search engines ( and, Google (and Alphabet) are powerful partners for making great impact for business growth.  One of the latest product offerings to business owners in Street View for Business, previously known as Business View.  We partnered with the top performing Google Agency in the United States, CS3Design, to provide virtual tours to businesses.  Below is an example from one point of the tour for Vac2Go.  Please note that if you open the tour on your smart phone in Google Maps, you can click the compass icon and view the tour in full 360* augmented reality! This product is also compatible with Google Cardboard.

Vac2Go had some great, dramatic photos of their trucks that we immediately utilized with a fullwidth layout and slider.

Vac2Go - Photography for local business by Hatfield Media

Using red and black exclusively as a palette can do you more harm than good, so we were sure to mix in silver and metallic to keep that industrial feel without looking villainous.

Trucks On Display Give Website Design a Professional Look

Vac2Go has a great line of vacuum trucks to rent. We wanted to display them in a way that every truck aficionado could appreciate. With bold, fullwidth displays and a lightbox feature for the extra photos, potential clients can really see the quality of truck being rented.  Additionally this allows a visitors to tour the facility virtually.

Vac2Go - Google Street View for Business - Louisville Marketing Agency

On the Truck Repairs page, Vac2Go wanted to display their recent projects and vacuum truck rental makeovers. A timelapse is available to view of a complete rebuild. Having a variety of content is certainly an advantage for companies online.

Vacuum Truck Accessories Online Store

During the website redesign process we were very conscious of the need to properly restructure their online parts store for Google search. The result is a finely tuned shoping experience which facilitates easy purchases for their clients across the United States. Product photos are now displayed in clean thumbnails with easy-to-read titles. Importantly we are now able to display inventory and the safe storage of the items in their clean warehouse.

Vac2Go - Online Ecommerce Store - Website Design & Development

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for success!

Todd Tallon and the team at Vac2Go have brought his vacuum truck rental business to the forefront of the industry. To keep up with competitors, it is important to have professional web design which caters to your industry.  We here at Hatfield Media take great joy in partnering with local businesses to create high performing website redesign projects!.  If you are ready to take your business to the next level, contact us! We would love to discuss how we can help your business generate excellent results through online marketing and search engine optimization, SEO.