Muckrakers - live concert

The Muckrakers – Last Performance

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Simply put, we offer live 24 channel multi-track audio recording, in any situation, any environment.  If you have a concert at Headliners, Phoenix Hill Tavern, The Palace or Riverstage, those venues are wonderful at working with us.  If the situation is a bit more complicated, we will simply bring out a console and mic everything.  Whatever the case, we would love to talk with you about producing a killer live album.

Today we are going way back to the start of our company, when audio recording was a very elaborate hobby.  From 2007 on I made it a point to record almost every show I ran engineered.  Some of these recordings are extremely raw soundboards (mono or stereo) or matrix recordings (soundboard tap mixed with audience mics), but at certain points I brought out my multi-track rig and recorded a show on 8 channels, or later 16.  Some of the recordings are available for download, at no cost, in our audio archive section. Every artist featured on that section agreed to allow the recording of the show to be distributed for free on our site.  The agreement also stipulated that no one, at any point, may charge for these recordings.  So here they are, freely available.

While the majority of the recordings were done at the 930 Listening Room, there are others which were done in alternate locations… 717 Studios, my first recording studio, Headliners, so forth.   The Muckrakers, a long-established folksy college-rock band decided to put on their final performance at Headliners Music Hall.  The show was well-attended and at times a very emotional experience for both the band and those in attendance.  David Kid, drummer for the Muckrakers and good friend, asked us to come out and record the final show.  Despite technical glitches and a last minute setup, the recording worked and we are glad to have been a part of this final performance.

We will continue to highlight interesting recordings from our archives, including new archive releases which have been greenlighted but we simply did not have the time to finish mixing.  Anathallo being one in particular I am looking forward to releasing.  Please understand that if you attended a show at the 930 Listening Room, not all artists agreed to participate in this series.  Some had contracts established with labels preventing any sort of ‘unsanctioned’ recording, and others simply did not want their performances released.  We respect each artist and will not release anything without their consent.  However, if you want to lobby for one release in particular, email Over The Rhine and encourage them to let us release their performance from 2009!  By far the best recording I’ve never been allowed to release!


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