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Client: Star Industrial Services

In this renewed period of global economic growth, the team at Star Industrial Services is engaged more actively than ever in the pursuit of sourcing the most valuable hires. As the overall talent pool shrinks, especially for highly specialized skill sets, organizations are beginning to adapt to these challenges by sourcing outside the box.That’s where Star Industrial comes in. Working hand in hand with Hatfield Media, our teams were able to create a unified space for job seekers by giving their website a fresh new look.

Star Industrial works with employers as well as applicants and strives to connect the right people to the right company. Their trained recruiters can also help you expand your skills and knowledge to better manage your employees and your business.


There is a wide array of innovative ways to elevate a brand without a dramatic monetary impact. Creating a buzz about cultural differentiators adds to the business’ employee value proposition. A business boasting an attractive, contemporary physical space, might try featuring a virtual tour of the office on the website, career site, and social platforms. For Star Industrial, we chose to feature a fully responsive video as our header featuring their employees in the workplace.

In today’s plugged-in culture, there is nowhere to hide for companies with unhappy employees, making it more important than ever to take steps toward increasing workplace satisfaction. Businesses that differentiate by branding themselves with an engaging company culture are making a strategic business decision to broaden their appeal. This doesn’t just stop with web.

Businesses that are mobile optimized, leveraging applications that enhance productivity should consider sharing videos of tech savvy employees mastering these tools. Bonuses such as these are especially attractive to millennials who are notorious for being difficult to source as well as retain.


In an effort to ensure Star Industrial's success, we created the Employer Portal. This page highlights the 90+ years of their success, along with many of their featured services that cement their position as a thought-leader in the industry.

Attracting top talent is essential to the future of your organization. If you want to come out ahead of your toughest competition, you need to hire the best talent in the market to help you get there. The problem is, many people who apply to a job are underqualified, and almost 50% of companies report few or no qualified applicants for the positions they are trying to fill. In today’s competitive job market, top talent won’t just fall into your lap. The experienced recruiters at Star Industrial would like to help you find individuals who will increase your revenues. They find the talent, screen them, and then introduce them to you. You’ll save time and money when you allow them to do the hiring for you.


Hatfield Media wanted to take this one step further - by adding a clear Submit Application button to the right side of every page, we provided easy access and a call to action for every job seeker that visits their site. Swift, simple, and easy.


Star Industrial has developed their own approach in challenging old methodologies of sourcing, recruiting, training and performance management that has gained the company a substantial 176% YoY Revenue Growth. Star promotes added value in their comprehensive needs analysis module. Their carefully designed process includes: defining operational goals, creating job analysis, scoping hiring expectations, conducting employee engagement surveys, and providing exhaustive feedback for coaching and hiring purposes, all while crafting customized on-boarding processes tightly aligned with the company’s mission & values.

Attracting top talent is essential to the future of your organization. If you want to come out ahead of your competition, you need to hire the best talent in the market to help you get there. The team at Hatfield Media is thrilled to have had a hand in shining the spotlight on the Star Industrial brand through the full redesign of their website. By focusing on their solid brand, we feel confident that they can focus on doing what they do best - attracting the specific talent that their various clients need. The new site allows them to take control of their pipeline and initiate conversations with the talent they really want. Great success all around.

For information on how your business can attract new employees through your site, give us a call. Our wheels are always turning.

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