Sontitrol of Kentucky - New Website Design by Hatfield Media

Sonitrol of Kentucky – Website Design

We recently completed a website redesign for Sonitrol of Kentucky. Our goal was to create an engaging website with the underlying goal of producing tangible business growth. The new site has the ability to scale with the business and has already solved the major interactive pain points. 2017 will be the year of website performance!

The previous design was a dated boxed-look which was not responsive and resulted in a very frustrated experience for mobile browsers. Although the old site was in need of an upgrade, the biggest change occurred in the typography and general design of the site.

Sonitrol approached us with a desire to boldly present their state-of-the-art security systems, especially highlighting their advanced three-in-one, real-time technology. We began by freshening up an outdated boxed layout with an attention-grabbing full-width screen. Site visitors are immediately greeted by a custom animation dynamically featuring one of their exclusive products and services.

Performance-Drive Website Design

Our goal is to create websites which drive business.  In the case of Sonitrol, the previous site provided information overload.  Each section required reading, rather than allowing users to filter themselves according to product/service segments.  Your website should allow people to reach their desired pages with minimal frustration.  Every person who visits your website is actively judging your company, positively or negatively.  With that in mind, we want websites to be a joyful frustration-free experience.

De-cluttering Navigation

One of the biggest problems we run into during redesign of an existing website, is navigation.  Frequently business sites end up having way too many options within navigation, not to mention pages themselves.  This causes paralysis of indecision and ultimately results in a high bounce rate.  A similar comparison can be drawn to the restaurant scene.  We have all experience the unfortunate situation of visiting a restaurant only to be handed a 40 page menu with 50 items per page at 8-point font.  The result of a 2,000-item menu is paralysis.  Death by lack of decision.  There are so many choices that you/we are incapable of making a decision.  Ultimately we ask the waiter “what is the special?”.  This question happens not because we have genuine curiosity, but rather that the menu is not reflective of reality.  I am certainly being facetious in the example of a 2,000-item menu, but this is a very reasonable comparison for many sites.

Sonitrol - Website Navigation for Louisville Business Security Clients

Streamlined-Navigation, Clear Communication

In the case of Sonitrol, we simply needed to streamline the navigation process.  Business-owners are highly educated and increasingly looking for turn-key solutions.  Sonitrol‘s client base is local, business-minded, and seeking real-time security solutions.  From the new all-in-one multi-sensor, to more traditional access control and camera system products, Sonitrol simply needed to place these products and services front and center.

We are thrilled to be working with Sonitrol of Kentucky!  Please consider visiting their new site below.  We highly encourage you to consider them for any business security needs.

Sonitrol of Kentuck – LINK


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