Sojourn Worship J-Town – Live Recording – March 30 2014

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Sojourn J-Town – March 30, 2014

  1. Shelter Me
  2. Invitation Fountain
  3. O Help My Unbelief
  4. Now Why This Fear
  5. At The Foot Of The Cross
  6. The Solid Rock
  7. Our God

Years ago I used to record live worship services at Sojourn Midtown and concerts at the 930 Listening Room.  From full multi-track sessions to soundboard/congregation matrix mixes, each release varied wildly in terms of quality.  Part of this had to do with the fact that I was running a recording studio at the time.  This meant the disassembling of the studio rig on Saturday evening, arriving early on Sunday morning, getting through sound check, THEN grabbing coffee with enough time to patch lines and check levels.  Keep in mind, I was a single guy working two jobs so I could easily burn the candle at both ends without concern for anyone else!

5 years later, I am married,  my wife and I have a beautiful 3 year old (Emma Grace) and we have joined Sojourn J-town!  As our business migrated from audio recording to video production, websites and consulting, the multi-track rig went unused…  I have been praying about how to better use our company to further the Gospel and I believe this is one way we can put our abilities to use…

With approval from Chad Watkins (Sojourn worship leader) we installed the mobile recording studio at Sojourn J-Town!  Every Sunday we will record a full 24-channel mix of the worship service, mix it down, and release it for everyone to download.  Just right click the link, hit ‘save as’!  The first recording is a bit rough around the edges, but we have already begun to ‘learn the room’ and really look forward to producing some fantastic worship albums.

One of the things that I love most about this project is how it affects my daily life, in particular my commute to the studio…  Every morning I will have the opportunity to listen and worship to NEW music from the previous Sunday.  Throughout the week this becomes a joyful routine and a great way to start the day in the right frame of mind and heart!  As a huge fan of Sojourn Music I have played every single available disc to death!  Every single song is emblazoned on my heart with fully memorized lyrics!  However, just like Exile on Mainstreet, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or Lonerism (3 albums all music-lovers should be familiar with) it IS infact possible to listen to a record one too many times.  With this project, every Monday we can all look forward to a ‘new’ album of songs to carry us all through the week.  – Drake