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As a multimedia production company we are frequently tasked with the creation, renovation and marketing of websites. Websites directly reflect company branding and value-proposition and also function as the single most important point of contact, the first-impression. An effective website can turn lukewarm leads hot and help you attract the right type of clients. However, in order for folks to arrive at your site, they must first find your site!

Hatfield Media is an online marketing firm that specializes in highly targeted campaigns and search engine optimization. Our goal is to serve our clients with effective results and long-term goals. SEO (search engine optimization) and SERP (search engine results page) are terms that are frequently tossed around by salesmen from Yellow Pages, online directories and “marketing firms” that claim incredible results. We deliver results based on Google-approved marketing campaigns and inbound marketing.

We do NOT employ subcontractors for website design, development or SEO! We do NOT employ call centers, telemarketing or ghost blogging services! We do not make incredible claims that sound to good be true! We only promise excellent results!

One key to this success is only taking on one client per industry. Our motto is “You grow, we grow!” Effective growth is not possible when serving competing masters. This related to all aspects of online marketing! Video production, landing pages, search engine optimization, keyword ranking, content development… We only create original content.

We are real people located here in Louisville! Want to speak directly to our graphic designers? We’ll setup a meeting! Want to meet our video production team? They’d love to meet you too! We do not outsource any project in any manner. Our company was started by Drake and Danielle Hatfield 5 years ago as a husband and wife team business. Since that time we have grown to a team of 8 with plans to add more staff in the Fall! Louisville is not only a wonderful place to live, it is a wonderful place to grow a business and a family!

In the coming weeks we will be launching several case studies on projects from the past 9 months, including specific studies of successful inbound marketing and SEO campaigns.  If you are interested in growing your presence online, we would love to speak with you!

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