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We provide SEO for business across the United States!

  • Driving Business through Organic SEO
  • Yields Inbound Leads
  • White Hat Techniques

We have taken websites across the United States from being page 20 to the first page in 6-9 months. Our strategies are effective, proprietary, and put into practice daily. Over 60% of leads generated by our company are a result of organic search engine optimization. We would love to have the opportunity to share our story with you, and our clients' successes with SEO.

Local and Nationwide Ranking

SEO Capabilities

SEO Experts

Search Engine Optimization, frequently referred to as SEO, is one of the most critical aspects of your website. SEO is the continual updating of a website in order to achieve a strong rank on Google's search engine. Organic inbound search terms can make or break your website. The lifeblood of every website is compelling content, but without a captive audience, content is wasted. At Hatfield Media, we specialize in optimizing websites and digital content for Google's search engine results page. Importantly, we only take on one-client, per-industry, per-region in regards to SEO. This allows us to serve each client to the best of our ability, rather than serving multiple masters. We spend the majority of our time working for our clients, not putting out disposable content. In our social media feeds you will not find sad dog faces on Mondays or retweets of Forbes articles; instead you will see original content, focused on the correct audience, and continually measured and adapted according to analytics and in-depth study. We are continual learners and present your business in the best possible light, utilizing white hat Google-approved methods for local optimization.

Google Optimization

Google's importance cannot be overstated. Organic search engine optimization (SEO) can be the top method for acquiring new clients. When prospective clients search for your service, they are actively seeking you and your company. Stop bothering your clients. Stop 'advertising' to your clients. Instead, be seen by a captive audience right when they are searching for businesses like yours.

Regardless of your industry, people across the United States are currently searching for your products and services.  We specialize in providing local and nationwide Google search optimization. Campaigns typically take place over a 6-9 month process. Importantly, we only take on one client per industry per region in regards to SEO.

Lead Generation

Organic search is fuel for a well-designed website. If your site has known conversion paths (e-commerce purchases, contact forms, email, and marketing insight subscriptions), you have the ability to know transparently which campaigns are working. If Google Ads campaigns are performing at the best cost-per-conversion ratio of all campaigns, we will be the first to encourage you to continue those campaigns. If Organic Search yields the lowest cost-per-conversion, it would be worth pursuing that market.