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Resonate Recordings, a full-service podcast editing service, is a one-stop shop for all podcast production needs. From editing, mixing, and mastering your content, to designing cover art and setting up hosting, these branding creatives are motivated to improve the quality of their clients' content and simplify the podcasting process. Hatfield Media teamed up with Resonate Recordings to produce a newly redesigned website that serves to create a simplified, user-friendly online experience.

Resonate Recordings - Web Design by Hatfield Media


Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Resonate Recordings has quickly become a known leader in the podcasting industry, a rapidly expanding communication and entertainment medium. What started as a creative project for co-founder Jacob Bozarth has turned into a leading podcast production service, representing critically acclaimed shows like Up and Vanished and recognized brands like the Associated Press.

Since 2014, this collective of audio professionals has grown from a team of 1 to a team of 10 in-house team members and 20 part-time contractors. The studio has also seen significant growth in its clientele, rising from 50 to 300 in just a year, with many of their clients reaching the top of the charts on iTunes Apple Podcasts. While other production companies in the industry rely on outsourcing, Resonate Recordings operates with a team of local, in-house engineers with professional audio production backgrounds.

Resonate Recordings - Web Design by Hatfield Media


The Resonate Recordings team is always looking for ways to set themselves apart from the rest. Having recently moved offices and with exciting new initiatives underway, it was time for a complete web design and functionality overhaul.

When Resonate Recordings approached Hatfield Media with the desire to refresh their site, our creative team focused on the site’s usability and ease-of-access. The service overview videos have been refreshed, the Resources page has been reformated to showcase upcoming updates and features, and the revised Clients page now showcases a preview of their custom level production services. Each page has been upgraded with a sleek, modern design, and the content has been streamlined in a format that’s both visually exciting and easy to read, with custom graphics and all-new color scheme.

Resonate Recordings - Web Design by Hatfield Media


The Hatfield Media team celebrates in the success and growth Resonate Recordings has seen in the past year, and we’re honored to have helped them produce a website that best showcases their capabilities. We look forward to building on this partnership in the future.

“Our experience working with the creative team at Hatfield media was second to none,” said Jacob Bozarth, President & CEO. “The professional design quality of our new site now accurately reflects the high quality of the services we deliver.”

Responsive Web Design by Hatfield Media

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