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Rapid Industries, Inc. has been a force in the conveyor industry for over fifty years. With unmatched customer service and a team of experienced engineers, the Louisville-based company has been a world leader in conveyor systems, inspections, turn-key solutions, automated equipment and structural fabrications.

Rapid Industries - Web Development


“Unparalleled customer service” has been the cornerstone of Rapid Industries, Inc. since its inception in 1967. Masters in material handling solutions, the company credits their success to their strong team environment and unwavering high moral standards, generating profit through the leanest of manufacturing processes and total lifecycle service support.

Creating a strong online presence is a major part of serving clientele. A user-friendly website is crucial to effectively communicate with prospective clients. Hatfield Media helped Rapid Industries realize their goal of designing a website that could be both accessible to users and accommodating to the company’s unique needs.

About Rapid Industries - Web Design


Rapid Industries, Inc. wanted their website to reflect their status as a top technological innovator. While maintaining Rapid Industries’ established logo and branding, Hatfield Media’s creative team refreshed the company’s website with a total structural overhaul.

To compete and win, companies must learn to identify and understand when they need to make changes to their website, which elements contribute towards a successful website rebuild, and how to optimize a redesign for conversion and sales. Yet, this can be difficult if your website was constructed years ago, you lack dedicated web design staff, or aren’t sure what technologies to use in the rebuild.

Think of your business’ website like a house – no matter how good it looks when you move in, eventually it’s going to need some renovations. Your website is often the first impression potential customers will have of your business, so knowing when to update and rebuild it can make a huge impact on customer perception.

Hatfield Media developers brought new life into the website by modernizing the layout and simplifying navigation. Compared to the old website’s design, the new site is more image-based, and content is arranged to suit both aesthetics and readability. The team also created new landing pages for each of the company’s services, bringing important product information to the forefront. The new site showcases the company’s ability to produce custom solutions at a large scale, both nationally and internationally.

Businesses struggle to really build and design a website that’s truly optimized for their customers, resulting in some of the negative symptoms mentioned above. These are just a few of the reasons you might plan a rebuild. Others might be to increase online purchases, rebrand your business, or generate more sales leads. Whatever your motivation for planning a rebuild, it’s important to make your customers the center of the process. The Hatfield Media team welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about your company needs. Visit our website to learn more about what we do! www.hatfieldmedia.com

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