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Ralle Homes has been building quality custom homes for the Louisville community for over thirty years. In 2017, the family-owned business decided they needed a design refresh and website overhaul. Hatfield Media met Ralle Homes' request by delivering a website that is as high quality and customized as the homes they build.

Ralle Homes creates and constructs custom homes in choice locations around Louisville. Each luxury home is designed to suit your taste and lifestyle, from the architecture right down to the plot of land you choose to lay your foundations. The Cox family, who has owned and run the company for over three decades, have brought perfection in the building industry so clients can feel proud of the place they plant their roots. Ralle Homes website features a portfolio of work, including interior and exterior photos, renderings, floor plans, and more.

“Ralle Homes provides incredible quality craftsmanship with a great team to back it up,” said Christina Kuo, Project Manager at Hatfield Media. “From the initial meeting, we knew we wanted to translate their eye for detail in homes to their website. There isn’t a single page of the website where you don’t see a close up of the quality of their work.”


Client: Ralle Homes

Ralle Homes Web Design


According to the team members who worked on the website’s development and design, the old website didn’t have enough content, nor did it fully communicate Ralle Home’s branding. The team refreshed Ralle Homes’ logo colors, making sure it was unified throughout the site.

“It was a test of our team’s creativity when it comes to web development,” Kuo said. “We customized a lot of back end code. The majority of the pages are one or two scroll length, and while other websites are focused on copy content, Ralle Homes website is focused on images and photography.”

Photography for the portfolio was always intended to be the site’s focal point. The site’s landing page features a sweeping shot of one of their custom home interiors, emphasizing the quality of their work.The Hatfield team created a brand standard and custom galleries to best present these images. When Ralle Homes asked for plat maps to show available lots, Lead Designer Jeff Dehut drew every single one by hand.

“In the same way Ralle Homes builds homes, we built the website to best showcase their work,” Kuo said.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using a short video as a wide banner on the homepage. The Hatfield Media video production team went out to one of the residences built by Ralle Homes to capture the elegance and grandeur of the home. Combined with the touches of the homeowners, it was easy to make the work of Ralle Homes stand out.

The close ups and slow motion effects walk the viewer through the home and gives them a preview of what they can anticipate in working with Ralle Homes.

Ralle Homes - Louisville Home Builder Website


Steve Clark said he enjoyed building the functionality of custom features. Just like a custom built home is better than a cookie cutter house, so too is a custom-made website.

“The project allowed me to experiment and innovate, and it motivated the team to do more custom work in the future rather than relying on plug ins,” Clark said. 

"We're very excited about what's on the horizon for Ralle Homes,” said Ben Brodfuehrer, Business Manager of Ralle Homes. “After the success of Waverly Springs, we look forward to the potential of new developments.”

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