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Crowd-funding is a great way for both nonprofits and for-profits to raise funds, and it’s become an especially popular resource for start-ups.  That’s why Elizabeth Wingfield, founder and owner of The Plump Peacock Bakery, came to Hatfield Media for her Kickstarter video.

Rich in talent and resourceful in the kitchen, Elizabeth Wingfield has all the ingredients for success – and a long track record to prove it.  A three year vendor favorite at Louisville’s popular farmers markets, with more than fifteen years behind the apron, Liz has a career challenge to reach more taste buds.

The owner of an historic house in Pee Wee Valley, Kentucky, thinks Liz and her bakery are a great fit for his property.  The charming space is a golden opportunity for Liz to expand her offerings and establish her brand from a stand-up market success to a sit-down bakery where patrons can linger over her French and European culinary delights.  And to capitalize on the spacious room, she wants to enhance her menu and offer lunch six days a week – in addition to pastries available all seven days – and offer catering, too, for those who want to enjoy her goodies at their own venue.

The Pee Wee Valley space also means that The Plump Peacock will be the only bakery in town – a real draw to investors interested in helping Liz establish her first location, hopefully in late 2013.  The community is already in a great position to give investors a more-than-satisfying return on investment:  Oldham County is the most affluent area in Kentucky and one of the wealthiest in the country.

So, while Liz is rich is talent and experience, and now strategically located in a resourceful (and lucrative) community, she’s short on funds and inviting the public to help her outfit the space with equipment, tools and furniture to complete the order.

Liz asked Hatfield Media to produce the video for her Kickstarter page.  Our budget-friendly services and skilled staff are a recipe for success in their own right.  We know content; we know style; and, we know how to creatively and effectively deliver your message to the audience you want to reach.  And, besides, sharing the American dream gets our creative juices going, too!

Check out The Plump Peacock Bakery Kickstarter page here!  To learn more about Hatfield Media’s recipe for success, click here.
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